Hello fellow music lovers, ( I’m not gonna say hi to anyone who doesn’t love music because I don’t believe they exist)

I actually wanted to introduce you to some great new band I really like, but then I did some research and realized that they’re not new, they just were new to me. So I’m gonna introduce you to a great not so new band now. That band I’m talking about is called *epic drumroll* SWMRS !!

SWMRS are four guys from Oakland, California making awesome punk music. Cole Becker, Max Becker, Joey Armstrong and Seb Mueller started playing music together back in 2004 ( So why the f*ck did I not know about them until recently ?!). They were named „Emily’s Army“ until 2015 and the story behind this name is that they wanted to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis, a disease Max and Cole’s cousin Emily was diagnosed with. Later they changed their name to Swimmers and then SWMRS. One of the bandmembers names might ring a bell and yes you’re right : Joey Arnstrong is actual Green Day legend Billie Joe Armstrong’s son, who also produced their first album „Don’t be a dick“. My favourites on the album are „Broadcast this“ and „I wanna be remembered“. You should definitely listen to it, especially if you like the earlier Green Day and Blink 182 stuff (Although I’m sure Joey must be sick of being compared to his Dad…sorry Joey). 2013 they brought out their album „Lost at Seventeen“ and played Warped Tour. Under the name Swimmers they released the EP„Swim“ and before their first album under the name SWMRS came out this year. The album is called „Drive North“ and features great punk songs like „Miley“, „Uncool“ and „Drive North“. In my opinion it has a really special, unique sound. They’re kinda chill, punk and have that „garage band“ sound, if you know what I mean. Also I think they sound a bit old school, which I really like. The band is currently touring the UK and after that the US, so if you have the chance, get tickets, I’m sure it’ll be worth it. I’d definitely would recommend them for you if you like Bands like blink 182, Green Day ( I know, I know), New Found Glory, etc. So if you also don’t wanna listen to what’s on the radio, go check them out (that was a lyric reference nobody will understand, listen to „Broadcast This“)

Yeah I’m gonna go to bed and try to get over the fact, that I didn’t know about them earlier.

Have an awesome rest of the day full of music and puppies



Twitter : @swmrsca_

Instragram: SWMRS

Website: http://www.swmrs.com

Pic source


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