5 problematic aspects about Tbbt

Hello my lovely friends (yeah you’re my friends if you want it or not)

Sorry this is late again, but I’m finally done with exams and was busy celebrating it . Okay that’s a lie I had a huge Pizza and went to bed at 9:30. Anyway as I posted  5 problematic aspects about himym the other week, today we have the same thing with The Big Bang Theory. Again I like watching the show, but we still have to recognize it’s super problematic sometimes. So let’s have a closer look.

  1. Sheldon

I used to think I have  a problem  with Sheldon, but thinking about it I realized in reality it bothers me how he’s treated. The whole show is basically the others being pissed of by Sheldon or making fun of him. It’s obvious that Sheldon doesn’t behave “normally” and it definitely looks like he has some kind of disorder. He definitely shows signs for autism, especially Asperger, like not understanding the others behaviour and being obsessed with routine. His “friends” constantly ridicule him for that and sometimes even treat him really badly because of his condition. But of course we’re supposed to laugh at it, because it’s oh so funny when somebody is different. Also Sheldon is clearly asexual, which is also shown as a bad thing and the others kind of pressure him into dating and having sex with Amy. It’s acted like being asexual isn’t an actual thing or can be cured.


2. Stereotyping

Yeah sitcoms are based on stereotyped characters that’s part of their humour, but in my opinion tbbt exaggerates it. There are of course Raj and Howard. Howard is a jew and Raj is Indian. There are constantly made jokes about their religions and cultures, starting with Rajs parents and the fact that Howard still lives with his mum. But of corse there are countless less tasteful jokes. The jokes just stop being funny with time and I don’t even want to imagine how you feel watching it if you’re part of one of the cultures. Also christian people are made fun of with the example of Sheldon not taking his religious mother seriously. Then there’s of course the cliché of the not very intelligent blond woman, but that’s an extra point.

3. Woman

I have a huge problem with the way woman are portrayed, especially Penny. There she is next to all these successful, intelligent men, as a girl whose dream to become an actress didn’t come true and who never understands what they talk about. Then there’s Amy, the intelligent girl, who’s socially awkward, badly dressed and can’t get the guy. So the silly, pretty girl is socially accepted and gets all the guys and the clever, not that pretty one isn’t. That’s not the thing a sitcom should teach young girls. Then there’s the thing with Bernadette. She doesn’t want children and is made fun of and called  coldhearted. That’s definitely not okay, it’s a woman’s decision if she likes children or not.

4. Homophobia

Raj is laughed at when he does “typically female” things and labeled as gay. Also the relationship between Raj and Howard, which seems kinda romantic sometimes is ridiculed as if being gay is something weird. Also Amy, who’s kinda attracted to Penny is contantly treated funnily.

5. Nerd culture

One of the biggest problems is that the nerds and the things they’re interested in are never taken seriously. The viewer laughs not with the nerds, but at them. We’re supposed to identify with Penny, make fun of the nerds and not understand them even though they are much more intelligent than most of us. And the things they like are shown as childish and ridicoulus. There are people who are like them and are interested in the same things and now they’re not taken seriously by society.

That was it I guess, I’m sorry if it sucked, but it’s late. I hope you still liked it and think more about what’s going on when you’re watching TV.

Good night or good morning or good whatever time you’re reading this

Love Alli xx

Pic Sources: http://www.spoilertv.com/search/label/The%20Big%20Bang%20Theory




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