16 Fashion and Make Up related things I wish I had known at 13

Hey you magnificent human beans,

I am pretty sure we’ve all committed some serious fashion fauxpas in the past and we can only shake our heads when we see pictures of those moments. It probably made you lose faith in humanity and brought up a lot of questions. For example: You’re my best friend, why didn’t you tell me that I looked completely ridiculous? Or: Was that why Daniel from senior year never liked me back?
I can reassure you that your friend didn’t tell you because she didn’t know better as well and dressed just the same way.
Especially when you guys were around 13, because let’s be real, those years when you first discover Make Up and that shopping on your own is much better than with your mum by your side also meant that you were trying out things that won’t ever look good on anyone.
On another note: Daniel didn’t like you cause you were always around him, giggling like a weirdo and probably also because you were 13 and he was 18…but that’s a different story.
Lets travel a couple of years back in time and imagine standing next to our 13 year old selves to give them some advice on how to not embarrass themselves.
Here are my top 16 things I wish I would’ve known about fashion and make up at the age of 13 (maybe even 14…I really needed some time to get the hang of that make up thing):


  1. Glitter Lipgloss is not cool, ever! Change it immediately or you’ll end up looking like some Bratz doll.

  2. Don’t wear a Spaghetti Tank Top over your long sleeve shirt, you’ll look as if you just fell into your 3 year old cousins wardrobe.

  3. Eyeshadow is there for you to blend it, honey. It’s really no surprise that you’re too afraid to wear it in public, there’s a reason eyeshadow brushes come with every palette.

  4. And I appreciate it that you’re trying new things but that blue eyeshadow everywhere could’ve been a bit more subtle, don’t you think?

  5. You could’ve tried using that mascara, it does make a difference. (And maybe it would’ve made you look older and cooler so that Daniel might’ve reconsidered not going out with you.)

  6. If you only wear a black kohl eyeliner on your water line you won’t look like one of the cool kids. Well maybe you did but looking back those cool kids wished they hadn’t done it, so you shouldn’t do it – Except your Pete Wentz, in that case: Go for it!

  7. Leggings that stop at your ankles or worse your knees with a tunic worn over it is only cute when you’re around 8, at 13 you might think it is cute, but you will regret it later, so better don’t go near those leggings, no matter what colour they are (especially the white ones, gosh! I owned at least 3 pairs of white leggings and hundreds of oversized shirts or tunics to go with them). And don’t even mention colorful tights! The Gossip Girl cast might have rocked them but no, not cool!

  8. Make Up brushes exist for a reason, they’re cool and you’re not waisting your money if you purchase them. – pinky promise!

  9. Miley or Selena might have rocked those low rise jeans but to be honest, they had a stylist around them and this is one point where mum was right: High waisted Jeans are much better than you might think, they even make your legs look longer…so why exactly did I only buy those low rise jeans?

  10. Clothes your mum bought you might be a bit…weird. She might try to buy „trendy“ clothes, but mums definition of trendy is not to be trusted until you turn 16 and teach her what’s okay and what’s not okay. On another note: Don’t feel bad telling your mum that what she bought you isn’t really your style, even if you’re still trying to find your style.

  11. Something your mum is right about though: Better not wear those heels if you can’t walk in them. They look horrible if you can’t walk in them, believe me.

  12. Maybe you should keep that Hannah Montana and HSM merch in your wardrobe and please don’t ever wear that Justin Bieber shirt to school, no matter how awesome it was to buy it at his concert.

  13. Wear a high Ponytail instead of a low one, you’ll look much cuter rather than like a secretary.

  14. Just because you now wear a handbag to school instead of a backpack it doesn’t make you an adult, you still have a whole lot to learn.

  15. Dying your hair is never a good idea! Especially not with some hair dying kit you bought at the drug store.

  16. Emo fringe! Do I need to say more?

And a little extra point, that is super important:

17. You’re still trying to find your place in the world and that’s okay. So just try out all these fashion police alarming mistakes and make it better next time. You don’t have to wear make up to be cool and if you still want to play with your Polly Pockets that’s totally fine as well.
You can be a grown up for a long long time so please don’t think you have to prove yourself to someone, anyone.
Those cool girls won’t be that cool anymore after you graduated and you’ll make it on your own. Those spots will go away and your boobs will grow 😀
Also: That Daniel boy was a dickhead anyway and just because he looked like Justin Bieber he wasn’t better than anyone else. There will be more boys and there will be boys who want to date you, when you’re old enough to date and there will also be boys who are just not into you and that’s okay. Following them around won’t make them fall for you and don’t ever doubt that you look cute in those leggings because in the end you were only 13 and you rocked those leggings! Miley would be proud of you.

I hope you guys had fun walking down the memory lane with me and if you can think of anything else you wish you had known at 13, please comment down below or tell me on our social media!

Lots and lots of love,
Lili xx

Twitter: @castaway_minds
Instagram: @castawayminds


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