TV shows German kids watched that don’t exist in the UK

Last time I talked about all the amazing stories and books that you guys missed out on if you didn’t grow up in Germany… Well this time I will talk about everything TV series that we had and that would make the world a better place if it would be dubbed and spread around the world. I do realize that in a lot of the shows there is some bad acting entailed but then most of these shows have children in there so what do you expect… It was still our childhood and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Of course we had like a lot of the Disney Channel Shows as well, but most of the shows that I am talking about were or some are still aired by the German equivalents of BBC.

First up, I guess there is no child in Germany who has never seen an episode of ‘Das Sandmännchen’ (translation the little sandman). It’s a show that has been produced since the 1959 and even then in both parts of Germany you had a version. Basically what Das Sandmännchen is is a 10- minute show that is aired everyday at around 6pm. It involves him going to send some child with his sleeping sand and as soon as das Sandmännchen comes in they will ‘watch some TV, which is basically a short story. The story is a very short segment that changes every day, but there are certain series. When this story ends the Sandmännchen will bring the child to sleep and blow the sleeping sand in the audiences film. Watching this was like a religion for me and my brother and it was horrible when we had to miss it for whatever reason.

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Similarly religiously we followed ‘Die Sendung mit der Maus’, which is a show that airs every Sunday at 11:30 and it is a show where scientific things, inventions, historical events and much more is explained to children in an easy way. There are many short segments interrupted by short cartoons of the cartoon characters who were the face of the show. Another show like this was called Löwenzahn and it was a man who was living in a campervan and he often invented things or build them himself or discovered things and then explained them to children. The main character was called Peter Lustig (changed now because the actor died) which means Peter Funny, which when we were younger thought was hilarious. There was a similar show when you were a little older that is called ‘Wissen macht A’ and it would be, still is shown, daily. In that show they do experiments and again expalin many scientific and historical events. (Apparently we like our knowledge in Germany, but then those were some of the very few things I was allowed to watch when I was younger and not at my grandparents house where I could watch whatever I wanted)

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When you were really young there were also some shows that were like game shows for children and they were amazing. My dream was to be able to go to these shows and I had chosen my friends that I would take and who would do what and it was all perfect, except for the fact that I never applied and therefore never went. One of these shows was the Tigerenten Club (the tiger duck club). Awesome name, I know. They were for whole school classes and they even got the teachers involved. They had a lot of games that were either quizzes about music, general knowledge or sports or something, or they were physical. They always had special guests as well and it was awesome. Another show was Tabaluga, the mascot being a dragon called tabaluga and there you would go through challenges with one friend, however the formats changed quite a lot over the years. The last show I am going to talk about was called 1,2 oder 3, where you were in teams of four people and then they would show you a segment about something educational (whoop whoop knowledge) and then they’d ask you a question, give you three answers and you had to chose the right one. (sounds lame but was amazing, because the choosing involved running to a stage with three areas and you would only know if you were on the right field when the light turned on)

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But hey, we are not all about the knowledge in Germany we also had children/teen series that were amazing. First of I think was Schloss Einstein, which is a series about a boarding school and all the students and teachers and yeah. It was an amazing show and I think I have seen every episode about 10 times, just because it was somehow always on and you watched it even if you had seen it a billion times. After Schloss Einstein there would always be something else on, often some of the Australian Series like H2O just add water, but sometimes there were ‘Die Pfefferkörner’ (the pepper corns’) it was a group of 5 children (there are multiple generations) that would have to solve crimes and stuff like that. Often involving smugglers and thieves and stuff, always amazing. There were many other shows, but to explain all of them would probably take waaaay too long. So here are a couple: Die Kinder vom Alstertal, Die Kinder vom Süderhof, Unser Charlie, 4 gegen Z, Endlich Samstag, Paulas Sommer, ein fall für B.A.R.Z., BloghausTV and Wie erziehe ich meine Eltern. One more that I need to mention though is something you probably would have watched when you were a bit older and tbh I still watch it and I love it more and more every time. It is called ‘Türkisch für Anfänger’ (‘Turkish for Beginners’) and it follows a patchwork family with 4 children with the mother and two children being German and the husband and his two children being Turkish. It is one of the most hilarious shows you will find in Germany and it brought out one of the best actors in German speaking TV/film ( yes I know that Elyas M’Barek is Austrian, but so what he’s awesome!)

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Anyways, apart from all the TV series that we got to watch there was nothing like the feeling of being allowed to watch the Tatort (crime scene) which is an adult crime show that is like a religion in Germany (Sunday 20:15 you will find yourself in front of a TV).


[Picture 13]

So yeah this is my take on very few of the German TV programmes and series that you missed out on if you don’t speak German/ have access to German TV because they are amazing and actually account for some quality shows that are not overproduced!

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