Hey guys it’s Alli 🙂

you know the girl in the middle of the classroom, who isn’t really noticable, whose outfits are never quite on point and who barely talks to anyone except for like 5 People ? Yeah that would be me. But maybe you fancy getting to know me a bit more ?

My name’s Alina, short Alli, I’m 19 years old and a student in the south of Germany, where I was Born and raised. I study media and culture at University, but don’t expect any Special knowledge in this direction 😉 What else is there to know about me ? I’m feminist af, so I will always call you out for Sexist/racist/homophob comments but I still have a very silly humor, I make lots of puns and laugh about random stuff nobody else finds funny. I have a dog and my love for animals (especially sheep and donkeys) is one of the reasons I’m a vegetarian. I’m a hopeless internet addict and one of my favourite hobbies is stalking bands on the Internet.

On this blog I mainly write about music, films and books, as I’m a passionate reader and love music more than anything else. As I’m not a professional and don’t know much about musical skills etc. I only can give my personal opinion about the music I write about. I’m huge pop punk trash and love bands like Blink 182, Green Day, All time low, Good Charlotte, Fall out Boy, AS IT IS, 5SOS, Sleeping with Sirens, State Champs, With Confidence etc., but I also really like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and One Direction. I’m always open for new stuff, so feel free to suggest me new artists you think I might like.

As you can see I’m not extraordinary just a normal girl in the middle of life. But enough of the randomness, I hope you enjoy the weirdness of my Posts

Alli xx

Oh yeah in case you can’t get enough of me here’s my social media 😉

Twitter: @alinaisaweirdo  

Instagram: @hei.alina

Jenny on Alina:                                                                                                                                              Even though she’s a badass for having a tattoo and a very rock-chick like style Alli can be very shy. Although if you get to know her she’s very funny who perfectly speaks sarcasm (so be warned if you read her posts!), is a very good friend, a feminist, a huge dog lover who preferably would have 100 dogs to cuddle with, a coffee/ Costa addict, has a certain love for bands and all in all is a pleasure to hang out with. From having a morning cuddle-lay-in, to partying, Alli is open minded for everything and it’s always a right laugh to hang out with.

Katie on Alina:                                                                                                                                              One of the things that Alli and I share is our undying, deep, deep love for dogs. It is not a normal day if we have not tagged each other in at least a million dog pictures or videos. I love that chatting about dogs, books, actors, singers, bands and billions of other things is just a normal occurrence and sharing music and books with her is a regular thing. I feel like she often underestimates herself, by not seeing how funny, sarcastic, charming and badass she is, but I know that whatever happens I can rely on her 100% as she is one of the most loyal and loving people I know

Lili on Alina:                                                                                                                                               Alina is just the cutest! You probably wouldn’t believe me if you first met her cause she comes off as pretty badass, she could probably beat you up in a second and she knows more about feminism than some people ever will. But to me, she’s a dorky sweetheart. She thinks her jokes are super lame, but she always makes me laugh. And I love her for that, for being easy going, never judging her friends and most importantly standing up for her believes. I wouldn’t know what I’d do without her as my friend, I just really love her


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