Be Kind

To the person who told me that my voice sounded off in a recording of our choir when I was 8. I still think about it and I hate singing in front of people which is a shame because I love singing and I shouldn’t care about whether it sounds good or not because it should be fun simply because I love it and because I love music.


To the person who abandoned me when we went to secondary school when we were 10. We were best friends all throughout elementary school like we spent A LOT of time together and suddenly from one day to another I wasn’t cool enough to talk to and hang out with. It was the first time I had to learn friendships can be temporary and it broke my heart.


To the person who shared what I told him in confidence to the entire class when I was 10. Thank you for making me not trust people with my stuff. You are probably not the only reason I struggle with it, but you had a part in it. So thank you.


To the person who told me that if she was me she would get rid of the black heads on my nose when I was 13. I have been extremely self conscious about any kind of slight skin oddity on my face ever since. I try to get rid off every tiny thing which usually ends up in red spots or scratches on my face in the process making it worse than it was before.


To the person who told me that you could see my bra strap when I was about 13. I, to this day, frantically check if you can see my bra strap or see my bra to my shirt which tbh shouldn’t be a big deal, because it is a fucking bra strap and nothing else and I had big boobs even then so what else was I supposed to wear. No fucking secret yet it is still in the back of my mind.
To the person who told me that I was showing quite a lot of cleavage when I was about 15. It wasn’t in a sexual way but yet I still feel uncomfortable showing too much cleavage because people could notice. But have you ever tried to wear any t-shirt with a cut out having big boobs and not show boobs, it is practically impossible.


To the person that told me I should come to more sports trainings instead of focussing on university to show my loyalty to the team and made me uncomfortable coming to training.


To the person who told me my hair was funny and stupid in a way that made me feel uncomfortable when I was 16. Thank you for underlining one of my insecurities with a sly comment you thought I couldn’t hear which made it even worse. While I am now used to my hair I still get self- conscious when people sit behind me and I have my hair open because it takes me back to that situation.


To every person that told me that I was loud or too outspoken and opinionated at any point during my time in high school. I was curious about learning but you made me uncomfortable speaking up and discussing my ideas in class and took and made me overthink being too loud, too present and too opinionated in my seminars at university.


To every person that said comments behind my back about my looks, my personality or any other aspect of me and I overheard it or someone told me about it, your comments or actions are staying with me and have turned into voices in my head that make me doubt myself or what I am doing. They have created thought patterns and habits that are incredibly hard to break. A lot of times I don’t think you didn’t mean any harm but because a lot of these comments were said to me when I was in years where I was trying to figure out who I wanted to be they have had more power over me than you could have ever imagined.


Tonight I caught myself in one of these patterns and I wanted to let everyone know: Be kind to each other, be cautious what you say to or about people because you can never know what impact they will have on them. Be kind and considerate with your words and actions because they matter and you can never take them back.


Lots of Love, Katie




Plan With Me: July Setup

Hey guys and gals,

the Bullet Journal craze did not leave me in the dark and I indeed started a Bullet Journal at the beginning of this year. It has made my life a lot easier, as before I was a very chaotic person. I still am, however, since writing my appointments down into one little book and having a place where I know all my notes fit into, has helped me keep track of my commitments. If you like planning or if you’re just as chaotic as I am and To-Do Lists are your life saver then maybe a Bullet Journal is perfect for you. To me, a Bullet Journal is the perfect solution as it is so customizable. You have to paint/draw/sketch everything yourself but that’s what makes it so handy. You can adapt it to your life and your needs.

When I started out with the BuJo, I did a lot of research on how other people decorated their BuJo. Since I now kind of got the hang of it, I thought it was time to share my ideas and designs with you 🙂 Maybe you would like to share some pictures of your Bullet Journals? Why not message me on the Blogs’ Instagram or Twitter, or my personal Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr. I love hearing from you guys and we can share each other’s ideas and inspirations.

This month, I wanted to go for a maritime look. I worked with a lot of blues and greens (I also did add a little bit of pink) and found this adorable Benefit brochure, out of which I

IMG_2638cut out the little boats. A maritime design gives off the perfect summer feel and makes me want to travel. the world. Also look at my wonderful watercolor sailing boat…it looks like a kids painting doesn’t it?

As always, after my header I drew a monthly overview, as this really helps me to have an idea of how full my month is. I like to note down exam dates or any deadline so that I can look at it in one go and make sure I’m prepared. It’s also a great way to remember birthdays and plan ahead. I also like to add “Monthly Goals” to the side, just to motivate myself.

Usually I would then draw my “Habit Tracker”, but I did not really like the way I always had to go back to the front pages just to fill in the little boxes. Therefore, I changed the “Habit Tracker” design and it is now part of my weekly setup, so is a little sleeping log and my water log. Gotta stay hydrated, kids!

Since my birthday is next month, I decided to include a Birthday Wishlist. And on the very last pages I got my usual spending log and this time I added a summer reading list. I have not yet noted down too many books but I will as the summer goes on.

If you were wondering, the book I use as my Bullet Journal is the Leuchtturm 1917 in black with the dots. As pens I like to use anything Faber Castell (especially the PITT Artist Pen in XS) and any Stabilo highlighter and mildliner. Muji pens are also pretty handy. The Washi Tape that I us is usually from Tiger, as I am obsessed with it and you can get it relatively cheap at Tiger. All in all, you should just experiment with what feels right. I posted a complete flip through of all the pages in my Bullet Journal onto my Youtube Channel, so go and check that one out.

Lots of Love, Lili xx


Semester abroad preparations

Heyo people,

today I have an announcement to make:

*drum roll*

I’ll be doing a semester abroad in Australia !! I will be there for 6 months live there, go to Uni there, maybe/hopefully find a parttime Job. Of course I’ll try my best and keep you updated about my adventures and new experiences there. But for now I just want to tell you about my way here, all the organisation and steps you need to take while applying for a semester abroad in Australia.

Step 1: Check your finances

First of all once you’ve decided to study a semester abroad no matter how far away it may seem START SAVING. Studying a semester abroad overseas is super expensive (I think it’s way cheaper when you’re EU Citizen and go with Erasmus, but you have to ask Lili on that) and there are lots of hidden costs waiting for you. Also you should keep the deadlines for scholarships in mind, because applying there depending on where you go one of the first steps. If you don’t have all documents it doesn’t matter, you can always send them later. That was the mistake I made, I waited for ages until I’m further in my application for Uni and in the end I missed the deadlines for scholarships. Now I use my savings and I’m financially supported by my parents and german governmental funding. So be sure to have sufficient financial possibilities at first.

Step 2: Get information

To find out where you can go and what you have to do to apply, you should get information from the International Office at your home Uni. I already went to my first information event a year ago, because you really have to start applying early and the semester times might be really differnt to the ones at home. So go to events, get flyers and brochures do internet research and visit your international office if you have further questions.

Step 3: Collect all your documents

There are sooo many documents you need to apply for a Uni overseas. Apart from my personal data, I needed an overview of all my study results so far, a CV, a letter of motivation, a financial plan, a plan of what subjects I might want to take in Australia, a letter of recommendation from one of my Profs and a certificate of english language. It took quite some time to get all of that together. Especially the english certificate was quite an effort, as the one I already had wasn’t acknowledged by the Australian Uni. I needed a TOEFL or an IELTS certificate, so in december I had to go to a city where the offer TOEFL exams to take mine and luckily passed. It was so relieving once I had had all my documents together and had handed them in !

Step 4 Wait and see

Yeah after handing in your application there isn’t much you can do at first. At our Uni the exchange program works like this: First you have to apply to the home Uni’s exchange program so they can send you to their partner Uni and you won’t have to pay fees because you’re an exchange student. That’s the way I would recommend to all of you. It is possible to apply directly to the Uni abroad, but you would have to pay fees, get less help with application and the chances you get accepted are lower. After you’ve handed in your application the home uni will see if they think your suitable and then invite you for an interview. At my interview there were 3 professors and 2 other students and they asked us questions about our CVs, why we want to go to Australia and why we think our studies would benefit from it. Also it’s never a mistake to know some facts or current news about the country you want to go to. A few weeks after that I got finally accepted into the exchange program and the wait to hear from the Australian Uni started.

Step 5 Apply at your guest uni

I felt like it took ages until I finally heard from my guest Uni, but applying there was rather easy. As my home uni had already sent in my application forms and all my documents I just had to apply via Internet and choose the courses I wanted to take. Before choosing my courses, I printed out the course descriptions and talked about them with a prof for my subject at my home Uni to be sure I would only choose courses that would be acknowledged for my studies here.

Step 6 Waiting again

Yep and waiting for the response from Uni again, which felt like ages.

Step 7 Applying for housing

At my Uni in Sydney exchange students are guaranteed a place at University’s housing. I simply applyied for that, I could choose three preferences for rooms and a few days later I already heard from them. They offered me a room in a 6 bedroom flatshare which I gladly accepted. Though it was all very easy I was shocked by the prices, because in Germany living is much cheaper.

Step 8 Visa and flight

After finally officially getting accepted by the Uni, I could start with organizing the important things. First of all I buyed health insurance which I needed for my visa application. It was very easy as my Uni linked me to a provider where you could get insured in only a few steps. After that I booked my flight. I was very late on this so it cost a fortune and as I tried to get the cheapest one I will now be changing 3 times. After receiving my confirmation of enrolment I was able to apply for my visa and was already scared I wouldn’t get it in time. The process took 2 hours and was quite complicated, but I literally got my visa granted after 2 minutes.

Step 9 Learning agreement and course registration

After having the subjects approved I could take, I enrolled in them online and created my timetable. At first I was pretty overwhelmed by that but then it was easier than it seemed. After that I had my forms signed by the prof I went to for the courses before. Now I will be taking “Digital Literacies”, “Multiplatform journalism” and “Composing the real” (which is a course where you learn how to make a documentary). I#m already very excited to see what my studies are like in Australia.

Step 10 Last little bits and excitement

Everything is pretty much done now there are just things like booking the welcome events you want to go to, getting informed about a phone contract, buying and adapter and making sure you have everything you need but that’s pretty chill, so you have lota of time to get super excited and brag about it infront of your friends ! Okay, to be fair I recently haven’t had much time at all because as the australian semester and the german semester cross over, I’m leavimg before my semester ends and I had to finish a lot of coursework. Anyway now I’m pretty much done with everything, I have even moved out of my appartement (which I’m subletting while I’m away) and my flight is on wednesday.

I’m not gonna lie to you these preparations are stressful and all the hidden costs, the deadlines, the paperwork and the insecurity if I should book/apply for things even though my stay wasn’t confirmed really wore me out. But now that everything is done, I’m really looking forward to what will surely be a wonderful time!

If you’re applying or want to apply for a semester abroad and have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me on either my personal twitter @alinaisaweirdo or our blog twitter @castway_minds

I will try and keep you updated the upcoming weeks !

Until then byyyeeeee


Alli xx


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Difference between larger and slimmer girls in summer

That’s probably something you have never thought about, but think about it. When summer is coming and the weather is getting hotter and hotter there is quite a difference in how larger and slimmer girls dress/can dress.

Before I start this blog post I want to stress that everybody can dress the way they want and it’s nobody’s business beside of your own. Wear whatever you feel confident and comfortable in, what I’m about to write is just something I have noticed from what I wear, my friends wear or in general people I saw on the street.

Starting off with the difference in the selection of clothes. It’s summer, so you want to get out your beautiful legs, wear as little fabric as possible. Well, if you’re a girl on the larger size that’s not that easy. Wearing shorts or short skirts without a legging or with some tights, not ideal. Every girls who has a bit of curvier thighs and doesn’t have a thigh-gap you know exactly what I’m talking about. When it was warm around where I live, my friends commented on why I don’t wear shorts, skirts or dresses without underneath it, well it’s easy said for them because they all have beautiful legs and thigh-gaps they don’t have to worry about having their legs rubbed against each other with every step they take and the rash that is coming with that. Which makes you unable to walk for days by the way, even when you have trousers on. On the other hand even if I wouldn’t have the problem with my tights rubbing against each other, there is still this voice in my head saying that my legs aren’t toned and I do have cellulite and orange skin. With this in your mind constantly you wouldn’t have a good time out, so you need to make the decision if you want to constantly worry about people look at your legs or wearing something longer but sweat more.

But this rule doesn’t also apply on the lower part of the body. Wearing short-sleeved tops, croptops dresses is also a challenge. If you wear something without sleeves you always will be wondered if people just starred at your chubby arm with, again, stretchmarks on them. Also, when you’re out and you see the toned, skinny arms of your friends doesn’t really help with this either. If you’re on the larger scale and you wear a croptop, girl I salute you. I could never bring up the confidence to wear it. I always would constantly wonder if people just look at my wobbling stomach that is everything but defined and has a sixpack (but there is hope, did you know that underneath we all have sixpacks? Or at least that’s what I read somewhere). Oh and dresses. Firstly I don’t think I’m made for dresses because secretly I’m a boy because dresses are exhausting. But, when you wear dresses, you have to find one that has the perfect fit, so it doesn’t enhance some body parts that you wouldn’t want to enhance because you feel quite self-conscious about. Maybe that’s just me but I find it extremely hard to find dresses that doesn’t make me look like I weight 100 more kilos that I’m actually do. Oh and also dresses or tops that don’t have straps, gosh wearing them if you have bigger boobs is a night mare. Like, finding a strapless bra in the first place that suits you and holds your big breasts in place, holy moly. If you found a place please let me know, because I definitely haven’t found it. So if you bought some that aren’t that great but you so badly wanted to wear this top or dress, you have to make sure that everything is in place, like literally every two seconds. It’s an absolute night mare. And people start commenting on why you always fiddling around. Like hello, grow a pair of big boobs then you will know the struggles of bras.

Another point I want to point out when being bigger and wearing shorter things is the comments, glares and looks you get from others. Like calm down everybody, it isn’t like I’m naked, so leave me alone okay. Like when I was younger my mum always made sure to tell me what to wear as a bigger girl and what you can’t wear. Growing up I realized that it is nobody’s business and I can wear whatever I want, but in some aspects, she was right. I had actually people commenting on my clothes and whether it was a good idea to wear that with the size I am. Like excuse you? Confidence boost right there. Cheers mate!

You see, wearing clothes has all to do with self-confidence and how much you accepted your body. So if you’re a bit bigger and you want to wear all these things and you’re confident in them, I can only say: You go girl! You’re amazing! But from my and some of my friends experience not a lot of people feel that way. And I don’t even mean this for bigger girls. Also, slim girls struggle with these issues. Like you constantly thinking somebody is looking at you in a weird way, or looking at the things that you’re most self-conscious about, when in reality they don’t. Most probably they don’t even recognize your stretchmarks or the not perfect toned leg.

The last point I want to talk about today is going to the beach or the pool. When I was younger I did swimming in a club and I never really thought about the fact stepping out in public in a swimming-costume, but once I got older I realized that it is a totally different game. Again, you have this picture in your head that people look at you and you get all self-conscious. I don’t even go to the swimming pool any more. To every girl (and guy) out there who walks out in a swimming-costume and is confident (or at least can fake to be) I salute you. I mean it’s basically stepping out in public with your underwear on, that’s not an easy step to do. And I know quite a few people, slimmer or bigger that simply don’t have this confidence. Or at least not in their teenage years and young adulthood. But in the end, who actually cares. Like you can’t really see anything when you’re in the water, can you? And when everybody is lying there on the beach just enjoying the sun and trying to get a nice golden bronze people usually don’t look at the other bodies either. But there is this one split second where everybody is scanning your body, I mean to be fair everybody does it and most people definitely also not with bad intentions, but this split second is enough to get self-conscious. That’s all it takes. Which is stupid, but don’t we all feel the same?

Nevertheless, I never really thought about the fact that bigger girls actually dress different to slimmer girls, but this summer made me realize that it is the sad truth and as much I would like to say I’m different, I’m not. I guess the only way to overcome all this self-judgement is to come to terms with your own body and you will be able to step out to the wold with whatever you want on. But until then, leave me your tips and tricks in the comments below and write us on all the other social media places you can find us.


Lots of Love,

Jenny xxx.





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Things that won’t happen if gay marriage is legal

Hey guys,

This is your fave hobby feminist Ally speaking. I know I have been absent lately and I’m sorry, I just didn’t know what to write about. Then yesterday a topic basically jumped into my face. Same sex marriage was finally made equal to hetero marriage in Germany where I live. Whoohooo. I was super happy but then I came across a friend who was against it for the reason that he know has to call it ‘marriage’ instead of the super long and complicated german word we have for a couple of the same gender getting married. (Eingetragene Lebenspartnerschaft). Like yeah mhm I’m sure that’s really bad for him. So to the people who are still concerned equal marriage rights will change everything, I thought I’d calm you down and tell you what WON’T happen:

  1. All children will turn gay.

Just imagine that : Gay couples can adopt children and then they will turn them gay. I mean people, who try to force their own sexuality on their children who clearly have a different sexuality. Can you imag…oh. Yeah right. I think it has been long proven (on poor gay children) that it isn’t possible to change someone’s sexuality, because that’s something your born with, not something you’re raised to be. So the likelihood that all children adopted by same sex couples suddenly turn gay is about as high as Donald Trump’s IQ. The only thing that could happen is that more kids realize their sexuality and aren’t as afraid to come out and be themselves. And I can’t see a bad thing about that.

2. All christian values will extinguish

As a christian who has been quite active in church for many years I would say the most impvalues of christian church are loving and respecting everyone, being honest and helpful, maybe being humble as well. Okay wait I don’t see anything about keeping gays from getting married in there. There is this bible verse that states, that a man shouldn’t lay with a man as he does with a woman or something along that lines. But, BUT, it’s in the old testament. Like the one god didn’t come down to tell people in person, but left it to some ancient man who saw him in their thoughts (cough dementia cough) to write it down. Then in the new testaments, for which Jesus came down to tell everyone in person, things like love thy neighbour and god loves everyone is mentioned frequently, so it must be pretty important. What are the true christian values now ? So legalizing marriage for everyone is about Christian values. But about living them even more, by spreading love instead of hate, accepting people for who they are and trusting in god who loves all of us (no exclusions apply).

3. Marriage will lose it’s value

I think I would have heard about it if marriage was like money, so that the more there is of it the less it’s worth. So just because Judy and Keira can get married it doesn’t have any affect on the value of Emma and Josh’s marriage. Like seriously why would it. There not less human than straights are. None of us is worth less or more so why would it affect our marriages. (Just if you were about to bring the argument “well then why don’t I marry my fridge, if it’s marriage for all?” We’re talking about people here but I can understand why nobody but your fridge would want you. prick)

4. Children will be educated wrong or bullied if adopted by same sex couples.

So first of all that actually will happen. Indeed it is already happening, All these kids of straight couples re bullied. Bullies will always find something to bully you for. And who has been raising all the bullies for centurys? Straight couples. You could say education gone wrong. So what I want to say is: yes same sex parents could raise their child the wrong way. But the chances are just as high for hetero couples. And if I had the chance I would rather put a child with a caring gay couple than a unqualified hetero couple. You can find bad parents in all genders and sexualities. But same goes for good parents.

5. Dinosaurs will come back and eat us all.

I think that’s not very likely, even though Jurassic parc manages to show it very lively but I don’t think it will actually happen. And if it does I don’t see why equal marriage rights should be the reason for it. I’m sure there are people who would find a possibility to give it the blame though.

yup so I hope you all feel better now.


All the love (cause love always wins)

Ally xx

To the guy who can fuck himself

Today is one of them days that started off good but then an event happened and all you want to do is go to your bed, have a good cry, eat a shit ton of ice cream and then eventually fall asleep whilst watching a sad film and crying.

Some people might say that it is pathetic why I’m down all of the sudden but today happened something that happens to me quite frequently and something that is about something that I’m not happy about about my body.

Let me explain what happened:

So I had a group meeting with two of my friends for Uni. Whilst walking back from it with Maren (I have mentioned her before here, she’s like my best friend at Uni), we past some traffic lights. I think at this point we weren’t talking but I was just thinking about something that I had to do or we were just talking about. When some guy shouted out something out of a car window. Because I was deep in my thoughts I didn’t catch what he was saying, I only heard that Maren answered something inappropriate/rude. So I asked what he was just saying whilst they drove away. She told me that he just shouted out of the window: You’re fat.

Since they shouted it to us, it’s clear that he meant me. Because let’s face it, I’m not really skinny or thin and have quite a few pounds too much on me. He definitely didn’t mean Maren because she has a great physique and is very toned.

After this happened we popped to the food shop very quickly to get some stuff but it was weird. Like there was a weird feeling in the air after it happened, or at least I felt so.

On the one hand I hate myself for not catching what he was saying because I would have liked to say something back like: Better fat than ugly, or something like that.

But on the other hand, who the fuck gave this guy the right to shout something like this to a girl on the street you’ve never met in your life before? Have you ever thought that this person might have feelings and you can hurt someone by saying such nasty things?

As I said before being called fat or ugly isn’t the first time for me (here’s another example when I wrote about another twat calling me out being too fat (The one time I met an absolute twat), but it never happened in such a rude way. And I also know that something like this shouldn’t get to me because let’s face it the guy who shouted it was just an absolute twat and honestly I’m usually a very polite person and only want the best for everybody, but believe me when I say I don’t care if he would just break his leg or so. In fact that would be karma and the right thing to happen to him. Although I know that, it still got to me.

Like has he ever thought about that the person he just called out because of their weight might have some serious health problems? Like no matter what it is. So many people struggle with their weight because of health reasons, so no fucking person has the right to call someone else out because of their appearance. No matter if it is because they are very thin or because they are bigger. He clearly hasn’t thought about the fact that someone might have something like hypothyroidism or other medical conditions. A person might want to look thin but simply can’t because of a condition they have.

On the other hand someone could have a serious mental problem concerning their body. There are serious mental illnesses that a lot of people have, like bulimia, anorexia, obesity or in general all kind of eating disorders. Clearly a person like him has no fucking idea what such a nasty comment like his can do to the person he just shouted it to.

And normally that’s something I don’t talk about and only one of my friends knows about it but in fact I have had eating disorders in the past. To the point where I still have to track my food, just to make sure that I eat the right amount of things. I had to track my food for 4 or 5 years now and I have so many journals I have written and hid before. Like non of my friends or my family knows about this. Only my doctor. And I guess you now…

This guy and so many other people don’t have a fucking idea what the hell is going on in this peoples life so nor he or anybody else has a right to say a fucking thing about how anybody but himself/herself looks like.

Although I know all of these things it still messes with my head. It messes up with my head that much that I’m sitting here spending too much time thinking about what happened today and writing this blog post. When in fact he should be not even worth a second of my life. And it definitely didn’t help with the way I ate the rest of the day then and the next few days.

Always think about what you say to others. Such a small sentence can have an enormous impact on someone’s life without you even knowing it.

Lots of love,


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10 Things About Peru

Hey everyone, 

I am sorry that it is once again a post about my stay in Peru but as it is currently all I am doing, it is constantly on my mind. As it has not been that long since I got here I thought I would write 10 things that stood out to me, that I find strange, that seem typically Peruvian or in some other way stood out.

1. It is winter here but during the day we have 25 degrees Celsius. Like I am so busy rubbing sun lotion on 24/7 cause it is so warm and it’s supposed to be winter. The only thing giving that away is that there is snow on the mountains. But that’s about it. 

2. There are so many stray dogs and I want them all. It doesn’t matter where in Arequipa you walk around you can see them everywhere. In travel warnings you are advised to stay away from them because of rabies, but most of them seem friendly and don’t even come close to humans. But I made a friend a. The bus st before. That dog came up to me and sat next to me and kept stubbing me with his nose as to say ‘please give me attention.’ Sadly our bus came before I could give him attention.

3. The combi busses. Basically every the busses here are about the size of how a 9 seater in Europe or the US. However, here they have the drives row, and then 5 additional rows and the most I have been in with was 25. It sounds crammed and horrific, but it is not that bad. Also they always play music in the bus and being on there has quite a cool vibe, plus it makes you feel like you belong. 

4. I stand out. I am 5’8″ (1.73m) which makes me about a head taller than the average Peruvian I have encountered here. I am white. Yes, there are other tourists but not that many that you would not stand out with white skin. I have gingery, curly hair. Also in a sea full of dark brown to black hair that stands out. Not being used to it, it is really weird that people look at you just when you walk through the streets. But it also has its perk. For example a little girl pointed at me the other day and said “Bonita señorita” which totally made my day. 

5. As I have only been to Arequipa I can only talk about this city it everything here is remarkably clean. Honestly the streets are slippery because they are so clean and polished. Considering as well that there are stray dogs everywhere I find it incredible how well kept the city is. 

6. If the houses here are not old colonial buildings and are impressive churches or official buildings, the houses are all so colourful. You name it orange, yellow, pink, red, light blue, purple, mint green, I have seen it all and it makes it all the more beautiful and colourful.

7. They don’t seem to have hallways inside. In the hostel and the home where I work, as well as in buildings that I walk past the stairwells and hallways are all out in the open. Granted it doesn’t rain here a lot especially at the moment so it makes sense, but for someone who is not used to it it definitely stands out. 

8. Most of the cars here would probably not be allowed on the streets anywhere in Europe or North America. First of all because of emissions. Like seriously so many emissions and it smells like it. But secondly most of the cars are so old and would under no circumstances fall under safety regulations. Like the taxis don’t really have seat belts. Many are missing mirrors and so on. But oh well. You kinda get used to it. 

9. One thing that I have noticed is that currently despite it being warm no one is really wearing shorts or short skirts or dresses. Considering that it is over 20 degrees it strikes me as odd. Considering that it is winter for them it seems fair. I have to say it is quite nice not having people nag me for wearing black jeans while it is really warm out cause everyone else does it to! 

10. The advertising and menus of most restaurants even if they are like a good quality look like the advertising of fast food restaurants or takeaways like kebab shops or chippys. They all have big pictures of their foods and it just looks cheap and makes you a bit sceptical. But we have been to some and they are actually quite good! 
Anyways I hope you enjoy this! 
Lots of love, 


My first week in Peru

My first week in Peru is now over and it has already gotten to the weird stage where it feels like I just got here but also like I have been here forever. I finally got over the jetlag, I am slowly getting over the altitude and I am starting to have a daily routine. Arequipa makes it easy though to start to feel at home. While some things are certainly very different, Arequipa’s European routes are inside and it is overall a really modern city. Arequipa is after Altima the second biggest city in Peru and I is in the middle of the Amdes at about 2,500m above sea level. 

In to picture you can see the Plaza de Armas which is like the main square of Arequipa at least when it comes to tourist attractions and the old part of the city. There are many restaurant, shops, sights and tourist agencies areound it and of course the basilica that you can see in the picture. It is impressive from the outside and absolutely gorgeous from the inside. I went there for a service as it is a huge part of the Peruvian culture and it was definitely worth it!

Overall I have already discovered that there are many churches all across Arequipa as it seems to be a huge part of the life here. 

Another thing that there is a lot of at the Plaza de Armas and all over the city and which can seems to be a huge part of the culture are the stray dog so! Honestly there are so many and I just want to take all of them home and make sure that they are all okay!

More animals that I was already excited about before coming here were the llama and alpacas and when I found out that there is a far, for them really close with no entry it was no question that I would show up there. It was a maxing we got to feed them, but sadly they didn’t like to be petted. However, my mission while being here is to visit them often enough to make them trust me and let me pet them. I mean look at them they are so cute and gorgeous and amazing!!!

However, due to my jetlag that is about the exploring I have done in week one. Though I am hoping to do more this weekend here in Arequipa. 

But now onto the reason I am actually here for, which is the volunteering. I am working in a girls home and my main task is to play with them, help the with their homework, and to be there for them. the girls in the house are between 3 and 18 years old though everyone over 14 is in school while we are there. Which leaves us more time for the little ones who need the support more. 

The other volunteer and I were both surprised, both by the good condition of the house and how loving and trusting the girls were. As most of them have some history of being mistreated we assumed it would take them time to warm up to us, yet we were greeted with hugs and were pulled around the place by our hands three kids on one arm, as they all wanted to show it to us. 

They call us ‘hermana’ sister, which is very cute. The favorite thing of the young ones to do is to use me as a climbing frame or me to spin them around. they love playing with my hair because it is so different to what they are used to.

I also brought a frisbee and some of the girls are super keen to play with it and even the little ones are trying to get involved although the frisbee is about a third of their height. But it is amazing to see that they are that interested in it and want to learn. 

As my Spanish sadly currently still is horrible it is quite overwhelming at times to try to talk to all the girls and my brain is starting to develop the habit of mixing all languages I know together which makes it hard to communicate. but I can already see slight improved ties and being around the girls A lot of the vocabulary I learned is coming back and I am hoping for my Spanish to really improve over the next couple of weeks. 

Hopefully going got a frisbee training here will help too! One of the girls, who is about my age and works at the home full time, asked me if I want to join her team on Sunday and while I am extremely nervous about the language, Iam excited to meet Peruvians hopefully my age and to have some fun! 
I’ll update you on my journey next week!

 Lots of love, Katie
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Favourite Beautiful Music Videos

So I am someone who is very easily addicted to an artist and when I find someone I will watch every single music video listen to every single song that I can find somewhere on the internet. Recently, I have found a couple of music videos that I love, so I thought I would make a list of those that I love, both of artists/ videos that I recently discovered and some that I have liked for a while/ages. So enjoy!

1. Alessia Cara- Scars To Your Beautiful

The first time I heard about this song was by being stuck in a YouTube spiral and somehow came across a live performance of this song. I immediately fell in love with it and since then have been listening to Alessia’s music so much. Her other videos are great as well, but this one stuck out to be due to the involvement of the stories of random people who have external and internal pressure to look or be a certain way. It is a beautiful video and makes you want to go up to everyone you know and tell them that it’s okay and that they are beautiful.

2. Marianas Trench- Who Do You Love

My all time favourite band and one of my favourite songs, so there wasn’t much that it needed to make it one of my favourite  music videos of all time. And they did it beautifully. The video is basically them spending time with their loved ones and them donating the money they would usually use on a music video to good causes. It is beautiful and made me cry, ’cause it is just very touching. Also there is like loads of puppies in it and what else do you really need in a video. This video just makes you want to go out and do something good in the world and hug the people that you love (I start to recognise a theme…)Phit.

3. Ed Sheeran – Photograph

Photograph is a song that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It is one of my favourite songs and I have previously said that I’d be more than okay with this being my wedding dance song, because it is just so beautiful. When the vide0 came out I remember vividly how I had goosebumps and I watched it about 5 times in a row and forced my mom to watch it with me (tbh I don’t think she minded it too much). But it is such a beautiful concept with the footage of Ed Sheeran as a child and I absolutely fell in love with the video!

4. All Time Low – Missing You

The idea of the band skyping fans and talking to them about their relationship to the band and what the community that comes along with being a fan of a band and how music can connect and can help you get through things is a very touching and amazing idea. I personally can relate to a lot of the things that the fans say in the video, for example meeting friends through bands and finding comfort in music when you are going through a tough time. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I love this video so much. I mean, again, this video is also in here because I love the song and the lyrics are well written and the song shares the important message that there is always someone around who cares no matter how bad you may feel. Plus it was filmed in London and I love London. 🙂

5. AS IT IS – Hey Rachel


The song itself is very emotional as lead singer Patty Walters wrote it as an apology to his sister who struggled with depression and anxiety. The video is beautifully capturing the emotions of the song and is doing it more than justice. To me that is amazing because when you have this beautiful, personal and emotional song, to achieve to create a music video that matches it, is not always something that is easy. Therefore, a huge well done to AS IT IS!

There you go. Enjoy! Don’t get too emotional.

Lots of love,



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Current favourite songs

I thought it would be time that I present you guys my current fav songs, again. Not sure if you guys are actually liking it but music is very important to me, so I enjoy writing these things. And especially with the latest event in Manchester I think that music is even more important than ever to remind us about how music can make us all stronger together and that we can all spread love!


Most girls – Hailee Steinfeld

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Okay, this song… Honestly, I freaking love this song. What I love about this song? Basically everything! I absolutely love the message behind this song. In case you haven’t heard this song or you haven’t listen to the lyrics yet, I can only advise you to do so. As the queen Hailee is, she basically describes that every single girl is a damn boss no matter of their physique and how they dress. Love the body positivity and the good message behind it that you can look at other girls and not tear them down, rather get inspired by them and try to be a strong, beautiful and fierce girl yourself!


I Have Questions & Crying In The Club – Camila Cabello

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I never was a Harmonizer, but always quite enjoyed their music. So when Camila left the group it didn’t really bother me at all, tbh. But listening to her first solo songs I can only say that I absolutely love these songs. Just to make clear, I don’t take any sides of Harmonizers or Camila fans and I don’t try to get involved in any drama that is going on there. I just can say that I absolutely love her songs. I really like the beat of both and I think especially with Crying In The Club it has a really recognizing sound and every time I hear it I just want to get up and dance. With I Have Questions I think that everybody who had to go through a breakup can incredibly good relate to the lyrics. I think that when you separate these are the questions you ask yourself. And again I just really like the beat and everything music-wise in this song as well.


Despacito & I’m The One – Justin Bieber

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If you know me then you’ll know that I was a very big Belieber when I was younger. Nowadays I enjoy some of his new songs but I’m not such a crazy fangirl anymore. But I have to say these two songs are just amazing. The first time I listened to Despacito I fell in love with this song. It truly is the perfect summer song and let’s be real Justin’s voice in it is just incredible and hearing him sing in Spanish let’s my little fangirl heart beat faster. Same with I’m The One, despite the Spanish part obviously. If you haven’t heard these two songs yet, all I can ask you is: Where the hell have you been? Go to Spotify, listen to these songs and tell me you didn’t want to instantly start dancing in your room or at least sit at the beach with a cocktail in your hand?!


Strip That Down – Liam Payne

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See, I’m a Directioner, in fact I even have been to two concerts of them before, so when I got the news about that they split up I can’t deny that my heart was a bit heart broken. But when I first heard This Town/Slow hands by Niall, then Harry’s new songs/ album and now Liam songs I can’t deny that I absolutely love every single one. Liam went down more the R&B root and I must say I really enjoy his new music. Obviously it’s quite different to what 1D used to release but nevertheless I love it. And as much as I would like them to join as a group again, I love their solo things as much as their music as a group.


Bad Liar – Selena Gomez

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Okay, is there actually one thing that this lovely lady can’t do? Once again she just released an absolute hit. I must say that it actually took me a bit time to loving this song but now I’m all about the vibe of the song. I have to say that it has a very specific sound, also with how she sings but I love this vibe, but I can imagine that it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. This doesn’t mean though that I wouldn’t recommend you listening to the song, I definitely do recommend it. But I would say listen to it at least 2 – 3 times before you can decide for yourself if you like this song or not!

First Time – Kygo & Ellie Goulding

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This song is bloody everywhere and I have to admit I don’t mind that at all. As always Ellies vocals are killing it on this song and actually I would love to hear this song live, I bet with you she would perform it even better than on the track (if this is even possible). Once again it’s an amazing summer song and I can’t wait to lie in the sun with this song on, like is there any way to get in a better mood?

There’s Nothing Holding Me Back – Shawn Mendes

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I know, I know this song is out for quite a bit now, but this doesn’t change the fact that I absolutely bloody love this song. Okay, this also has to do with the fact that I recently saw Shawn live and I’m absolutely in love with his voice and his performance skills. But honestly, just listen to this song and tell me his vocals aren’t killing it?! This guy is so bloody talented that there was no way for me not to mention this song.


Lot’s of love,

Jenny xxx.