How to not work in a group

As I’m just writing now, I’m sitting in a group meeting of a project from Uni I have to hand in on Wednesday. This project contains of 4 groups. 2 groups who are filming a short film and 2 groups who are doing an interactive website (that’s basically where you can click on things and then you’re on a new page and there are videos and stuff like that). I’m in one of the website groups and during working on our project I realized a few things how you definitely shouldn’t work or do when you’re working in a group and people are depending on you.

1. Always do the tasks you’re asked in time

Currently we’re in our meeting since 7h and that’s only because the other group couldn’t be bothered to work on the things they should have done. So my groups is sitting there waiting for them to finish, what fun.

2. Always check everything with the others

During our preparation one of the other members of the other team changed things without asking us and there was one point where he basically changed nearly everything we have worked on a whole day. I guess I don’t have to mention that my group was pretty curious about it.

3. You’re a team, so work as well

To be honest my group has been pretty good with working equally on the project, but on the other group there is a member who basically never showed up to any meetings, never asked what she could do or if the others ordered her to do something she didn’t do it. And even now in our meeting she just sits there, isn’t asking what she could do or is helping in any form. Please don’t be one of these persons, they are the worst when it comes to working in a group.

4. Typical people working

You know there are always different people and especially when you’re working in a group you can see them perfectly, here are a few examples.

– someone who’s doing everything and doesn’t give other people a chance

– somebody who’s doing nothing and is never showing up

– the crazy one who’s always singing (shout-out to Maren, she made me write it! ;))

– someone who isn’t able to do the task but still tries

– someone who isn’t able to do the task but isn’t bothered

– the quiet one who has good ideas but never says something

– the one who’s always talking about other things

– the one who thinks knows everything but in real live doens’t

– someone who’s only showing up when the meeting is almost finished

– the one who’s always providing awesome food (shout-out to Selina! You’re the one!)

I’m sure you can come up with more, but since I’m a bit in a hurry because since friday to now my, honestly, whole life was either being in Uni or to work on the project. And when I came home at around like 10pm I wasn’t really motivated to do anything but go to my bed sit there with some sweets, trying to calm my nervs down, and catch up with all my friends and family who are super pissed because I haven’t answered the whole day.

I promise next weeks post is going to be longer.

Lots of love,

Jenny xxx


Marens Instagram (go and check her out, she’s amazing! and she didn’t made me write that :P)

Selinas Instagram + Blog  (go and check her out she makes the best food!!!!)

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