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My #girlboss of the month is a bit different this time as firstly I didn’t chose just one person this time but the girls that I chose this time have all had an equal and quite big part in being a role model to me and still make up some of my values of how I want to be today. Secondly, all of them are fictional characters in books and sadly don’t exist in real life though all of the characters can also be seen in movie adaptions of the stories that they are coming form. However, as I am a little book worm and always have been and I kind of always had my home in books and could dissappear in stories, they have all been major influences through my life and as they are all quite kickass I wanted to make them my #girlboss of the month. I think that fictional characters can sometimes have as much of an impact on your life as people in your real life or people in the media. For me book charachters have often shown me that it is normal to struggle to find yourself, especially at a young age, but also that it is okay to be different and okay to be you and that not everyone is the same as they don’t look, think or feel the same.

Sooo let’s start with my first #girlboss. She is called Vanessa and is from a German book series called “Die wilden Kerle”. She is brave, fearless, cool and didn’t let herself intimidate by a bunch of little boys who told her she shouldn’t play football as it is a boy’s sport. They told her to go back to playing with Barbies etc. However, she proved them wrong and showed them that a girl can play football just as well, can be as courageous and adventurous as any boy and she basically kicked ass throughout the entire series and became an equal and important part of the team. Vanessa made me want to be sporty and to show people that there is more to me than what they assume me to be like because of my exterior. She also made me want to be friends with boys and showed me that it was okay to be a tomboy which sometimes made me feel left out in school.


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My next #girlboss is from another German book series called “Die Wilden Hühner” and there my heroine is Frida. She is the very best friend of the “leader” of a group of 5 girls and what has always made her my hero was that she was kind, compassionate and loyal. She was there for her friends in any situation possible, she wouldn’t judge, but she would try to help. She also always tried to do the morally right thing and volunteered for a charity and helped in an animal shelter. She was always the rock in the friendship group, the one everyone would turn to and rely on to be there for them. To me those qualities are super important and I always wanted and still want to be like her in that way, because sadly compassion and kindness are qualities that people sadly do forget about or that are seen as soft and weak, but for your information THEY ARE IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY, and also Frida always kicked ass anyways.


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If I talk about where my third and last #girlboss is from, you’ll all make assumptions as to who she is, but my #girlboss from Harry Potter is not Hermione, I know that she is awesome and probably a #girlboss as well, but the one that always stuck out to me was Luna Lovegood. A girl that everyone else thinks is delusional and crazy, but that does not change herself just to please everyone else or to make friends more easily, but stays the way she is and always stays true to what she believes in. She is not afraid to be herself and that’s a quality I’ve always always admired. She knows that people talk about her, but she is happy with herself and to be honest that is everything people should hope for.


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These three have been the main heroines of my childhood. There have been other characters that I could related to and that I loved, but these were the main three that I wanted to be like, the ones that inspired me to be my better self. ‘Nowadays, I am still loving many book characters, but I think my point of view has changed a bit. When I see one of them struggle it kind of tells me that it is gonna be okay, that I can pull through my life, just as they do in their lives on paper. That most times whatever makes you struggle, can actually make you stronger and makes you you. However, my three #girlbosses always stay with me as I still always want to be brave and fearless and speak up for myself, just like Vanessa, I want to be kind, compassionate and loyal like Frida and I want to be able to not be afraid to be myself and not care what other people think like Luna. They make me want to be better and stronger just like any other #girlboss.

Lots of Love,

Katie xx

Link to the German book summeries that I wrote about before.

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My Top Mac Products For Every Make Up Newbie

My lovely, beautiful, fairy-like friends,

I hope you have had a wonderful Friday? I did for sure! It was my friends Alex’s Birthday so we all met up in the morning and had brunch at a beautiful cafe in my university town.
Just look at the breakfast we had! Doesn’t it look awesome? Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-29 um 23.50.22

Anyways, I thought about all the products I love from Mac, which made me think about how I knew which products to buy and which not. To be honest, I didn’t really know, I always asked the Mac counter Ladies, so to make it easier for you I put together my top essential Mac products you should purchase if you want to spoil yourself and make sure you will need this product and the money is really worth it

  1. The Prep + Prime Gel

It’s worth the £21.50! It’s a great primer, I don’t really use it anymore as it’s just too expensive to buy a new primer for that much all the time, but if you’ve got the money you should invest it in this bad boy.


Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-29 um 21.44.45

Buy it for £22.50 on maccosmetics.co.uk


2. Mac Strobe Cream

I haven’t tried this one out yet, but it is supposed to be the best thing ever and as long as no one can prove anything else, I’ll stick to that opinion.


Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-29 um 21.44.58

Buy it here for


3. Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

Good coverage, wonderful to apply and a huge variety of different skin tones! I honestly love it and it also has SPF 15, which makes it even better.


Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-29 um 21.45.20

Buy it here for £22.00


4. Eye Shadows

One of my favourite Mac Products is their eyeshadows. Super pigmented, beautiful variety of colours and lovely to blend! My top picks are Satin Taupe, Naked Lunch and Cork. I mean yeah, you can never go wrong with the whites and the matte basic tones but these are all a bit more shimmery but not too out there. Satin Taupe is, as the name hints, a lovely taupe with a beautiful sheen on it. Naked Lunch is more of a Champagne tone that actually works well with every eye colour (I’ve tried it on me (green eyes) and 2 of my friends (Blue and Brown eyes)). Cork is a nice warm golden brown, not too intense and lovely for beginners. Naked Lunch and Satin Taupe work really well together!

Cork, Naked Lunch and Satin Taupe for £13.00

5. Lip pencils

I love using lip pencils instead of lipsticks and Mac has some of my favourite shades. When wearing Lip pencils I usually go for nudes, even when applying red lipstick or other colours I like to stick with nudes, as it’s easier to correct the shape of your lips and in case the lipstick goes away, you still have some colour left on your lips. That’s also why I like to fill on my whole lip with lip liner before applying lipstick over it. My top picks are Spice, Whirl and Burgundy.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-29 um 23.29.24        Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-29 um 23.29.52        Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-29 um 23.30.29

Buy Whirl, Spice and Burgundy for £13.00

6. Lipsticks

Mac is famous for their amazing Lipsticks, but with so many options it is hard to decide on just one. My top picks are Velvet Teddy, Rebel, Ruby Woo and Russian Red. Velvet Teddy is the loveliest nude ever, it is a Matte Lipstick and I think it does look good on everyone. I bought it because I wanted to have a lip colour similar to Kylie Jenners before her Lipkits were out. It is a wonderful every day shade, just make sure your lips are peeled and moisturised. Actually, this goes for every lipstick as you don’t want it to look weird. Rebel was the first Mac lipstick I ever purchased because I had a berry lip colour phase and felt fancy. I still love the colour but as the Lipstick has a Satin finish, meaning, it gives the lips more of a sheen. Russian Red and Ruby Woo are Macs most classic shades of red and with reds it is really important to know what kind of undertone your skin has, so you can buy the right shade of red for you. Both lipsticks are Matte and on the website, it says both have a blue undertone, but I always feel like Ruby Woo is more on the pinkish side, but maybe that’s just me. Russian Red is my go to red lipstick and in my opinion, every girl needs a classic red lipstick. It’s just a staple!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-29 um 21.44.34  Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-29 um 21.45.39  Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-29 um 21.46.10  Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-29 um 21.45.54

Buy Velvet Teddy, Ruby Woo, Russian Red and Rebel for £15.50

This is it from me, I hope this little guide will help you pick your Mac essentials.
I love you to bits and I wish you the happiest of weekends. I have to continue writing my essay for my photography seminar.
Bye bye and loads and loads of love,
Lili xx

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Festivals I want to go to

Hey, hi, hello guys,

It is summer and people are on break and you just go to the lake and enjoy life in the sun. There are also lots of different small festivals happening right now. Festivals are awesome and just something you really should attend when you’re young. You sleep in tents, drink beer and see lots of amazing artists with your friends. Of course there are festivals for different types of music, so if you go to the right one you might even discover new artists you like. There are sooo many big and small festivals all around the world and I picked out those ones for you I’d kill for to go to them.

  1. Coachella

I think we all know Coachella, it’s that festival all our favourite stars go to and post pictures wearing bohemian style outfits on their instagram. The Coachella Valley music and art festival takes place in Indio, California. It’s in April and lasts three days, but it’s repeated with the same line up the week after. The special thing about Coachella is, that it’s an art exibition as well, there are always lots of sculptures and instellations. There are mostly Indie, Alternative, HipHop and Electro Artists who come to Coachella. Bands/Artists who played there are for example Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Oasis, The Cure, The Killers. This year there were also Halsey, The 1975, Calvin Harris and James Bay. Yeah I’d really love to go there one day, it’s super warm, but not too hot at the time, I like the artists and the style is amazing. Also there is a high chance of meeting your favourite celebrities, 2016 Taylor Swift and Shay Mitchell went there for example.

  1. Reading and Leeds Festivals

Reading and Leeds Festivals are rock festivals in England. The Reading festival is the older one of them and started of as a Jazz Festival. Later it became more Hard Rock and Metal orientated, but since the 80s/90s they play more popular music. It takes place at bank holiday weekend in August and (as you might have guessed) in Leeds and Reading at the same time. The reason I want to go there, even though the chances that it rains are high because its in England ;), is that the line up is most of the time actual perfection to me. Artist who played there are for example: Nirvana ( their last concert in the UK), Blink 182, Biffy Clyro, My Chemical Romance, The Foo Fighters, Paramore, Green Day, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Arctic Monkeys and Imagine Dragons. 26.-28. August 2016 wont be any less awesome with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fall out boy, Twentyone Pilots and The 1975. Yeah so the artists are always amazing and I would chop my left hand off to go there.

  1. Rock im Park/ Rock am Ring

Chances are the highest that I get to go to one of them, because they’re german festivals and I don’t actually live too far away from Nuremberg where Rock im Park annualy takes place. Rock am Ring used to be in a town called Adenau, but since 2015 takes place at a former military airport in a small town called Mendig.The two festivals happen simultaniously at the end of may ort he beginning of June. This year there were from the 3.-5. June, but Rock am Ring had to be stopped because of a strong rainstorm. As the name says they are rock festivals. Artists like Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Bob Dylan, Oasis; Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Kings of Leon, Muse and so many other famous people have already played there. 2016 you could see Red Hot Chili Peppers ( honestly which festival do they not play), Biffy Clyro, Bring me the Horizon, Panic! At the Disco, Billy Talent and The 1975. There are always also lots of german musicians so theres something for everyone. I really hope I can go there next year.

  1. Glastonbury

Another british festival I want to rock out at. The Glastonbury Festival of contemporary performing arts (uhh sounds fancy) is one of the biggest festivals worldwide. It takes place on the last weekend of June near Glastonbury in Somerset. Not only are there performances from bands of lots of different types of music, but also theater-, dance- and comedy performances. Glastonbury is also sometimes called “english woodstock“. Bands who’ve already performed there are for example: Led Zeppelin, Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams, Coldplay and Radiohead. This year Adele, Ellie Goulding, Bastille, The 1975 (yeah them again), Jess Glynne, Bring me the horizon and Muse among others played glastonbury. So you see because there are many different types of music, so there’s something for everyone.


  1. Warped Tour

If I had to choose one festival I would always go to Warped tour, or Vans Warped tour as it is sponsored by Vans. It’s even mentioned in some of my favourite songs, like The Rock Show by Blink 182. The special thing about Warped Tour is that it’s a tour, so there isn’t one date, but it travels through the United States and sometimes comes to Australia, Europe and Japan. I think the tour is currently happening. There aren’t only musicians playing, there are also halfpipes with skaters showing their skills. The bands playing there are mostly Punk and Alternative, like Sum 41, blink 182, Paramore, Green Day, Simple Plan, The Offspring, All time low, 30 seconds to Mars, The Used, The All-American Rejects or in other words ALL THE BANDS I LIKE. Sorry I’m getting ecxited just by thinking about the line ups. This year there are The Maine, New Found Glory, Sleeping with Sirens, We the Kings, State Champs, Mayday Parade, Tonight Alive or in other words SOME MORE OF THE BANDS I LIKE. Yeah so as you might have noticed I’d rather be at warped tour right now and I’m very frustrated because I can’t go. Going to Warped Tour is one of my life goals and i’m gonna make sure to make that happen.

Soo that was it and now we’re all sad we’re at home in our pjs and not at a festival. Sorry if some of you feel the need to cry or just spent all of their money on festival tickets for next year because of this post. Anyway I hope you’re having a lovely day and remember to stay hydrated and use sunscreen.


Alli xx

Pic Sources: http://money.cnn.com/2015/06/19/pf/glastonbury-festival-cost/

Best Leaks Of The 2016 Coachella Line Up




Vans Warped Tour: COMING SOON To A City Near You !



Conflict Areas- Iraq


Today I would like to continue the series I started before I left the cyber world while staying at my grandparents and talk about countries in the world that are still heavily impacted by conflict. Last time I talked about Afghanistan and I talked about numbers and tbh that is something that starts to annoy me in the news as well. I mean yeah it is interesting to see numbers and often they give us an indication of what the situation could be like but I think, sadly they do not have as big of an impact anymore and we soon start to forget that these numbers are people whose life is impacted by the situation way more than some numbers on our TVs. Yes I am going to talk about numbers again today, but please don’t think about them as another statistic that you read, think about them as the amount of individuals who have to go through incredible hardship in order to simply stay alive.

My subject today is Iraq another conflict area that we all hear about quite a lot in the news, I mean there is an attack in Baghdad on the news almost on a daily basis. I want to look at one of the most vulnerable group in society in general but especially in conflict: children. I came across a report by UNICEF Iraq which I kind of want to discuss a bit.

However first a couple of numbers (yay we like numbers, statistics are great!): all numbers in this bit are taken from an article in the Business Insider. There has been conflict in Iraq for decades but it had gotten worse from 2003 onwards after the US-lead invasion and again has been intensified since the IS grew and started causing more war and conflict in the Middle Eastern Region. The numbers in the article are all for the time between 2003 and 2013. During that time there have been 189,000 direct death, meaning only those that have been killed directly in war, not counting those that have been killed due to hunger, no access to water or medical aid, or any other hardship that comes along with a war. Furthermore, there have been 134,000 civilians killed and about 655,000 people have died that wouldn’t have died without an invasion in the Iraq. In addition there have been 2.8 MILLION people who have been displaced within the Iraq meaning that they had to flee their homes due to war related circumstances, may it be violence or the loss of access to certain necessary things or fear. I know that these are again “just” numbers and statistics, but I mean sadly often they are the only way for us to get an idea of how it is. ( Not saying that we’ll be able to understand what it would be like in that situation, but just to remember how bad it actually is.)

So now to the report by UNICEF Iraq that I wanted to talk about. In the report they name Iraq “one of the most dangerous place for children”. This is related to the US lead invasion not being the start of violence and conflict there, but to be a part of a history of over four decades of conflicts and violence from more than one side. Due to that UNICEF has detected that there are about 4.7 million children in Iraq that need some kind of assistance, may that be in the form of medical aid or access to food, water or school, or anything else. As Iraq is a neighbouring country of Syria, they are also hosting refugees of whom about a quarter are children. Most of those children are stuck in areas that are not in the control of the Iraqi government and therefore are even harder to access by the government as well as international aid groups. However, a lot of these children are not purely inaccessible for any kind of help, but are also facing the risk of danger in their everyday lives, dangers that no child should ever have to face. The types of risks they face are death, injuries through for example mines and other explosive devices , sexual violence, abduction or recruitment by groups to become soldiers voluntarily or forced. Abduction is one of the biggest struggles Iraq is facing with 1,495 children being REGISTERED as abducted in 2014, which on average equals about 50 children a month. As I said this number is of those children registered, the actual number is very likely to be much much higher. As to why, many girls are often used as ‘sexual objects’ and are often been held captive for a long time or they get married off to people within the groups. They are often subject to sexual violence and due to the brutalisation promoted by many of the groups in Iraq are under extreme danger. The boys are often abducted for recruiting purposes to fight for the groups and are often used as suicide bombers.

These numbers are terrifying and like I said those are things no child should ever have to go through anything like this. The conflicts have increased again so much since the IS has gained power and influence in the region, the unstable situation in Syria and other surrounding countries is not helping. Solutions need to be found, but until that is done all we can do in countries that have the privilege of being safer is to support those who have to flee their countries and homes, by supporting organisations such as UNICEF, Save the Children, Me to We, UNHCR, IRC and so many more and to be welcoming to the people who chose our countries in the hope of safety and to not forget that there are people behind the numbers, people whose feelings and needs matter!

To finish this article I want to show you a video that I found online of a guy that sadly lost his life this year in a bombing in Iraq.  I want to give one of the many people that have lost their lives a face, because we need to stop being numbed by the numbers and news when a new attack happens, we need to understand and we need to learn, so here it is:

Lots of love,



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My travel experience around the Republic of Ireland

Hello lovely people reading this,

last August I finished my year as an Au-Pair and afterwards I decided to fly straight to Ireland with my best friend and see a bit of this lovely country as well. And let me tell you, I totally fell in love with the country, so I reckoned it would be only right if I write about my experience.


I met up with my friend, her name is Krissi, at Dublin Airport and from there we straight went to our Airbnb. If you don’t know what Airbnb is, it’s basically a community where you can rent rooms, flats or apartments for less money than a hotel, obviously. It was the first time I stayed at Airbnb’s and I have to say that I can only recommend it but I definitely would read the comments from other guests before I book.


So there we were, fresh from our flights, trying to find our Airbnb, well let me say we had our struggles at first. But once we finally found it, we basically just threw our stuff in our room and wanted to explore the city. That’s what we did then. On our first day we just walked along the Liffey (the river) and we walked around a bit at the town centre, I mean shopping is important right? On our second day we walked down to St. Stephens Park, enjoyed the sunny weather a bit and stopped at signs during our walk.


On our third day we travelled by bus down to Cork. When we planned the trip we intended to rent a car and drive around so we can see Ireland at it’s fullest beauty, but unfortunately you can very hardly book cars when you’re under 21. At this time I was still 20 so we had to come up with an alternative. Then we planned on driving around by train but since the prices of trains are quite expensive we soon came up with driving by bus because Krissi and I had done this before in Germany and I had done so in the UK as well. We both don’t regret this decision because this way we could see a bit of Ireland even though. Once in Cork we instantly were impressed by it’s beauty.


We were really lucky to stay at somebody’s who firstly was super nice and sweet and gave us tips what we definitely should see, secondly we stayed not directly in the centre but still very near by. Once again we threw our thing in our room, grabbed our handbags and off we went. We just wandered around and had a look. One our second day in Cork we had a deeper look around, walked around the river, passed the University, went to see some Churches and paid a visit at the Cathedral and I think on this day we also went to the English market.



Let me tell you as two foodies as we are, we loved it there! I actually would even say that it was my favourite place in Cork, although Cork is just in general a beautiful city so it’s very hard to pick. In the evening we decided to go out and see how the nigh life of Cork is, well it was more that we wanted to do a bit of Pub crawling because that’s more our cup of tea plus I always think that it is really cool sitting at a Pub having a good time and even talk to some locals. And I have to say that we went to a very cool Pub which played live authentic Irish music (well I don’t know if it really was authentic but it really sounded like it).



On the next day at around midday it was already time to head off to Limerick. On our way there we once again were very impressed with the countryside of Ireland and I don’t know about Krissi, but I’m definitely want to go back and travel around in a car in the future. Anyway, when we arrived in Limerick the first thing we saw was basically the river. Once again we were amazed how beautiful it was. I guess I really get boring with saying how stunning the cities were right? But sorry, if you have been in Ireland you know exactly what I mean, everything is just stunning, beautiful and breathtaking. Ireland you definitely do it not half hearted!

Anyhow, this time our Airbnb wasn’t that near the centre so we had to walk a bit to get to the town centre but we stayed at a lovely house with very friendly hosts. And again, we dropped off our suitcases, than immediately run into the town. This time we walked around the town centre and soon realized that staying 1 ½ day was a bit too estimated. Don’t misunderstand me, Limerick is a nice and lovely town but for us it wasn’t as impressive and as much to see as in the other cities. Although we made the best of it, had a bit of a more chilled time (well, we never stressed ourselves during the trip but we had even more time with walking around and stuff then we had with the other things) and on our second day in Limerick we walked alongside the river, went to see the castle and even walked to see the football stadium (I think it was a football stadium, if not, to see some old stadium). It was nice to have the freedom to go to bed a bit earlier then we have during the whole trip.


On the 7th day of our trip we drove to Galway relatively early. Once we arrived there I knew one thing: this city is my new favourite city! And yes I’m extremely jealous of Lili, who’s studying there from September on, I never though I say this, but I hate you Lili! 😛 Not really, I love you! <3. So when we arrived at the bus station we firstly walked into the completely wrong direction so we basically ended at the wrong end of Galway so we had to walk back everything and finally we found our Airbnb. This time we stayed basically right at the seaside.


Let me tell you, this was awesome. So as usual, I dragged Krissi to get outside as soon as possible because I wanted to see as much as possible of the city. We wandered around, sat a bit at the seaside and enjoyed as much as possible. On our second day we planned to drive to the Cliffs of Moher. But since we had too much luck with the weather the whole time the weather decided to go really crappy, so we cancelled this. Instead we strolled around the city and walked along the seaside. It still was lovely day. At the evening we once again went out and experienced the night life of Galway by going to a Pub. We ended up at ‘The Kings Head’ which is apparently one of the best Pubs in Galway so I think we did everything right there.

The next day we spent it with shopping for a bit and then at midday we drove back to Dublin. And believe me it definitely wasn’t easy for me to leave this place.

Once back in Dublin we decided to make our own plan where we want to go to, so we made our own sightseeing route and walked around for the last 1 ½ days and tried to see as much as possible of Dublin (which to be fair isn’t that much because Dublin is such a big and historic city). We also wanted to drive to Howth but once again the weather thought to be absolutely miserable on this day so we decided to skip this as well because walking around there when the weather isn’t good or at least okay doesn’t make fun either.


On our 11th day we sadly had to leave again, but all in all I can only advise EVERYBODY to go to the Republic of Ireland and travel around! Krissi and I freaking loved it and I really wish we would have had more time and better possibilities to travel around! Ireland is definitely a place I will go back in the future and I know that this trip will always be a special one for me!

I really hope you like this little run through and you want to travel as bad as me to Ireland now! 😀

Lots of love,



P.S.: All pictures taken by myself with my iPhone and hardly edited, so you can see how beautiful Ireland is! 🙂

The one time I met an absolute twat

Imagine a nice evening with your friends, you haven’t seen them in over a year because you just came back from you’re year abroad, you don’t feel too good because the day before you just had your wisdom teeth taken out, but you definitely wanted to go. You have a lovely time so far chatting anyway about all sorts of things, and then it happens. The massive twat arrives. He’s a friend of your friend who’s party it is, first he doesn’t seem bad news and actually he’s not that bad looking either and at first quite friendly. But then all of your friends get more drunk, you obviously can’t drink because you’re on quite strong pain killers, although that’s the reason why it is actually quite entertaining for you, watching all your friends being very entertaining. But then everything’s changing. You all, some how, come to the topic of dating and stuff and out of the blue the twat says that he never would date you. You obviously want to know why, and so do your friends. Once you asked him why you kinda get a bad feeling and then it happens. He says “Well, firstly because you wear way too much make up and secondly you are not my type. You’re too fat.”

Everybody starts starring at him and you. You don’t know what to say because you’re that shocked, even though you’re definitely normally don’t have problems with sassy/witty comebacks. Soon you decide to go home because you really can’t stand to be in the same room as such a massive dick. Your friend, who’s party it is, tries to apologize for his friend but all of you know too well that the damage is done and he can’t take back his words.

Honestly this is a story I always try to block out, don’t try to think about, because let’s face it my self-confident was non-existent before and something like this really isn’t helping much then. But if anybody can learn from an experience like this then I want to share it with you guys. So let’s talk his comment through.

Firstly, ‘you wear way too much make-up’. Excuse you? What on earth gives you the right to judge anybody’s make-up? Everybody can wear as much or as little make-up as they want. You as a guy definitely have no right whatsoever to say to a girl she’s wearing too much make-up. I don’t know if it has occurred to you but girls aren’t wearing make-up for the sake of boys. I’m sorry to bring it to you but they don’t! Girls wear make-up because they want to and feel like wearing it. Do you really think we spent that much money, for a guy who can’t see the difference between ‘half-baked’ and ‘Charcoal Brown’ let alone knows the difference between Urban Decay and Mac. We definitely don’t! Yes, we may want to feel beautiful but we definitely don’t want to because of a guy. Okay, sometimes we do, but not if you don’t even know that a guy you don’t know is coming. And if we want to feel beautiful for a guy then he is a damn special guy to us and definitely not any old drunk guy we met for the first time.

Coming to the second part of his statement and the one that makes, I think, most more furious. ‘You are not my type. You’re too fat.’. Okay, steady on, have you really any idea what you just said? Let alone the idea what it could do the person you’re saying it to? If you don’t know it, the person you just said such a nasty comment to is a different person then you, so the person can look however the person wants to look like, also have as much weight on as she wants. Not everybody looks like Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift or Kendall Jenner! And that’s good. If you want to date somebody like this then you should think about your standards because you’re certainly not Zayn Malik, Calvin Harris nor Tyga. Only guys like this would date someone who looks like them. Besides you don’t know what the story of the person is. It could be that the person you just said something like this to could have struggles with any form of any eating disorder currently or in the past or has a serious health problem. You never know. This does not only count for somebody who may weight a bit too much but also to somebody who might weight a bit too little. You just don’t say something like this to anybody. You just don’t. You never know the story of somebody by meeting them the first time, so saying something like this is just stupid, childish and let you look like an absolute, massive asshole.

Surely, I’m a bit biased because this story actually happened to me but I think most people would agree with me on this point. Talking about somebody’s weight is just nothing you do and the weight of anybody beside of yourself is non of your business. Especially if you say a comment like this which is basically fat-shaming. No matter what, no matter how much a person might weight, under no circumstances you should ever say anything about anybody’s weight.

I do have enough friends who actually suffer from any form of eating disorder or don’t see them in the right light. Meaning with that, that they don’t have a disorder but they still see themselves not like they actually look like. Like they always see themselves with too much weight on even though they have a lovely, toned body. And if they hear comments like this, do you really think it helps them? No! The people I know who have eating disorders, are mostly bought into this spiral because of comments from other people. Also if they already in this spiral and hear comments like ‘You’re too thin/skinny’ it doesn’t make them stop, it motivates them too continue.

We live in a society where we have a certain picture of a perfect toned, healthy body but the reality is that only a few percentage have body’s like this. Yes, sure I also would like to have the body of like Taylor Swift or Zoe Sugg but in reality I never will. Firstly because I’m nearly not as tall enough to have such kick as legs like Taylor Swift or such a good metabolism like Zoe Sugg but to be fair I also wouldn’t want to look like them. Surely looking as pretty as them would be a blessing but I’m a different person and I have a different body type, a different skeleton underneath my skin and also other genes.

People like the twat have to realize that saying things about anybody’s weight is just wrong and you never should do it. But sadly I really have no hope for him which makes me very sad that stupid and undereducated people like him still exist.

On a more positive note about the twat: He actually wrote an apology message to me the next morning but since he couldn’t even remember what he said, it looked like my friends apparently asked him if he’s totally insane for saying something like this, I haven’t really taken his apology too seriously.

If something like this ever happens to you, you is whoever is reading this right now, don’t just stay shut like I did! Take the moment were you’re shocked and then say something to this twat! I really wish I would have. I’m also not a violent person really, but at this very moment I really would have liked to punch him or at least throw a drink in his stupid face. So please do me favour, please throw the person who says something like this to you at least a drink in his stupid face. Women have to stay together right?! 😛 (P.S. Please don’t punch him though! Violence isn’t the solution plus you’re most likely to hurt yourself more than him.)

Lots of love,

Jenny xxx


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15 things, living in London taught me about Fashion and Make Up

Hello there friends,

I am currently reinstalling all Sims 2 games that I have on my laptop so that I can spend my exam free time wisely and create loads of Sims, who are gonna have loads of babies before I kill them all and start the thing all over again. Yay! Fun times.
As Alina talked about all the things she misses about the U.K. I got a bit nostalgic and thought about in what ways I miss the U.K., especially England, more precisely my beloved then home London and realized how much my Fashion sense changed since I’ve been to London. Not only that but my understanding for Make-Up and my view on healthy Lifestyle choices also changed a lot.
And as you know I love lists so here’s a list! Again! Because I just cannot get enough of lists. To be honest, this is probably more related to how I became more self-confident during my stay in London but it’s still kind of the same as the country and the people I met there obviously helped.

1. Pricier Make Up is worth it

Back in Germany all Make Up I owned consisted of drugstore Make Up. Not a bad thing at all because drug store make up can be amazing and there are brands that offer good quality for a good price but I just never thought about spending more on what I put on my face regularly. So as I was earning my own money I thought I should spoil myself and ever since I’ve been hooked on brands like Mac or Lancome. For some products, it is absolutely worth it.

2. How amazing drugstore Make Up can be

UK, you have so many magnificent drugstore make up brands and I love you for it. You made me appreciate drugstore Make Up much more and I have to say since I came back to the brands over here have stepped up their game at least a little bit. (We still don’t have Bourjois, Rimmel or Sleek! Which sucks!!)

3. Dark Lipstick isn’t scary

The contrary is the case! Dark berry tones can make your Make Up look really sophisticated and grown up. I don’t know why I needed to come to the U.K. to realize this but the atmosphere was just much more accepting. When I wear such dark berry colors (Revlon’s Black Cherry is a favorite) in Germany, people automatically assume I’m depressed and suicidal… at least people at my school did and still do when I meet then out and about…Get a life!

4. Make Up counter people are life!

Without them, I wouldn’t have known which foundation shade is the right one for me and I now feel weird that I never talked to anyone at Make Up counters before I got to live in London for a year.

5. All shades of lipstick are fun!

All of them! Seriously! I’ve seen people with silver lipstick walking around London and rocking it…maybe it was also a whole lot of highlighter but it’s still kind of the same. So now I own purple Lipsticks and Neon Pink ones and I am comfortable enough to wear them.

6. Wear heels if you want to

For the first time, no one judged me if I wore heels to the club and I loved it. Now back in Germany people judge me for it…like it’s really none of your business and I’m not invading your life in any way by wearing heels honey.

7. Doc Marten Boots are for girls too

Thank you, U.K. for making me realize that! It saved my life. I live in my Doc Marten boots.

8. Don’t be afraid to buy clothes from at a market

As in Camden Market or Portobello Road Market. There are the usual stalls with Game of Thrones themes shirts and all things Harry Potter but you can find some pretty awesome clothes here and there that you cannot find at any High Street store. I haven’t found comparable markets in Germany yet but I am always looking for one wherever I go.

9. Mixing and Matching is the way to go

You can Mix and Match and turn boring clothes into cool ones by experimenting a little and combining Vintage finds with Highstreet clothes. Now this is nothing new but I always was too afraid to just try it out. In the U.K. I finally did and I never regretted it.

10. Overknee stockings won’t make you look tacky

Or like an Anime Character…or something like that. I wore Overknee stockings once in Germany before going to the U.K. and literally, everyone came up to me asking why I was wearing Overknee stockings. They asked if I’m into Anime or if I’m trying to look especially easy to have or something and I was like excuse me?! I just happen to like my Overknee stockings and in London, no one ever said anything about them so now I’m wearing them with confidence.

11. If you wanna dress chic, go dress chic

For any occasion. Don’t feel overdressed.

12. Remember to flaunt it if you got it

No matter how you see yourself you can probably pull off the things you thought you couldn’t, which is surprising but it’s a fact.

More Lifestyle related things…

13. Going out to eat can be the best thing ever

For dinner, breakfast, for lunch…for a snack…restaurants are the best! I enjoyed going out for dinner on the weekends to spend time with my friends and it was just a regular thing back in London and I wish we’d do it more often in Germany as well.

14. Working regularly can be fun

Especially running along the Thames in the morning was one of the most beautiful experiences. In London, I actually started going to the gym regularly so I guess London was just the best thing that ever happened to me.

15. Be confident!

One of the best things apart from London was that I gained so much more self-confidence. Moving to a big city on your own and meeting new people broadens your mind and totally changes the view you have on yourself. I started accepting myself more and loving all my flaws. In a big city like London, you are just much more anonymous but still everyone in the U.K. is so friendly so you never feel anonymous if that makes sense. I feel like the U.K. has such an accepting vibe and people won’t judge you for your fashion or makeup choices so I was able to experiment and find a way I feel most confident with myself.

I hope you enjoyed this more personal list as it’s probably not something you’d usually learn when in London but these are just things that stuck with me.
I love you loads and I’ll go and play some Sims now…wow! I’m such a grown up!

Loads of love,
Lili xx

Twitter: @castaway_minds
Instagram: @castawayminds

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Random things I miss about the UK

Hey lovelies,

time for another blog post from me. As some of you might know I spent a year abroad, as an au pair in the UK, where I also met the three other wonderful girls on this blog. I realized soon it’ll be a year since I’m back in Germany and even though the culture is pretty similar there are lots of things I miss about the UK. If I wrote about all the things I miss we’d still be here tomorrow, so I picked out the most random ones, that might seem a bit weird.

  1. The Great British Bake OffTV program is rubbish nowadays, I think I can speak for lots of countries, or otherwise I can’t explain the huge success of netflix etc. I also wasn’t the biggest fan of UK TV program, because lots of programs seem to be about gardening, building houses, buying houses, renovating houses and selling houses. But there was the time of the year when life was good , when Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood where on your TV to eat cake and say things about it, that you don’t understand. For those of you who don’t know it there are 12 bakers, who have to do baking challenges and the one who’s pastry is the least tasty gets kicked out. The bakers are seriously geniouses and always make things that are truly extraordinary and look super delicious. We have comparable shows here in Germany, but none is as good as the bake off in my opinion. I love the show because of the british charme, the lovely hosts and because I generally enjoy looking at people making food.
  2. HMVIf you know me, you know I like music, films and band merch. HMV sells CDs, DVDs and band shirts. So yeah definitely one of my favourite shops of all time. I don’t think we really have that many shops in Germany that have such a huge choice of Cds and DVDs. I can never find anything I like in Germany, because in all honesty I personally think the UK has the better music taste. ( And you guys are lucky because all the cool bands always come to your country). I’ve spent hours looking through the records at hmv and contemplating wether to buy a shirt or not and I’m really missing it.
  1. Food chainsI tried to pick one restaurant to write about, but I realized it’s just not possible, because I miss them all. I think mainly the Italian restaurants like Pizza Express, Ask and Jamie’s Italian, but also Nando’s, Wetherspoons,Bill’s, Wagamama and of course Costa. As an au pair you have lots of money you can spend on eating out with your friends and that’s what I did. We don’t really have those restaurant chains in Germany, except fast food like McDonald’s and Burger King. I really miss them because not only was the food delicious, but also it was nice to have familiar restaurants everywhere you went so you knew what was expecting you and also didn’t really have a problem choosing from the menu. Talking about food: those Mark and Spencer Food shops where really convenient, especially at the stations, so you could just grab fresh sandwhiches, fruit or sweets everywhere and they were always really yummy. Literally every time I go back to the UK I make sure to go to as many of those restaurants as I can.

    Bildergebnis für British restaurant chains logos  NandosHorLogoNOWEB

  1. Friendly cashiersSo this might seem super random and I don’t know about all of the UK countries, but the cashiers in England are soooo friendly. They ask you how your day was, apologize if you had to wait and are just super sweet in general. Of course there are some, who might have a bad day or are generally a bit grumpy, but the majority is just nice, while in Germany they barely even look at you and are super stressed most of the time. So please british people appreciate your cashiers and be nice to them,
  1. The seasideYou have one, I don’t. (at least not in the part of Germany where I live) No more words needed.
  1. BBC Radio OneI always used to listen to radio one in the car and they really played the music I liked ( as I already said I don’t really like the mainstream german music taste). They also alway had amazing guests like artists I really liked and the interviewers were really professional and asked good questions ( and you didn’t have to be embarrassed for the terrible english of the interviewer, like you do here). I also loved the live lounge, where artists do acoustic covers, that was amazing every time.

You have reached the end of this hymn on things I like about the UK. There are like a quadrillion of other things, but none of us have the time for that. I hope you’re having a lovely day and if you’re currently doing one of the things I wrote about don’t tell me or I’ll get jealous.


Alli xx

Pic Sources :  http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/whats-on/whats-on-news/great-british-bake-recipes-how-9850570

10 Chain Restaurants We Wish We Had In The U.S.

Recent events…

I know I said that I would talk about conflict areas but then I also had something else on my mind recently that I wanted to discuss briefly.

First of all I wanted to say that I think that it is absolutely horrific that so many people have died recently in countries that are deemed as safe. Violence, especially when executed through weapons, should not be allowed and needs to be punished as no one should have the ‘right’ and the means to randomly take someone’s life. But I think that we can all agree on that.

The issue that has also been in the media quite a lot recently which I want to discuss is about the handling of the attackers. There have been so many attacks and somehow it seems to be a good thing when the attacker is dead too. Which if I am honest, I absolutely do not agree with.

Yes, I get that many people are angry and yes, I get that there often seems no other way than to shoot at the attacker to stop them but let’s take the most recent case that happened in Bavaria, Germany. A 17- year old BOY is on a train and injures three people with an axe, two of them severely and while leaving the train he injures a fourth one. A SWAT team that by chance was close by followed him and when he tried to use the axe to run away they shot him dead. A 17 year old boy.
Yes he injured people, but he is a child, does he deserve to die?

What I mean is there is a group of highly trained police officers, who are a special force, so they have special skills, but they see no other way to solve the situation than to kill him? I don’t understand when shooting to injure someone to stop them from running became killing them. Like he cannot answer any questions, he cannot take responsibility, he cannot get help, because he is dead.

Now we are back to assumptions about why he did it. They found a hand drawn IS flag in his room. He was a refugee from Afghanistan, so it seems obvious to people why he did it, but is it?
I think we have to ask ourselves a much bigger question as to why a child that comes to Germany feels the need to do something like that. I mean he was a 17 year old boy who was one of many children arriving without family, without any support. After what he has probably been through I think we need to look at it from another angle as to, when people come here they have been through a lot and are often traumatised and need psychological aid. He had been moved to a foster family but I think that even that can only help people feel at home, often probably depending on the language level, I mean how welcome can you feel when you have no idea what people can’t really communicate with you. I have been in that situation and it feels horrible when you have no clue what is going on around you.

I want to say quite frankly that in many situations I feel like we make it a little bit easy for ourselves. I feel like the assumption that an attacker is sent from the IS when they have roots in a Middle Eastern or Northern African Countries, is now the easy way out. The IS is a problem that we have to deal with, yes, but what makes the individuals go that far is not discussed open enough and given not enough importance. I mean when white people attack someone it is always a psychological problem. I am not saying that these things are never the case but if it is generalised by politicians, the media and the people we are missing an important part of the whole problem that may be more difficult to face than the realisation, but that should hopefully in the end reduce the potential for attacks.