Being a Tourist at Home

So first of all the post is sadly a Little bit late, but that’s because I currently have a visitor from uni and we are basically always on the move.
So I wanted to talk about something that we are doing at the moment, or more what I am doing because it is basically being a tourist at home, which in all honesty is a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
I mean I have been to most places we are going to in the past but then again I haven’t been to many places in a long, long time just because I moved away three years ago, so seeing how things have changed is quite cool.
So here are my tips for being a tourist at home:

Don’t think it’s boring:

When I first started planning what we could do while my friend is here, I struggled to think of things that could be that interesting. I felt like it was even harder because it needed to be things that a person who doesn’t speak German would understand and for some reason I thought that would make things difficult, so far however it hasn’t!

Eat traditional food/ Drink traditional drinks:

What I have been trying to do is to go for food at places that either mean something to me, or something that I think is also underestimated, I have been to places that serve traditional dishes from my Region, so Things that my grandparents would cook, but that many of us don’t anymore because it is a lot of work or in my case way too much meat for my liking, but when I went there it was actually quite cool, although it felt a bit weird to eat “Grandma’s own” in a restaurant.
As for drinks, where I am from we have a lot of different types of beer and I am making my friend try them all. So far we haven’t had the same thing twice.

Show landmarks that you forgot about because they are just there:

For me those have been parks that were made to integrate old industrial sides, like old cold mines. For someone who is not from your region the things that seem ordinary to you may be something they have never seen in that way and they will enjoy it an be fascinated by it.

Check on the Internet if there is something special going on:

Maybe there is some quirky market, or some open air theatre, you never know, in my case there currently was an attempt to build the biggest sandcastle ever (16 m high). I mean when do you get to see such things and honestly it was super awesome.

Make it personal:

Show places that mean something to you, places that are related to your family history and even the things that your parents always pointed out, but you are now already annoyed by, because they are the Things that make your place, your place.
Also you never know in places you always go there might be something new.

So here are some pictures of our adventure through the Ruhr Area (it pains me to write it like that RUHRGEBIET is what it’s called).

Lots of love,




Landschaftspark Duisburg


16 m Sandcastle


Landschaftspark Duisurg


Church in Düsseldorf


Special Offer: French Toast in my favourite café


Traditional Food and Beer in Düsseldorf


Favourite birthday cakes

As you guys might or might not know I love all things baking, so for today’s post I thought about why not share my favourite recipes for various over the top cakes you could do for someone’s birthday. To be honest though, these are only a few of my favourite and also only ones I could find online. If you want me to post more of these and also recipes that you can’t find (or at least I can’t) on the internet, let me know and I will do so in the future! 🙂

The classic birthday cake


Confetti cake


Ultimate birthday cake


Vanilla birthday cake


Ultimate sprinkle birthday cake


Classic Victoria sponge cake



Chocolate cake


Epic chocolate cake


Chocolate Truffle Cake


Best ever chocolate cake


One bowl chocolate cake


Brooklyn Blackout Cake

Fruit cakes


Fresh strawberry cake


Spiced clementine ricotta cake


Lemon curd sponge cake


Banoffe cake


Lemon layer cake


Summer Panettone cake

Themed cakes


Rainbow cake


White velvet cake


Checkerboard cake


Minecraft cake


Oreo Blackout Cake


Matcha Cake





Jenny’s #GirlBoss of the month – August ’16

So far we always have written about inspiring women, who have worked incredible hard for something or even someone who wants to make the society a better place. Today I’m going to introduce you to a person I simply just like and wanted to write about.

My #GirlbBss of the month is Perrie Edwards.

Some of you might know her because she’s a member of the x-factor casting band ‘Little Mix’ and because they had international success with song like ‘Black magic’, ‘Hair’ or a kinda more old school one ‘Wings’. But some of you might also know her from her former relationship and engagement with Zayn Malik. I’m not going to talk about that though because despite her romance with him, Perrie is an independent women herself whom inspire for how she portrays herself in the public eye.

First of all I have to make one thing clear: Perrie is damn good looking. Therefore there is no surprise that she is also my girl crush. She is just beautiful to look at, isn’t she?

Besides she’s not only gorgeous from the outside she is also incredible funny. Have you ever had the scenario that you lied in bed and couldn’t fall asleep so you went into the big dark hole of the internet? Certainly everyone has and if you say no you most definitely are lying! So back to the point, I certainly have been in this dark hole a lot of times and every time I, somehow, always end up on YouTube and also stuck there for hours. One of my favourite things to do then is go and watch ‘Funny moments’ videos, either from Little Mix or Perrie herself. God damn is she hilarious! The noises she can make with her voice is unbelievable. If you don’t trust me go and have a look yourself. I always find her very uplifting when I have a down day. Just turn on one of these videos and trust me sooner as you can think you will laugh at the funny things she does.

When watching these videos, her Snapchat story, Instagram videos, Interviews or whatnot I always admire that she seems incredible confident and she is the way she is and embraces it. She’s like who she is, who she wants to be and it appears as if she doesn’t cares what other people think about her.

Perrie is not only funny, she also is very down to earth, or she is an incredible good actress as well and portrays herself very well as down to earth. On event in particular is always in my mind then. When Zayn broke up with Perrie, she obviously had a hard time. Unlike other celebrities she didn’t just smile it away, she was upfront about it and said that she’s going through a hard time. There are even videos of her, where she performs a song with her band and started crying because she was reminded of her former relationship. Which girl or even boy can not not relate to this? Love songs are the death when you’re going though a break-up. I can’t even stand listing to them (which makes listening to music in general very hard), I can’t even imagine how it must feel to sing these then and try to put in as many emotions as possible to make it authentic. I pull my imaginary head to Perrie for showing the emotions and handling them the way she did. She seemed like a normal girl who just had a hard time, handling a break up. What more normal thing do you want from a role-model?

Other celebrities hold everything in and try to pull off to be a strong person but in my opinion Perrie was the strong person there because she embraced her feelings and said to the world: hey look at me, I have a pretty shitty time at the moment because I trusted a damn-ass guy who I thought I would marry someday but it turned out that he isn’t the prince charming I have been waiting for. So yeah, I don’t feel my best and I have to go through a lot at the moment, but you know what that’s life, so my fans can know about this part of my life as well.

That’s really brave if you ask me because everybody is going to judge you for it. For trying and play the victim or making your personal life public but hey, that’s life. No life is always perfect and as we imagined it, sometimes there are bumpy roads as well which you have to pass too. Why hiding it and be a part of the imaginary perfect, glamorous Hollywood world, when in reality all these other people in this industry face the same problems as anybody else.

Sure, not everybody might be on the same page as me there and might think that she should grow a pair of balls and man-up, but I don’t think so. She just showed that in order to get a perfect life you have to go through the hard times as well and life isn’t as portrait in the media or ‘Cosmopolitan’ or ‘People’. And eventually it will get better and you forget about the heartache you had and you can only ask yourself why you have been dating a dumb-ass like that. That’s a normal life every teenager goes through and I admire Perrie for being so strong and showing us her weak side at this moment. And look at her, she’s super successful in what she does so there must be a reason why she is so.

I hope you all have an awesome (rest-) sunday and an awesome week. Speak to you again tomorrow.

Lots of love,




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Quote of the Week 22/08/16- 28/08/16

“Whatever you are physically” he said, “male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy- all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. Whatever the color, the shape, the design of the shade that conceals it, the flame inside the lamp remains the same. You are the flame”


-Clockwork Angel by  Cassandra Clare


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Suicide Squad -Expectation vs Reality

Hey guys,

everyone has been all about new DC movie Suicide Squad lately. Not only do we thanks to Harley Quinn and the Joker all know what to wear on Halloween, but also there’s everyone’s favourite model Cara Devilqueen ehhh Delevigne as a freaky witch. Sounds great so far, right. Still there’s a discussion going on wether it’s a good film that deserves the hype or not. As usual I’m a slowcoach and haven’t watched it yet, (It’s not entirely my fault though in Germany we get films super late sometimes) but tonight I’m dragging my little brother into the cinema so I can finally see myself. I thought I could do a little expectation vs reality post about it. So before we leave here’s what I expect from the movie: First of all I hope there will be lots of jokes and selfironic puns, because superhero/antihero films with that kind of humor are what I love. I might be a bit spoilt though because the last superhero movie I saw was deadpool and there’s lots of it. I heard that the storyline isn’t that creative and even a bit boring in the middle part ( my coworker fell asleep watching it), so I don’t expect too much from it. I’m really looking forward to meeting all the crazy looking characters though. They seem to have lots of potential for surprises and character development and I hope they aren’t portrayed too stereotyped. I also really like the actors, geniuses like Will Smith and Margo Robbie, who I really admired in the Wolf of Wall Street. Then I’m a huge Cara Delevigne fan, so every time she shows up I’ll probably just stare at her in awe. I also think I’ll love Harley Quinn, because she seems like a badass female character and I’m always here for that. Okay but now I’m off to watch it.

Soo I’m back and ready to write down my opinion about the film. I got Nachos so I was in a pretty good mood before watching it, but I have to say it still kind of disappointed me. At first I want to quickly tell you about the storyline: Superman is dead and the government is scared there might be a new superpower coming , that might be a threat.So thzey recruit some of the most evil villains and make them work for them. Of course there is danger coming up, an old witch who took the body of a young archeologist and now wants to take control of the worls ( you know the usual). The baddies have to fight against her without even knowing what’s going on.

It was much darker and scarier, than I expected it t be and I don’t particularly like that kind of mood in a film. My brother, the expert, said all DC films are kind of dark though and I’m just not used to it because I only ever watch Marvel films, which are more lighthearted. Well if he says that I guess it’s true. So there also weren’t as many jokes as I hoped there’d be, only Harley joked areound or said some memorable phrases sometimes. Earlier I wrote that I hope they don’t use that many stereotypes, but my wish wasn’t fulfilled. The characters were pretty plain and standard, there’s the guy who’s biggest “weakness“ is the love for his daughter, the guy who’s afraid of his power, but gets over it and the calm, ugly guy with a good heart. We’ve all seen that a thousand times and I think they could have made more out of the characters. Harley Quinn, who I thought would be my favourite character, is in my opinion, a bit better than the rest, because she isn’t as predictable as she’s totally nuts. At least at the beginning towards the end she gets more and more „normal“. They should have kept her on the level of crazyness, she was on first. I also have to say that I didn’t quite get her realtionship with the joker. I don’t want to say to much, but already how they got together seems completely unrealistic ( yeah I know the whole film is, but I mean in a way that it doesn’t make sense to me). Margot Robbie was awesome though, I guess it must have been great fun to play Harley. In general the great actors like, Will Smith, Jared Leto and Cara Delevigne made up for the flaws of character and script. The storyline was pretty basic in my opinion and didn’t really have a highlight and sometimes you were just wondering why on earth people are doing something. Also there was too much shooting for my liking. I like fighting scenes but not if it’s just wild shooting. Sometimes the film was really exaggerated, like in one scene there was a super long slow motion frequence and you were just like “Okay I got it you’re trying to be dramatic but I’m pretty sure I know what will happen so move on please“. What I really liked about the film was Cara Delevigne.

She played the bad witch and oh boy evil has never been so sexy. Seriously she was awesome, super scary and crazily beautiful at the same time. I might be biased because I have a huge crush on her though. An other thing I liked was the great soundtrack with songs like Heathens and Bohemian Rhapsody. All in all not one of my favourite films , but I would still advise to watch it, as it’s quite good entertainment. Tweet us your opinion on the film if you want on our Twitter @castaway_minds. Hope you’re having a great rest of the day

Love Alli xx

pics :

Scottish Stereotypes

As my summer break, which felt like an eternity, is almost over I am slowly allowing myself to get excited about going back to Scotland again. Slowly allowing myself to get excited basically stands for telling everyone who wants to hear it, and probably a lot of people who don’t, about how excited I am and how much I’ve missed it all while shoving my phone in their face with pictures of Scotland showing them how beautiful it is. But oh well.. Anyways I wanted to share a bit of my excitement here today too, just you know because.
When I meet up with friends and family here back in Germany some of the most frequently asked questions that I get asked include various stereotypes associated with Scottish people and as someone who has lived there for about two years now I think I can answer some questions as to whether they are true or not, so here it goes.

Ginger Hair 


Picture Source

As my hair colour is what you apparently call ‘Strawberry Blonde’ (Fancy for my hair isn’t quite blonde but neither is it fully ginger) I get asked quite a lot whether I even stand out or if I just mingle along in all the gingerness found in Scotland. But no, it’s not like the Weasley’s moved to Scotland and spread  all their gingerness across the country. To be fair, I have seen a lot more ginger people than I have here in Germany, but it is still very few people. According to a friend of mine another typical Scottish thing is to have really dark hair, fair skin and light eyes and I have to say I have seen people with that combination a lot as well, but then again it’s just another stereotype.



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I have been asked about this a lot too. Especially because people know that I am not a big meat eater and struggle with everything that involves any type of organ, but if done properly Haggis can actually be quite nice. But again it is not a thing that you have everyday for tea. It usually is reserved for special occasions, like I had it at our Sports Ball, or when your friend works part time for a food company and brings home leftovers (she also brought home vegetarian haggis which was awesome and we were all ready to cry when we ran out).



Picture Source

Well here we go. People ask me about this all the time, like do guys actually wear kilts, do they wear something underneath and so on and so forth. Honestly, yeah they still do wear kilts. I mean only to special and fancy occasions like weddings, graduation, ceilidhs (Scottish dancing events) or other formal events. It also looks better than I thought it would and somehow in a kilt a guy can even look attractive in a skirt. But there is one thing that I have say about kilts that I had no idea about before I went there. A kilt is not just a skirt that you put on. It involves a lot more than that and it takes quite a while. First of all there are also the kilt hose, which are eventually knee high socks. Then there are the shoes whose laces have to be tied around the leg. Also there are many accessories such as the sporran, which is the little bag worn on a chain or leather strap around your hips, a kilt pin to hold it all together and the sgin dubh which is a little knife that is worn at the top of the hose. So to put it all on takes a while.
Also while most boys have worn a kilt at some point in their lives they do not all own ones. Many of them rent them, however if they own one many of them pay attention to whether the tartan pattern fits into their family tree.

Bagpipes and throwing tree logs 

Pike peak HIGHLAND GAMES Colorado

Picture Source

These two stereotypes often come along with the whole kilt things and then you all picture someone in some valley somewhere playing the bagpipes maybe interrupting that to just do something proper Scottish and throwing a tree log.
While yes tree log throwing exists it is part of the highland games and I have not met anyone personally who has ever participated in anything like this.
Bagpipes however seem to be around like kilts. Used for special occasions or at touristy spots in the bigger cities. I have met a couple of people who actually do know how to play them but very few do.
It is nice though sometimes when it’s a nice sunny day (YES THOSE EXIST!) and you walk over your campus and can hear someone play the bagpipes in their room.

Bagpipes 🙂



Picture Source

Well I think most people have heard of Scottish Whiskey and as it is famous around the world, many peope believe the Scottish people to basically be fueled by Whiskey and to drink it like water. I am sorry to disappoint but nope that is not true. Scottish people drink a lot and that is coming from a German person. Like I am still impressed by how much some of them drink. But then it is most of the time not whiskey but beer, cider or anything else. Especially for us at uni we are not as classy as to drink a nice whiskey as most of us either don’t like it or don’t have the money for it.

Thick Accent 

Now this is something else I get asked about quite frequently: How am I able to understand them. Well to be honest it’s not that bad. Sure there are some people where you have to listen very carefully but most of the time it is actually okay to understand. What I have learned is that it highly depends on where you are like people from Edinburgh do usually not have very thick accents while in some areas of Glasgow they could potentially be speaking another language. But it all also depends on how used to it you are. I made a friend very early on that has a very thick accent and speaks incredibly fast so after I got used to her accent nothing else seemed that bad.

In addition to the accent thought there are some words that are used quite frequently in their everyday lives that I had never heard of before moving there like wee. It is used for everything and it basically means little. There is also braw which means nice, aye is commonly used instead of yes, ken means know, you quite frequently go for a bevy (drink) and some sometimes need to leave to use a fag (cigarette). But all of these you can easily figure out.

Here’s a Scottish  guy talking with a Scottish Accent about Scottish Stereotypes:

Swear a lot 

A fucking hell yes to that. I have always took some pride in not swearing a lot. I never really felt the need to do so, but I am now proud to say that since living in Scotland my swearing vocabulary in English without even trying has grown extensively. It doesn’t really matter where you are but you learn to know how some people will show their affection (NO SARCASM, I MEAN IT) by lovingly calling you cunt, dick, or twat. How some people manage to make sentences where every second word is a swear word and you are thinking about having a swear jar in the sports hall to cut down the ‘for fucks sake’s on court.
However it is equally fascinating how quickly the actual swearing turns into a light version as soon as children are around. I think my favourite replacement word is still ‘sugar cubes’.

Hate the English


Picture Source

Well this is a very common stereotype I want to finish this post with. And while there is often not a lot of appreciation for the English, especially the government (if I had been given a pound for everytime someone called David Cameron a cunt, in a not loving way, I’d be rich now), they do not necessarily hate them. What they have is an incredibly strong national pride which kind of rebels against the idea of being British and having to subordinate the needs of the Scottish pride underneath the British one.
One little piece of advice though is to never ever call someone who is Scottish English because no matter how not against the English they are it is an absolute no go to be said to be one.


Anyways I am super excited to get back to my ginger, kilt-wearing, haggis-eating, back pipe-playing, tree log -throwing, whiskey drinking Scottish people!

Love you lots,

Katie x


How not to fall into a back-to-school-blues

Hey you lovely person,

As school soon begins again or even has started for you already I thought I should write about some tips how you can avoid a post-holiday-blues or a back-to-school-blues. Okay maybe also because I only have less then 1 month left until I’m back at Uni myself and I need a pick-me-up to get not totally frustrated in how fast this time has flown by.

Tip 1: Your friends

Beside of be able to broaden your horizon, school is good for one more thing (or if you don’t like school like I did sometime, the only good thing): your friends.

These are the people who make school bear and actually fun. When you’re on holiday, sure you have fun times with your family exploring new cities, countries and cultures (even if that means you’re just visiting a different part of your country, damn are these people different to the ones you’re around usually). But having your friends around talking about the newest cute classmate, the new annoying teacher who takes her/his job way too serious or why did Holly cut her hair and dye it this awful colour? In my experience your friends are the ones who make your school-life fun, entertaining, bearable and also memorable. And after like 2 months off you have plenty to talk about, because let’s face it because of different plans and timings you’re never able to see all of them or as often as you would like to. So there is some major talk to catch up to.

Tip 2: Try to see the good in every subject

If you’re like me and you hate maths, physics, chemistry or whatever subject with a passion, it is extremely hard to keep awake whilst the lessons, homework are an absolute nightmare and I’m not even starting on revising for class-tests or exams. But every subject has some positive side as well, or these wouldn’t be subjects chosen by the government you should learn about.

Math for example, most students hate it and to be fair I still have no clue of most of the things I actually should know about in my dreams, but it also has some positive expects. Like you need to know how to sum up things if you’re at the supermarket and you need to know if you have enough money with you, as the poor uni student you are. Or you definitely need to calculate the sum of two matrices together on a daily basis in order to survive your day. Also don’t forget how important it is for you to know what happens if you put vinegar and baking soda together, one day you need to prank your sibling or your room mate and knowing the proportion is very important. You will be glad that you actually listen to your teacher for once. See Caspar Lee, he actually makes money with doing pranks on his old room mate.

So even though it is an absolute nightmare and you much rather would spend your time daydreaming about your current celebrity crush, it has some reasons why all these stupid subjects are chosen by the government. Who knows one day you might be at ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ and you would only win the 1 Million question because you listened to your absolute boring teacher who also could be Albert Einstein judging by how you would guess his age. But hey at least he taught you something useful.

Tip 3: Soon there will be other holidays

School isn’t forever and sooner than you can think, you’re laying back in your bed all day, binge watching another series on Netfilx. School terms aren’t actually that long if you think of it.

Tip 4: Don’t leave everything till the last minute

If you’re like me and a major procrastinator you will leave ll your all your homework, projects, proposals and you have to stress about it all night whilst you try to finish it in time with a half decent outcome. Truth is, if you don’t leave everything to last minute, plan your work (and actually stick to your plan) school isn’t that stressful as you might think. After school there’s always a certain time which you should spent on doing things for school and if you would actually spent this time doing things for school and not play Sims or watch all PLL episodes from the beginning you actually should be able to get through the year without such stress and actually with quite decent marks. Also revising all the things you have done in school that day and re-reading the things from the day before will help you at the end of the year with your exams, because believe it or not but the human brain can only remember things if you revise everything again in the next day n the long-term.

But whom I am even kidding here, we all know that most pupil will binge-study and do everything at the last minute as usual and hope that it will turn out alright.

Tip 5: Don’t stress yourself too much

That’s what I always did. Each year I told myself: ‘Okay Jenny, this year you’re actually study for tests, you stick to your organization plan, write everything in exercise books and not on random pieces of paper which you’re actually losing in the end’. Well, as you might already guessed this lasted for liked 2 weeks and then everything was out the window. But truth is, deep down, I always knew that I could survive school with less stress and better marks if I would have actually done so. So don’t follow my paths and be as stupid as I was. Yeah sure, B’s and occasional A’s are good and you can get through with that to some Universities but hey, if you actually get you’re shit done and stick to your plans you can actually get A’s as a normal thing and then you can choose to which University you want to go or what job you would like to do and you aren’t limited because of your marks.

As I mentioned in Tip 4, if you do everything soon enough and you study every day you won’t even start stressing yourself about these things because your marks will improve and you don’t have to stress yourself too much that you have to do all nighters before your exams so you get good marks, so you actually have a slight chance to still be able to get into the college/ University you want to. And even though you get a bad mark, who cares?! Nobody is perfect and only because of one mark you don’t will end up living on the street with no perspective. A certain level of pushing yourself is good because then you can only develop the true potential of yourself, but don’t try to push yourself too much that you neglect your friends, family and your hobbies. These are there for a reason so your brain can rest and process all the information. In the end everything will turn out good. Look at me, even I was accepted at an University, so you will be too! 🙂

Lots of love,



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August Favourites

Howdy y’all and happaayy Sunday Funday to all of you!
It is time for me to introduce you to my August favorites and I cannot wait. This is gonna be good. Be prepared!

Make Up Favourites:

1. Luminous Gleam Cream by P2

Now I am really sorry to tell you that I am pretty sure they only sell P2 products in Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-21 um 22.33.50Germany, Austria and Switzerland but I also could be wrong so I’m naming this
magical highlighter anyway. It’s, as you can tell from the name, a ceam highlighter and I love it for summer as it’s just so light and easy to apply. Sometimes I feel like powdery highlighter leaves you with a too fake glow and this moisturizer-like highlighter is so lovely and easy to apply. It has a pinkish sheen so it just looks gorgeous and natural


2. Aquatic Supreme Lipstick in 020 Pink Summer Dream by P2
Holy guacomole, would you just read the name of this Lipstick again? Doesn’t it sound luxurious? This Lipstick is almost like a Lipstick gloss. It has a super shiny finish, and it isn’t heavy on the lips. Still, it stays on for hours and the color I have is the prettiest pink. Overall, this lipstick is such a nice summer color


3. L’Oreal’s Nude Magique BB cream

If you’re like me and you sometimes just don’t feel comfortable wearing foundation orBildschirmfoto 2016-08-21 um 22.33.30
even concealer during summer but you still don’t want to go outside without having at least a little bit of color in your face (And I am super pale and usually look like I’ve spent my whole summer in Iceland) then BB creams are probably your go-to product. Recently I’ve been trying our the Nude Magique BB cream and I gotta say it’s not too bad. I love the coverage and the feel of it but since it has little pigment capsules that adjust to your skin tone with some wondrous technique, it feels a little rough when applying it. It’s almost like a peeling or exfoliator which isn’t necessarily bad because that feeling disappears as soon as the capsules have been opened but you just have to be careful with the amount you apply on your face, otherwise it can feel a bit rough at first


Music Favourites:

1. Lisa Mitchell
Her music is all about flowy, magical sounds her soft voice. Perfect for a chill day outside
while reading a book. Her music really makes me feel like I am stuck inside my own little Indie movie and I’m the character that’s just found her place in the world. Favourites are Baroness of Mess, Alice in Wonderland (Both can be found on Youtube, but not on an album), The Boys and Neopolitan Dreams, which has to be her most popular song.


2. Melanie Martinez
I won’t stop playing Crybaby on repeat ever! You probably know Melanie Martinez and I hope you love her as much as I do. Crybaby is a concept album and it is a masterpiece of a concept album. I just love Dollhouse, Pacify Her, Sippy Cup and Crybaby. Cause „Kids are still depressed when you dress them up and Syrup is still Syrup in a Sippy Cup“

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-21 um 22.58.12.png

Melanie has an Upcoming tour! Details on her official website

3. Brand New Moves by Hey Violet
Do I have to say more? I don’t think so. Just listen to the EP and the song! It’s super groovy, loads of chill summer vibes and I just love it.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-21 um 23.05.44.png

Watch the video to Brand New Moves on Vevo

5. French Chansons and Spanish Canciones
Like in general! I just love listening to French music in summer and it makes me feel elegant and in love with life and yeah 😀 Carla Bruni on repeat just like Zazie (Je suis un homme is such a lovely song). Now to be honest, the Spanish songs I listen to sound like they’ve been taken out of some 2007 Disney movie but they’re fun! So I like listening to the band Morat, to Shakira of course and some Nelly Furtado just to feel 12 again.

Food Favourites:

1. Watermelon-Cucumber-Smoothies
I love drinking these for breakfast. They are super refreshing and I make them myself jus by cutting up some cucumber and watermelon and just blend them together. I like to add coconut water and sometimes a bit of orange juice. Usually I also add siliceous earth or flaxseeds.

2. Salmon Burgers
I make these myself as well. It’s basically just the patty that is the thing I really actually make myself…I mean cutting up some tomatoes or so isn’t too hard. Just shred frozen salmon filet and then add an egg and panko. To give the whole thing a bit of taste I like to add lemon and provencal herbs. Remember to add some ice cubes to the mix when preparing the salmon, it should not get too warm before you cannot actually cook it.

Yaaayy, that’s it! These are my August favourites. By the way, I just ruined 20 yesterday…I am getting old! This is scary and also exciting. AND THE GIRLS WERE OVER FOR MY BIRTHDAY! Yup, they drove all the way up to the north of Germany to visit me and it was the most lovely time ever! You might’ve seen the picture on our instagram.
Now I’ll continue listening to Arctic Monkeys and finish editing my Youtube Video.
Loads and loads of love,
Lili xx

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Quote of the week

“The moment you realize that your bones are made of the same dust as the planets, your lungs are breathing the same air as the migrating butterflies, and your blood is pumping because of the love and care of thousends; is when you realize that you are not as broken as you think you are. You are full of the world.”


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As you may or may not be aware currently the Olympic Games are being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If you are not aware, I kinda have to ask you though: WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? I mean even if you are not into sports or watching sports there is currently no way around it as it is all over all types of media. And I think it’s great as we should all honour people who do exceptional things and make history like the first ever team of refugees entering as a team as they cannot compete for their country of origin, or the Rugby team of the Fijis winning the first ever gold medal for their country or, probably the biggest event, Simone Manuel winning the individual Gold medal in 100m Freestyle swimming, being the first ever African- American woman to do so.
Aside these historic moments you get to see people who are already living legends like Usain Bold and Michael Phelbs, people where you don’t have to be into sports to know who they are.
And what I love most of all about the Olympics has always been the Olympic thought of people coming together and celebrating sport and those who have exceptional talent, but also those who just work incredibly hard. People putting their differences aside and just enjoying sport whether it may be by doing it or simply by watching it.

But sadly aside from all the good stuff there has been a lot of bad press, starting years ago, about these Olympic Games.

1.      Money/ Costs

If you follow this whole procedure of the Olympic Games, or World Cups, etc., it has recently been hard to find the perfect host city for such events. Why? Those who could maybe afford it, think it’s too expensive and too much to do, those who want it for the press often don’t have the money, have political or human rights issues or all of it combined. Brazil is a country where you definitely can talk about a split between the extreme poor and the extreme rich population. You often, especially in big cities, have big gated community houses of the rich and a couple of streets further down you can see the favelas, the Brazilian slums/townships whatever you want to call them, where the poor live with often lacks in infrastructure and sometimes the huts are simply build in an empty field without the permission of the owner.
I met an older Brazilian man, who works as a neurosurgeon for children, in London on the tube. As the tube sometimes does, it didn’t work the way it was supposed to and as he didn’t know London he asked me what was going on and we started talking. I asked him about the Olympics and he was very harsh towards his government and said that he thinks it’s absolutely terrifying that a country that needs all the money it can get to solve the problems within the country, can easily waste so much money and focus on an event such as the Olympics, especially since they had the Football/ Soccer World Cup in Brazil only two years ago where they had already spent a whole lot of money on. Just to give you a figure. Many reports have been issued that the Olympic Games are estimated to cost about 5 billion US Dollars, which is always a lot, but even more so if you’re economy seems to struggle and when you had just spent 11.63 billion dollars on getting ready for the FIFA world cup 2 years ago.

2.      Infrastructure/ Security

One of my questions for the Brazilian man was whether it wasn’t better to have the Olympics now than any other time because of all the investments that had been done for the FIFA world cup, I mean there had been works on airports, some arenas had been built others modified and surely the things such as emergency plans and having enough personnel in the public sector should be there. When I said that he basically just laughed at me. Not in a mean way, just you know in a way like ‘I wish that was true’. He told me that the infrastructure that was attempted to be built for the World Cup didn’t always get finished or sometimes still wasn’t up to standards that we would consider to be normal or good.

Kind of along with that goes what could be found in the media: police men threatening to strike because of too low wages, which obviously would create a security concern, Guanbara Bay, where a lot of sailing events are supposed to be held is completely polluted and there is so much more.

Another issue is that is in a way also related to security is the Zika virus, a virus that is transmitted by mosquitos and the outbreak has led to a state of emergency being called out.
Due to this some athletes had already pulled out of the Games because they deemed the risk as too high.

3.      Doping scandal

Something that we all heard about before the Games started was as well the talks of systematic doping. Doping is nowadays with all the test, but also with all the possibilities and methods, a highly debated subject and a lot of athletes, coaches and associations think that the IOC has been too hesitant to ban artists that dope.
Why it has come up so majorly again is that the doping scandal among the Russian track and field team has been discovered leading to the questioning of systematic doping among the whole Russian team across many other sports. However, the only part being banned was the track and field team after the IOC ruled against banning all Russian athletes.
It’s a shame that doping is casting shadows over the event because it can destroy sports. Take biking for example, my dad and therefore my brother and me always used to watch the Tour de France when I was younger, but after it came out that basically everyone had been doping we stopped watching it because it had lost its appeal. It would be horrible if this would happen to any other sport/ event.

These are all things that made the Olympics look bad previous to the actual event, but for me there is one thing that stands out now that the sports part has been going on for a week: The incredibly empty stands and arenas. Like yes I get it Rio de Janeiro is harder to access for many people from Europe than for example the London Olympics, and maybe it’s even harder for people from other places, but surely that cannot account for all those empty seats? The official number says that over 80% of tickets for the Olympics have been sold. So how come there are so many empty seats?
In an interview yesterday on German TV there was said that there are so many people who are trying to get tickets yet they cannot get any because they are apparently sold out.
The Brazilian press said that they had given some tickets to people from the favelas and to school children and that that may account for the seats that are missing, but come on. If a stadium is half empty and there are people waiting outside, wanting to watch surely there must be ways to sell more tickets, because to me that is a thing that actually makes the host city not look good.

Anyways this is my rant/ opinion on the controversies surrounding the Olympic Games and these are certainly issues that need to be talked about and addressed for future games, but now I am going to go back to watch whatever Olympic sport will come up now (maybe I’ll soon be an expert in synchronized swimming or shooting, you’ll never know).

Lots of love,


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