Storytime by Alli

Hey guys, today I want to introduce another one of our new Sunday Funday Categories, which is called Storytime. Basically, it’s one of us telling a funny/scary/exciting story of our lives. So yeah here it goes:

This is the story of a brave prince, who heroically climbed up the tower, where his beautiful princess slept and knocked at her window, while the stars were sparkling and the moon was shining bright.

Wow no that sounds wrong…. let me rephrase that:

This is the story of some drunk twat, who thought it was a good idea, to climb up to the bedroom window of the chick he crushed on and knock on it in the middle of the f*cking night.

Yeah that sounds different. You see there are two ways to tell this story and I guess it depends how the gesture is received : does she like him back and thinks it’s romantic or does she not like him and thinks it’s creepy ? I think you have all guessed that I am indeed, mentioned princess/chick and when this happened to me I wasn’t sure what to think of it , as I (as so often in my life) wasn’t sure about my feelings for the prince/twat.

But let’s start from the beginning:

Once apon a time in a Kingdom far away there was a ball, where young maids and gentlemen celebrated having passed their final exams. As usual lots of magical potions were consumed and everyone was feeling a bit tipsy. The prince and the princess were attending the event as well, he had been in love with her for some time, but she didn’t quite know what to make out of it as things were complicated. After rejecting him, the princess and one of her maids went home to the tower where she lived and went to bed. Later that night the princess was woken up by her mother the queen who told her, that the young prince had been knocking on the window. Anyway from this point I can’t romanticize this story any longer, because looking back I still get annoyed so let’s get back to the facts. This dickhead knocked on my bedroom door where my friend, who stayed at mine after the party, and I were sleeping. My friend woke up and got really, really scared because she thought it was a burglar trying to get in. She told me she’d just been laying there in shock, trying not to move and hoping he would leave. He didn’t stop so after a while my mum, dad and brother woke up as well and after he had stopped knocking on my window and rang the doorbell they opened him . The only person who didn’t wake up that night was, of course, me. I had had a few magical potions that night and they always turn me into sleeping beauty, that means I had a very deep sleep. When my mum finally managed to wake me up to ask me if it’s okay to let him sleep downstairs on the sofa, I just muttered a yes and went back to sleep. The next morning I was pretty upset and I felt sorry for my parents and friend that they had been scared that way, but that tiny part of me that already liked him still thought it was romantic. Looking back, it wasn’t. Hearing noises at my window has been making me uncomfortable ever since, same for when the doorbell rings at midnight. Turned out that it had scared me more than I realized back then. It’s just not an okay thing to do to invade someone’s privacy like this and scare them out of bed in the middle of the night. And I don’t think it would have scared me less if I had liked him back, having someone knocking at your window while you’re sleeping is never nice. I think it’s okay and romantic when the other person knows before and is okay with it and prepared to let you in. As in any other case it’s the consent, that makes it romantic, without it it’s just creepy. Yes, it might have worked in one of the most popular fairytales, but girls nowadays are not like sleeping beauty and marry the guy who climbs into their windows ( seriously girl, that guy kissed you without your consent, while you were passed out and you marry him, what’s wrong with you ??). We are more like Rapunzel from Tangled: climb into our window and we will hit you on the head with a frying pan.

In this story I ended up being sleeping beauty after all: I briefly dated the guy who knocked on my window, but of course it didn’t have a happy ending.

So here’s some advice if your drunk romantic side is showing and you think it’s a good idea to surprise your sleeping beauty by knocking on her bedroom window:


And after they stopped romanticizing being scared out of bed in the middle of the night they lived happily ever after .

Alli xx

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