YouTuber of the month: May ’16

Sophie Louise

It’s the time of the month again where I introduce you guys to a YouTuber I have especially liked this month. This time is the british YouTuber: Sophie Louise.

To be honest with you guys I only discovered her this month but I really liked the videos I have watched so far (and believe me I have watched quite a few). The first video I watched and also her most popular one was her ‘Guy guesses prices of girly items’ and right after I finished watching it I immediately subscribed to her.

I like that she always seems so happy and positive but if you get to know her videos a bit more, you realize that she personally struggles with some aspects in life. As many other people she also suffers from anxiety and also made a video about ’15 life hacks for anxiety’ which I think is very brave of her to talk about that topic so openly. But in general I like her videos because of how happy she seems to be, her craziness and also that she admits that she’s quite an awkward person, which I can highly relate to ;).

In general she does fashion and lifestyle videos but also her videos with her boyfriend Alex are quite popular by her viewers.

Beside of one video every Wednesday she also uploads weekly vlogs every other week.

She posted her very first video on the 02.07.2014 (Summer Haul 2014 (Forever21, H&M, Topshop)) and she already hit 70k subscriber last week, which is an amazing achievement and I personally think that she deserves way more than that!

I can only highly recommend to you that you check her out because I really like how she comes across in her videos, she seems very nice and is very genuine.

I guess I’m back binge watching her videos now and I hope you will do the same soon. 🙂

Lots of love,

Jenny xxx

Sophie’s social media:




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