A letter to the UK

Dear UK,
First I want to say I love you. You have become my home over the past three years and there hasn’t been one second where I didn’t feel at home. I love the culture, the people, the language, the landscapes, the cities and I could go on and on about all the things that make me love you so much.
Now that the referendum is through and there is a chance that our joint life, as I am an EU citizen, will get more harder because some people thought it was a good idea to make an internal power struggle into a country wide referendum, that then turned into a referendum about the general political structure rather than the actual question of the membership of the EU. But what I want you to know is that I don’t love you any less.
You are my home and the place where my heart is and slowly I am starting to get over the feeling of being absolutely devastated over the result of the referendum, because I have come to a realization:
I will not be defeated by an older generation that is trying to prove a point and that lives in a world where you can simply turn back time and have everything the way you had many years before.
My dream is to finish my bachelors degree in Scotland and then to get a Masters degree in either Scotland or England and then hopefully move back to London and get a job somewhere. I know people with similar hopes and dreams and a referendum decided by previous generations should not stop us and won’t do so. I, with this, apologize to your older inhabitants, but we have grown up in a world with less borders and we are not going to accept the building of new ones.
My dad told me today that I should take my youth, my degree and my lucky status of living in places, where you can express your opinion and can change things, to do just that: try to change things.
I know I am just a small person in a huge world but if our generation starts sticking together and starts to voice our opinion, wishes and needs MORE LOUDLY to previous generations, we will get the chance to live in the world we imagine ourselves to live in, whatever that may be in a specific sense, one day.
But above else what we, young people all around the globe need to take from this that WE NEED TO VOTE AND MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD. We need to show the world that we are not an ignorant, only with celebrities obsessed, internet generation, but need to show that one thing that we learned from and through the internet is TOLERANCE, ACCEPTANCE, AND THAT WE ARE NOT ALONE WITH OUR HOPES, DREAMS, and WORRIES. We are probably more united online than many countries are, for example currently you my dear UK. Yes we may fight sometimes, but that happens no matter where you go, but we are also able to spread AWARENESS, SHARE INFORMATION and LOVE more easily. Look at the huge LGBTQ+ movements that are such a huge part of our internet community, look at the support we show to people we people we believe in, yes even if it’s ‘just’ a musician, look at the support on, for example, Tumblr regarding mental health issues. We are there for each other.
When people call us uninformed, they should check out the amounts of information that will be found out in, for example, the One Direction Fandom, within seconds. We can and will do the same about politicians, their policies and current events.
Dear UK, we are a generation that will prove your older generations, and other people all across Europe and the world, wrong, we will find a way to stay connected and to tear down the newly formed borders again, because WE MATTER and our voices and opinions MATTER. We will make our lives COUNT. We will show everyone that we are all EUROPEAN and GLOBAL citizens that will work together to make our future better and brighter. We will fight for our hopes and dreams, we will fight for our opportunities and we will not back down. We will live our lives the way we want it to and we consider to be right for our time. We will find a way to leave our mark on the world and hopefully, dear UK, we will find a way to learn from your mistakes and we will find a way to be closer to each other and to be less divided than you currently is. And most of all I hope that one day future generations will not go through the same struggle of having to tell my generation, that we messed up their future.
I am looking forward to return to you and to figure out a way that we can continue to live together.
I love you, my dear UK.

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