Never Happy Ever After Album Review

AS IT IS Album cover

Taken from the official AS IT IS Website

For my first post I thought I’d write kind of a review about an album I’m currently obsessed with. As I said in my introduction I’m neither a professional musician or a music journalist so don’t expect much knowledge, this is just my opinion.

Anyway, the album I want to talk about is Never Happy Ever After (Deluxe Edition) by AS IT IS. For those of you, who don’t know them, AS IT IS, is a five piece pop punk band from Brighton. It was formed in 2012 and consists of singer Patty Walters, guitarists Benjamin Biss and Andy Westhead, bassist Alistair Testo and Patrick Foley on the drums. The normal version of NHEA already came out a bit over a year ago (21st April 2015) and I already listened to it back then, but I recently rediscovered it when the Deluxe Version came out 3 Weeks ago on the 8th of April and have basically listened to it every day since. Additional to the tracks on the normal version, there’s one completely new song on the deluxe version, called „Winter’s Weather“ and really great acoustic versions to three of the other songs ( „Cheapshots & Setbacks“, „Dial Tones“ and „Concrete“). Winter’s Weather is one of my favourite tracks on the album, because I think it’s very strong lyrically and I like the variaty of „calmer“ and „louder“ parts. The album in general is a great mix between fast, loud and slower, quieter songs. It starts really pop punk with songs like „Speak Soft“, Cheapshots & Setbacks“ and „Sorry“ and towards the end there are more quiet, pensive songs like „My Oceans Were Lakes“ ( an other one of my favourites) and „You The Room And The Devil on my Shoulder“. The vocals are awesome, I especially like the parts, that are a bit screamo, but without actually shouting at you. One of the things I like the most about the album are the lyrics. They’re pretty deep and speak to a lot of people. Some of my favourites would have to be :

„I miss what never was with us, our fiction I constructed“ (Sorry)

„I’m just a reader, you’re every chapter. Never happy ever after“ (Sorry)

„I’m starting to see my oceans were lakes“ (My Oceans Were Lakes)

„We’re the kids who are dead inside, but we’re the ones who feel alive.“ (Cheapshots & Setbacks)

„ I look for love in everybody else, cause I tried, but I can’t love myself.“ (Winter’s Weather).

The lyrics may seem quite depressive , but this album always puts me in a good mood and (even though some songs are good when you want to cry about your ex or how much your life sucks), it’s definitely suitable for dancing through your room headbanging and screaming the lyrics. (Trust me I’ve tried it). I think you will like the album if you like bands like State Champs, Sleeping with Sirens, Neck Deep, Set It Off, We are in the crowd etc. It’s definitely perfect if you’re currently, heartbroken, a bit lost, have the feeling you haven’t quite found your place in the world yet or are just a fan of really great pop punk. So turn it up really loudly (because that’s the only way to listen to it) and enjoy !!

Love, Alli xx

Social Media for AS IT IS:


Twitter: @ASITISofficial

Instagram: asitisofficial

Musicvideo Winter’s Weather: AS IT IS Winter’s Weather Official Music Video

Never Happy Ever After on Spotify: Never Happy Ever After




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