It’s kind of a funny story review

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Today I’m gonna write about the last book, that really touched my heart. It’s called “It’s kind of a funny story“ and was released in 2006. The author is Ned Vizzini. He started writing very early, at the age of 15, to be exact. He also wrote other books for example “Be more chill“ and “House of Secrets“, and just like “It’s kind of a funny story“ his books were also about depression and anxiety, which he struggled with himself.

The 444 page novel tells the story of Craig Gilner, a teenager who just got into a really good high school in Manhattan. You would think his life is perfect, he has a loving family, great friends, attends a really great school and lives in one of the world’s most awesome places. Okay his best friend dates the girl he likes, but that’s only a tiny problem, right? Except for Craig it’s not that easy. He struggles with depression. It starts after getting accepted to the fancy school, when the pressure just becomes too much. He starts seeing a therapist and taking meds and after a while he feels better, so he decides to stop taking them. ( Never ever just stop taking your meds without talking it through with your doctor !!) After that he gets worse again until one night he decides to kill himself. Luckily he decides to call the suicide hotline first, which tells him to go directly to the next hospital. There Craig talks to a therapists and kind of accidently checks himself in the mental hospital. At first he just wants to get out again, is worried about what his friends might think and stresses about school work, but after a while he actually sort of starts to enjoy it. He meets lots of extraordinary people there, for example Armelio, who they call the president, Bobby and Johnny who have been there lots of times and don’t really have any other place to go, the professor and Noelle, a girl who cut her cheeks with scissors. Craig makes friends with them and even falls in love. During the 5 days of his stay, he starts drawing again, something he loved as child and he starts seeing his friends , himself and his perspective in life differently. But most importantly : he gets better.

“People are screwed up in this world. I’d rather be with someone screwed up and open about it than somebody perfect and ready to explode.”

I love this book because it describes depression in such an understandable, honest way without sugarcoating anything, but still manages to be positive and even funny. It’s hard not to love the characters, who are all really special and described well. Most importantly, they aren’t made fun of or reduced to their mental illnesses, but are described respectfully and sensitively. They all have their own background story and can connect with all of them. The character development Craig goes through is remarkable. At the end of the book he’s a totally different person, but it seems realistic because you feel and change with him all the time. Just like Craig, you might see the world differently at the end of the book. Ned Vizzini wrote the book after spending a few day at a mental hospital himself, which makes it all even more realistic and closer. The sad part is, that unlike Craig Ned Vizzini couldn’t save himself: he commited suicide in 2013. His book shows that having a mental illness doesn’t make you crazy , it makes you a person who struggles and that’s okay. It shows that you can get better and that it’s good to seek help, but most importantly: that you aren’t alone.

“Life can’t be cured, but it can be managed”

There’s also a nice film adaption of the book with Kier Gilchrist, Emma Roberts and Zack Galifianakis, that’s a bit different to the book but definitely worth watching.

Anyway I might go and reread “It’s kind of a funny story“ now and you have a lovely rest of the day.

Suicide Hotlines : (Unfortunately I can’t list them all but you can find them on

US : 1-800-SUICIDE, 1-800-273-TALK

Germany: 0800 111 0111

UK:(0) 8457 90 90 90

Canada: +1 (905) 688 3711 , +1 (905) 459 7777

Australia: 03 63 31 3355


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