Hello world of the Interwebs,

my name is Jenny and I’m 1/4 of this website. This post is supposed to indroduce myself a little bit and what you’re going to read from me.

So, about myself. I’m 21 years old and from Germany (so sorry for my English sometimes). Currently I’m studying in middle of Germany applied media and communication in University but before that I finished my A-levels and moved to England to be an Au-Pair for a year. In this year I totally fell in love with the UK and also with the language. Whilst being in England I also met Alli, who was an Au-Pair in the same town as me, and whilst visiting a 5SOS concert in June together we met two crazy but absoluelty lovely girls who are Lili and Katie.

If you want to know a few things about me, I guess the best way is to follow me on my social media or subscribe to my YouTube channel because to be honest with you I’m totally crap at describing myself. Well, but let me think about it… I personally like a broad spectrum of music (from classical music, to more quite music like Joe Brooks/Ron Pope, 90s/2000 girl/boybands, to punk), make-up and cooking/baking. But I’m also a big animal lover, that’s also why I’m a vegetarian for years now (why am I even telling you that, you probably don’t even care). Beside of that I care about my friends and family extremly much, I enjoy quite nights in over going out having a party, I love travelling and seeing different cultures.

On this blog I upload every monday and I’m mainly going to write about advice or basically in general about life things because according to the other 3 girls I’m good at that and I also got some experience in writing things like that from my previous blog. Alongside that Katie and myself are going to post about food, just like we do on our shared Instagram. Totally random to that I’m personally a YouTube addict, so I try and find out new YouTuber that you might be intrested in. So basically I’m writting about all kind of things that floats around in my head. 🙂

Jenny x.

Katie on Jenny:

Over the past year Jenny has shown to be one of the best friends I could ever had. Genuinely, whatever problem you have, you know that she’ll always be there for you, she won’t judge and she most definitely will give you the best advice. What makes her the best to give advice is that she is honest, sincere and no matter how horrible or awkward the situation she never fails to make me smile or generally make me feel better. Talking to her, I often think how funny it is that two completely different people can be so similar and I love her for it.

Alli on Jenny:

When I first met Jenny I thought she’s too cool to hang out with me. Thank god she didn’t see it this way, so I was lucky to get to know her and learn, that she’s one of the sweetest, most kindhearted and at the same time one of the sassiest people ever. She has the greatest taste in music and is my secret twin in more than one aspect. Despite or maybe becacause her love for garlic I’m covinced  she’s going to be a next female Jamie Oliver, because her cooking and baking is A+.

Lili on Jenny:

To start off being called Jennifer annoys the fuck out of her, which I find super entertaining. So Jennifer, this ones for you! I first met Jenny at a concert and we hit it off straight away. Thanks to her wonder-cutie-pie personality. Sometimes I wish I had her baking and cooking talent or her talent to understand people and know exactly what to say to make them feel better. This might sound like I’m some weirdo (maybe I am) but her cuddle factor is huge 🙂 What more can I say, apart from that I love her to bits.


Where you can find me on social media:
Snapchat: jenny.m2020
Twitter: @smilie2020
Personal Instagram: @jenny.2020
Food Instagram: @foodwithkandj
My personal blog:




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