Monthly Favourites June/July

Hi guys,

I know it’s super late, but here’s my Sunday Funday post. Todaaayy it’s time for my favourites *round of applause* *game show music playing in the back* So yeah here we go:

Food: I’m totally obsessed with Couscous lately, because to me it’s a really summery food. You can eat it warm, as a side or cold as a salad on it’s own. My two favourites are warm with peppers, fried mushrooms and garlic or cold with peppers, cocktail tomatoes, cucumber and avocado. It’s super yummy, really quick and doesn’t have many calories. Definitely worth trying!!

Music: An album I’ve been waiting for forever is finally out and I couldn’t be happier. Blink 182 are back with “California”. They replaced Tom Delonge with Matt Skiba and now it sounds like Blink 182 and Alkaline trio had a very beautiful baby. In other words damnazing. Very cool and punk, blink 182 are definitely back. If I had to decide on favourite songs on the album it would either be “She’s out of her mind” or “the only thing that matters”, but listen for yourself.

Book: I’m super obsessed with rupi kaur lately. She’s a feminist poet and I just ordered her book “milk and honey”. It has four chapters “the hurting”, “the loving” , “the breaking” and “the healing”. It contains poems about pain, being a woman, love, sex, heart break and self worth. I really love them because they always describe feelings super well and are incredibly poetic and beautiful despite being written in simple language.

App : We all know it (at least the ones of us with an uterus: it’s summer and you wanna go swimming, when it hits you : “do I have to take tampons? When did I last have my period ? ” Well I used to never know but now I have this app and it tells you exactly when you’ll be on your period again, when you’ll have your ovulation and you can add things like when you had sex , when you took the pill etc. There are lots of apps like that but I suggest urbia because it has a nice design.

Activity: It’s summer and that means no matter how much you hate going outside you probably will have to once in a while. As food makes everything better I’d suggest to just have a picnic. Make some salads, some sandwiches, some finger food and some cookies, take a blanket and call your friends . Nice places for a picnic are in my opinion always lakes or rivers, because if you get to hot you can jump in and get refreshed. But remember to check the weather before you leave, you don’t want the food to get all we.

So that were my favourites, I hope you liked them and maybe you’ll try/check out one of them.

Have a lovely day,

Alli xx


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