Jenny’s #GirlBoss of the month – August ’16

So far we always have written about inspiring women, who have worked incredible hard for something or even someone who wants to make the society a better place. Today I’m going to introduce you to a person I simply just like and wanted to write about.

My #GirlbBss of the month is Perrie Edwards.

Some of you might know her because she’s a member of the x-factor casting band ‘Little Mix’ and because they had international success with song like ‘Black magic’, ‘Hair’ or a kinda more old school one ‘Wings’. But some of you might also know her from her former relationship and engagement with Zayn Malik. I’m not going to talk about that though because despite her romance with him, Perrie is an independent women herself whom inspire for how she portrays herself in the public eye.

First of all I have to make one thing clear: Perrie is damn good looking. Therefore there is no surprise that she is also my girl crush. She is just beautiful to look at, isn’t she?

Besides she’s not only gorgeous from the outside she is also incredible funny. Have you ever had the scenario that you lied in bed and couldn’t fall asleep so you went into the big dark hole of the internet? Certainly everyone has and if you say no you most definitely are lying! So back to the point, I certainly have been in this dark hole a lot of times and every time I, somehow, always end up on YouTube and also stuck there for hours. One of my favourite things to do then is go and watch ‘Funny moments’ videos, either from Little Mix or Perrie herself. God damn is she hilarious! The noises she can make with her voice is unbelievable. If you don’t trust me go and have a look yourself. I always find her very uplifting when I have a down day. Just turn on one of these videos and trust me sooner as you can think you will laugh at the funny things she does.

When watching these videos, her Snapchat story, Instagram videos, Interviews or whatnot I always admire that she seems incredible confident and she is the way she is and embraces it. She’s like who she is, who she wants to be and it appears as if she doesn’t cares what other people think about her.

Perrie is not only funny, she also is very down to earth, or she is an incredible good actress as well and portrays herself very well as down to earth. On event in particular is always in my mind then. When Zayn broke up with Perrie, she obviously had a hard time. Unlike other celebrities she didn’t just smile it away, she was upfront about it and said that she’s going through a hard time. There are even videos of her, where she performs a song with her band and started crying because she was reminded of her former relationship. Which girl or even boy can not not relate to this? Love songs are the death when you’re going though a break-up. I can’t even stand listing to them (which makes listening to music in general very hard), I can’t even imagine how it must feel to sing these then and try to put in as many emotions as possible to make it authentic. I pull my imaginary head to Perrie for showing the emotions and handling them the way she did. She seemed like a normal girl who just had a hard time, handling a break up. What more normal thing do you want from a role-model?

Other celebrities hold everything in and try to pull off to be a strong person but in my opinion Perrie was the strong person there because she embraced her feelings and said to the world: hey look at me, I have a pretty shitty time at the moment because I trusted a damn-ass guy who I thought I would marry someday but it turned out that he isn’t the prince charming I have been waiting for. So yeah, I don’t feel my best and I have to go through a lot at the moment, but you know what that’s life, so my fans can know about this part of my life as well.

That’s really brave if you ask me because everybody is going to judge you for it. For trying and play the victim or making your personal life public but hey, that’s life. No life is always perfect and as we imagined it, sometimes there are bumpy roads as well which you have to pass too. Why hiding it and be a part of the imaginary perfect, glamorous Hollywood world, when in reality all these other people in this industry face the same problems as anybody else.

Sure, not everybody might be on the same page as me there and might think that she should grow a pair of balls and man-up, but I don’t think so. She just showed that in order to get a perfect life you have to go through the hard times as well and life isn’t as portrait in the media or ‘Cosmopolitan’ or ‘People’. And eventually it will get better and you forget about the heartache you had and you can only ask yourself why you have been dating a dumb-ass like that. That’s a normal life every teenager goes through and I admire Perrie for being so strong and showing us her weak side at this moment. And look at her, she’s super successful in what she does so there must be a reason why she is so.

I hope you all have an awesome (rest-) sunday and an awesome week. Speak to you again tomorrow.

Lots of love,




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