What to do at a girls night in

As my best friend visited me for the weekend, I thought it would be quite fun to write down what you should and maybe also shouldn’t do at a girls night in.

So firstly, and probably the most important part:

Take off your normal clothes and change into your PJ’s or your most comfortable clothes (I always advice a good old Onesie :)) and take off all your make-up. Depending on how comfortable you are around your friend also take off your bra, all you girls know why I advice this ;). Even though guys always have this picture in their heads that girls at sleepovers look super fit and have sexy pillow fights, in reality we all lay around, try to move as little as possible, wear the oldest, unsexy and most comfortable clothes and eat as much food as we can.

Okay, after this step is done, make sure you’ve got enough food/drinks in the house or go and have a quick (okay let’s be real, it will take forever) grocery shop.

Definitely don’t go and buy healthy things! We all know that healthy eating is important and we all should do it, but when your girls are around the only right thing to do is eat as unhealthy as possible. We all need them days where we sit in front of the TV with your girls and have some chocolate or gummy bears and some fizzy drinks. And if you are on a serious health kick, at least try and find some healthy/healthier options.

Going along with this, I personally never order some take aways when my girls are around, we always cook together. Firstly because it’s super fun, you all can get involved but also because there you can choose to make something more healthy to balance the sweets out ;). Also baking something is always a right laugh as well, plus you can have your freshly baked goods later as pudding, so it’s a win-win situation.

Play music as loud as possible


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I don’t know about you but I personally like to sing along to songs. Don’t saying that I’m good at it or anything but when your girls are around you always should have music on. Especially when you’ve turn up the music, dance around in your room like some crazy person and sing from the top of your lungs. Your parents, siblings and neighbours will probably think you have some serious pain or something is definitely wrong with you, but to be fair, on these days who really cares? I also could advice you to play Singstar at this day because it’s super fun. Please, don’t be someone of them girls who sits quietly in the corner on these days and doesn’t want to jump around or sing along. Honestly, most of us aren’t a great dancer or singer either, but it’s the fun that matters.

Watch some films


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Always make sure your friends bring along their DVD collection of films as well. You never can have enough films for evenings like this. And who knows what you want to watch after you all lay on the couch or bed whilst having a food coma. I only can advice some Disney or some really cheesy girl films. 🙂

Whilst watching these films I think it’s really important to complaint about life, boys and all sort of things that are happing in the film. Saying how unreal it is what’s happening and this never happens to you. Don’t be someone who sits there quietly and makes everybody shut up. You probably have watched the films way too many times anyways and a bit of a chat never hurt anybody plus interaction with your friends is actually good for you.


Okay, lets be honest for a second, have you ever been at a sleepover where you or some friends haven’t gossiped about the newest things in school, some other friends or some guy someone’s fancying? I’m not saying that it is a nice thing to do and we all probably shouldn’t do it because it’s quite mean, but to be real, everybody does it. As long as it is not rude or insulting it’s fine because everybody does it really.

Take selfies

This one is in our generation one of the most essential thing ever! Go and take as many pictures as you can. Most probably a fair few of them is going to end up on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or whatever social media you’re using and is also annoying the shit out of everybody else, but who cares? You have a fun time so everybody else should know it! 😛

Pamper yourselves


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I think I’ve never been to a serious sleepover where my friends and I haven’t pampered us. Go and make yourselves some home made face masks, okay shop bought are totally fine as well, and put them on your faces. Is there anything more refreshing than that? Plus you can take some pretty funny photos with them on. Along side that having a sleepover is a perfect opportunity to put make-up on each other, try out some of a friends make-up products or get some little tips from your girls. This also counts for hairstyles. Let your friends try out something new with your hair and you’ll end up with something you might even like! But also visa-versa, try out a new hairstyle and makeup look on a friend of yours.

Make your room a pillow-room


Picture Source

No matter what you do, it’s extremely important that you’ve got like 1000 pillows, blankets and other things you can snuggle in on the floor. Fairy lights and candles are also necessary! If you want to upgrade your sleepover create a pillow/blanket fort.

Girl talk

Every time I’m at a sleepover we all talk about our latest problems with guys, stress with some friends or school or typical girl problems. I mean it super important to discuss about the new nail polish colour I should get, isn’t it? Jokes aside, I personally think these times are always the best times to get an honest opinion from your girlfriends and talk out loud all the things that have floated around in your head lately.

Entertain yourselves

It doesn’t matter if you’re laying around the whole evening, you craft something, play some video games, play truth or dare, you start writing a story or something like this, play never have I ever, have a pillow fight, make your own little film, plan something (like a trip or your next night out), watch funny videos on YouTube, play some card games, pull some phone pranks on other friends, create a website (:P) or whatever. Whatever you can come up with and you guys want to do, do it. Its always a right laugh to do that with your friends.

To be fair these are only a fair few things you could do on a night in with your girls, there are way more things you could do and you’ll all probably end up having the best night ever.

Lots of love,

Jenny xxx

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