Girls dress for themselves

Heyy people 🙂

First of all I’m sorry for being absent for that long, I had severe writers block and was busy with uni stuff. Buuut here I am trying to be more on this blog again. So I hope you forgive me.

This post is about an issue I see to be confronted with quite often and which has always been bothering me. It’s the fact that a lot of males seem to believe that girls dress/wear make up to please them and to be liked by them. I know, I know the moral  should slowly become clear towards the end of a post but as I want to be very clear about this I’m just going to state it right at the beginning: We generally don’t. Dear boys I’m very sorry to disappoint you, but not every thing a girl does is about you. Shocking I know. Sit down a minute. Breathe. Have a sip of water. And then get of that fucking high horse.

You might wonder what caused me being so angry about that so I will share my personal experiences with that topic. Today I saw this social media post that was like : “oh yes she’s wearing red nailpolish now I want to hit on her….Said no guy ever”. As I couldn’t just swallow that I commented “Cute that guys still believe everything girls do is for them”. Someone actually answered me that In the end it actually is. I was furious. As if I wore nailpolish for random guys who a) probably don’t even notice it, because honestly I don’t think when you meet a girl, the first thing you look at are her nails and b) don’t even know a difference between scarlet and rose. So yeah probably fucking not. As you might already assume there are reasons this post made me so angry. As a girl you’re always told not to wear that much make up, or don’t wear your hair short, or don’t dress a certain way because “boys don’t like that”. On the other hand having certain characteristics are good because boys it. Sometimes when I had issues with my body not being super skinny even my Mum told me that it was okay “because men like women with curves”. It was also fine, that I have small breasts, as there are men who’s type I am like that. I never thought much about that until I became a feminist. One day after that I clarified that I didn’t give a damn what men think about my body because the only think that counts is what I think about it. I don’t need and will never need  approval for any parts of my body of any guy who has nothing to do with them. My mum looked at me surprised, but she understood. Not everyone seems to get that unfortunately. I dated a guy who used to tell me I would look better with shorter hair and explained to me in detail what kind of clothes I should wear to make myself more attractive to him and guys in general. It went so far he once told me, that I was lucky to be the height I am, because if I was taller less guys would want me. When I told him that I didn’t think it was my purpose on this earth to meet any guys expectations, he just stuck with his point and didn’t take me serious. I know that not all guys are like that, but I was honestly shocked and a bit disappointed in the male gender. That were the most remarkable moments I had with that issue, there were some more, but I think you understand why this post upset me so much. Of course I have to admit there are cases when girls dress up for boys. When you dress up for a date and wonder which dress he’d like on you. When you wear a certain jumper when you see your boyfriend, because you know he likes it and you make an effort to look pretty for him. When you have a  crush and you want him to notice you so you wear a flattering outfit. But seriously I don’t believe any girl gets up in the morning thinking “well what could I wear today what the boys out there would like” And nobody wears make up for a person who doesn’t even notice what you have in your face. Even in the cases where you could say girls dress up for guys, we always choose the things we feel pretty in and confident and like the best version of ourselves. So in reality it’s about that. We wear the things we feel good in and the things we like and we wear make up or don’t wear it because that’s the way we want to express yourself and feel like the motherfucking queens we are. And yes that has to do with how other people perceive us and of course it makes us feel good to hear compliments, but in the end it’s about us feeling comfortable in our skin. So boys if you ever think a girl chose that top with the big cleavage for your pleasure or is wearing those heels just so you think she’s sexy you’re probably wrong (and a self absorbed prick). She’s doing it because she knows she slays and SHE feels sexy in those clothes. And remember that ‘s all that matters. We don’t need your opinion on our bodies or style, so if we don’t ask please keep it to yourselves. And girls: Keep doing you. Don’t listen to men telling you what you should do and how you should look. Same for other women. You’re not living for anyone but yourself and you don’t need anyone’s approval for your personal choices.

That was my rant I hope you liked it. 🙂

Talk to you soon

Love Ally


Favourite German films when I was a teenager

Hello lovely people out there,

as you all might know by now, this blog is run by 4 German girls and as Katie already did 2 blog posts about German books and German tv shows from when she was a kid. I kinda got inspired by that so today I want to show you my favourite German teenage films (that hasn’t something to do that I should study but instead I’m procrastinating like a bro and I’m watching ‘old’ teenage films… nooo… )

When I grew up there were films around like ‘Camp rock’ or ‘Hannah Montana’ or ‘High School Musical’ and without any shame I admit that I still freaking love these films. There’s just something comforting about watching these films. And even though the German film market isn’t as good as Hollywood we still got some absolutely crappy teenage films that I totally love.

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My first one has to be ‘Die wilden Hühner 1 – 3’, you see there are even 3 of them. I think these ones are actually my favourite German films. As Katie has described ‘Die wilde Hühner’ before who they are in her post about German books I’m not gonna repeat that. So essentially I’m going to summarise the films. So the first one is how they became a group of 5 and their ongoing fights with the guy group from their class. Furthermore they discuss family problems and problems you do have coming from different social classes. And beside of all the family and guy problems they also steal the chicken from the horrible grandma of Sprotte. Sounds kinda boring but let me tell you the film is awesome. The second film is called ‘Die wilden Hühner – und die Liebe’ which basically means ‘and love’ and that’s exactly what it is about. It shows the different kinds of love there are. Stress with having a boyfriend, when you freshly broken up and your ex got already a new girlfriend, jealousy/trusting problems, long distance relationships, finding no partner when everyone around you seems happy in relationships and even one of the girls realizes that she likes girls more and going along with this she got hate from others and it’s portrait how hard it is to come out to friends and family and the hate you could get. The last film is called ‘Die wilden Hühner – und das Leben’ which means ‘and live’. This time they’re on a trip with their class and it talked about topics like sex, cheating, breakups, job futures, fight with boyfriends, teenage pregnancy and all of the films actually cover so many more topics that I can’t think off of the top of my head. But it isn’t like you really realize it when you watch it. All the topics are beautifully incorporated in the films and I have to say a big heads down to the writer and producer of the films because they’re truly a good life-teacher (is this even a word?! :D) and I’m sure one day I’m going to force my own kids to watch these films with me.

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The second film I want to talk about is called ‘Freche Mädchen 1 and 2’. Once again it’s a film made from books. In Germany there are a whole lot of books (I think there are way over than 60, or at least when I still read them) which are called ‘Freche Mädchen – freche Bücher’ which means ‘cheeky girls – cheeky books’. In short these are typical girl books from a whole lot of authors which talk about all the different problems you get when it comes to growing up and your first love. By the way all of these stories are different characters and different surroundings so every single book is different and most aren’t connected to each other. So the producers of the film actually took a little series there was of the books (I think there were like 3 or so books from the same author about the same group of girls) and they made it into a film (but they also stole a few ideas and scenes from other books to make it more fun). It’s basically about a group of 3 girls (Mila, Hanna and Kati) and it’s talked about how to survive school stress, bad marks, stress with boys, finding a boyfriend, breakups, stress with your best friends and all these topics, I guess you already can guess what else it is about, because let’s be fair every single teenage film basically has the same topic: boys. And German ones are no different!

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Another film I really liked was ‘Rock it’. This film came out when I was a bit older (well it came out in 2010 so I was already quite a bit older) and it’s basically the German version of ‘High School Musical’. It’s about a girl who is at a very posh musical school and a serious talent at the piano. Although she secretly wants to breakout of her normal life and would like to be in a rock-band, but this isn’t as easy when your parents are great musicians themselves and have you live already planned out basically. Obviously in the rock-band there is a guy she thinks is cute and obviously she can’t just be in a relationship with him because of her parents and their different social statuses. So everything is super teenage-film-like super cheesy and super complicated. 😀

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Another one is called ‘Französisch für Anfänger’ (French for beginners) and it’s about an exchange of German students in France. It not only talks about your typical teeny-film topics like boys (and sex), and let me tell ya it hella does, but also about the difficulties you get when you go to another country of which you barely speak the language let alone you don’t really know the cultural. I remember that when this film came out in 2006 it was quite a controversial topic with my girlfriends and me. Either you really liked it or you went bright red when somebody only mentioned the title. Honestly, I was the second type of girl but now I really like the film, it could also be because I have a slight girl crush on the main female character, but that’s off topic.

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The last film I’m going to mention is a very controversial one again. This time it hasn’t to do anything with the topics in the film, it’s more about who is in it. As you already know from Katie’s post there were this films called ‘Die wilden Kerle’ when I grew up and because it was a film out of a whole group of guys and only one girl there were always the groups who liked which character/actor the most. The main actor also played in other films, also in one called ‘Sommer’ (summer). It’s based on a German island in the north sea and talks about a guy called Tim moving there to his grandma because his dad is in the army. Obviously he meets a girl there he quite likes but she’s in another relationship with a rich guy. Tim is quite an outsider and also becomes friends with a more chubby, bullied guy. Eventually Tim and Vic (the girl) come together but obviously her ex doesn’t like this and tries everything to win her back. When he finds out that Tim even has something in his criminal record he does everything he can to win Vic back. I mostly like the film because firstly it’s unbelievably cheesy and trust me this is the most cheesy film I’ve ever seen. But also because it has such an unbelievable set, they ride on horses the whole time (by the way I’ve done horse riding since I’m 5) and obviously I always used to be on the main actors side (who would have guessed it, looking back though, I can’t understand why because he’s not my type at all, but that’s nothing that matters right now… :D).

So yeah, these are a few of my favourite German teenage films and obviously they’re way more and also way more since I was a teenager which are really good and maybe if you guys like these kind of blog post we will do more in the future.

I think I’m off now, continuing procrastinating and watching one of the films mentioned.

Lots of love,

Jenny xxx.