Hello everyone, I am Lili and I am obsessed with my striped shirt.

Hey there readers of our blog,

you have to save the best for last right? No sorry I’m kidding. So as the other 3 already introduced themselves to you I now have the honor of doing the same.
My name is Lili and I am 19 and studying Sociology and North American Studies in this town in the north of Germany no one knows but apparently our uni is like all fancy and people like Goethe visited it. I was born while the old people’s home next to the hospital had a summer party so that my screams blended into a beautiful mix with your grandmas favourite songs and to this day I am convinced this seriously messed with my head.
People would probably describe me as out going and a bit crazy but you know, I just like talking to people and getting to know them.
In school that was different though, I was quite shy and would blush all the time, and that’s not a joke. Everything was embarrassing to me. Maybe that was also because I openly was a fangirl of different human beings from when I was 13 on and even back then Justin Bieber wasn’t really a good conversation starter.
But I always knew I wanted to get out of my small town in the north of Germany (back in another town in the north of Germany though didn’t quite work I guess :D) so after graduating from High School I moved to London for a year to work as an Au Pair. This is also how I met Katie as she was an Au Pair at the host family I applied to. We were supposed to have a serious Skype interview, I even prepared notes (I was incredibly nervous. Really! It was horrible) and then we actually spend the whole time talking about movies, Ed Sheeran and books and yeah, I got to be an Au Pair in that family in the end by the way…but Katie and me also ended up becoming friends. We then went to a 5sos concert together and met Alina and Jenny (woohoo) and by asking them which part of Germany they are from and confusing them because we were standing next to them, talking English the whole time, we made new friends. That’s how you do it!
In September I’ll kinda go back into the direction of London but way up north and then a sharp turn to the left (Second star to the right and straight on till morning 😉 ) and bam! You’re in Galway, Ireland. At least if my coordinates are correct. Yup, I’ll be spending my Winter and Summer Semesters of 2016 and 2017 in the lovely Ireland and I cannot wait.
But that’s not really about me is it? Well I do love London, new places in general are pretty awesome. To me travelling and broadening your mind is just the best thing you can do. I love exploring, I just love everything unknown as I’m incredibly curious. Maybe even too curious at times. Expect me wanting to know every single thing you experienced on your latest holiday, or all the details from the last date you went on. But also be prepared for me not sparing any detail when I tell you something, because you know, you might not get the connections if I don’t make digressions here and there. Looong digressions. Including getting distracted by everything around me.
But then there’s this part of me that’s weirdly ambitious and I don’t even understand it most of the times. Working on things gives me life (kinda…sometimes! Depends on the point in my life). I just need to be doing something, have the feeling I’m going somewhere with what I’m doing.
Reading this makes me think what kind of annoying person I probably am.
What else…I love music, then again who doesn’t? I used to have singing lessons but as awkward as I am I can’t bring myself to email or call the singing teacher in my university town so I technically can’t really sing anymore. Although I used to sing in a band, that’s kinda cool right?
Artist wise I like everything from Lana Del Rey to Taylor Swift to Green Day…I am a sucker for Brit Pop/Rock like The Kooks, Babyshambles or Arctic Monkeys. Sometimes I do like some Hoodie Allen or the occasional Singer Songwriter like Ed Sheeran (obvious choice), Iron & Wine, Bright Eyes and Bon Iver. I’m going to stop myself right there because otherwise I’d go on and on forever.
Basically I am a person that likes to find beauty in things, people and the stuff I do. I appreciate art galleries, old bookstores and cute restaurants and I love looking for them and finding the prettiest one that no one else of my friends has found yet (Gotta admit I spent lots of weekend at the Tate, which is not really a hidden gem), it just makes me feel content to feel detached from reality for a bit and disappear into my own little world.
And maybe you guys reading this would like to disappear in a tiny part of this own little world of mine by reading my blogposts. You’re always invited to accompany me and the girls on this journey and I hope you have as much fun as we do.
If you really read this far,I am truly impressed, you’re beautiful and amazing and I hope you are happy with yourself because you deserve to be!

Love love love and even more love,
Lili xxx

P.S.: If you scroll all the way down you can find my social media stuff but first you have to read what my girls have written about me.
Jenny On Lili:
To describe Lili I probably could do this with very little words: the most magnificent unicorn ever walked this earth. Sometimes you may wonder in which dreamland she is but that’s mostly her charm. Lili is a caring person who may be different to others, but I admire especially that on her. She’s not your typical girl next door and she knows what she wants and works for it. Lili is also very good with socializing with other people and makes friends very easily. That’s mostly because of her open mind and also because from previous singing experience she has no problem of talking to others.

Katie On Lili:
The lovely Lili, is one of the bubbliest and sweetest people I know. When you’re around her, life is never boring as she’ll always have some crazy/funny/incredible idea of what to do. There have been an infinite amount of times where she, out of the blue, would make me smile or laugh, simply by being her magical self. Some of my favourite moments with her are simply dancing around the house while making dinner or going for a walk and coming back with a billion pictures.  It’s funny how an interview one skype can lead to an amazing friendship that I would not want to exchange for anything in the world.

Alli On Lili:
I have Lili saved in my phone as Lili (The Unicorn) and I think that says a lot. She is special, fabulous and sparkling just like a unicorn. I have never met anyone who has such an impressing, creative mind, takes better selfies or does a better Makeup and at the same time is so sweet, helpful and kind. Lili will be the next Superstar or tumblr queen or evil mastermind. Whatever she’ll end up doing she will shine, because she’s so passionate and makes people fall in love with life with her positivity. Lili is just like a unicorn , rare and loved by everyone.

My Social Media:

Instagram: @lirial_
Twitter: @LiliAlexa_
Tumblr: FocusOnHaappiness
YouTube: Lili Alexa
Snapchat: LiliAlexis



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