Youtuber of the month: April ’16

Picture Gabriella Lindley

Picture taken from Gabriella Lindleys Instagram Account

Hello beautiful people,

as I’ve mentioned in my introduction post I’m showing you my favourite or new discovered YouTuber of every month. So this April it’s the first one I’m going to introduce you to.

Well, I probably don’t even have to tell you who she is because she has quite a lot subscriber on YouTube and also has a bit of a fanbase on social media. The person I’m talking about is: Gabriella Lindley.

In case you have never heard of her, she’s an english beauty and lifestyle YouTuber who has grown when she started to become friends with bigger YouTuber, such as Zoella. I know that for a lot of people who watch her videos this is quite a sensitive topic because she got a lot of hate because of that. To clearify, I only know her because of the vlog of Zoella she has been in, but since that day I love her videos and how she comes across in her videos.

I’ve always loved how honest she was about things and also that despite this whole crazy YouTube journey of hers, she always seemed to stayed true to herself and of course everybody loves a bit of her cupboard chats #cupboardchatzwithgabs. Now you might think why I think shes honest because obviously YouTuber can chose what they want people to see and what not. I liked how truthfully she was in her ‘Honesty‘ video, where she talked about the whole Zoella-Hate-Story and she in general talks about things in her vlogs that you probably wouldn’t find in other vlogs and for me obviously I love that she’s quite a bit sassy but still seems to be an absolute sweetheart.

Of course she’s been around for quite a while and I knew that she’s honest but when whe uploaded her video ‘My Weight Loss Surgery’ video this month I knew that I have to mention her. Again, she got quite some controversal and various opionons on her boob job she got done, also that her mum was around hers a lot and also seemed to do the whole tidying. After she posted her weight loss story everybody understood why.

Gabby suffered from being overweighted when she grew up and coming along with that also with bulling and no matter what she tried she couldn’t lose weight, so she decided to have a gastric sleeve operation. In a short period of time, due to this operation, she lost a lot of weight. Coming along with this her skin couldn’t grow back as fast therfore she ended up with saggy skin around some parts of her body. Even though she lost a lot of weight she still didn’t feel comfortable in her own body so she decided on some further operation to help her with her problems. She actually never told most of her friends/family, let alone her subscribers. Also because of that people hated on her because her mum, obviously, helped her with house duties and all the things she couldn’t do in this time. At this time non of her subscribers knew what shes going through.

To be honest with you after I watched this video I felt really moved and thought, why do people/subscribers even care so much about having ‘plastic surgery’ or other operations done when it helps the person and also is nobodys business beside of the one who has it done. I personally think that Gabriella has been very brave to talk about it that openly and showed young people that even if you try your very best to reach a goal you can’t always reach it but sometimes you need to go a different way to reach it. I don’t want to say that you should have plastic surgery or any operation done just for not wanting to get to the gym regulary or eating healthly but for some people there is no other way anymore and if it makes them happy everybody should except their decision and not hate on them. Also people judged Gabby even though they didn’t know the whole stoy and never knew what happened behind the camera but still thought they knew everything and need to bring her down because of that.

I just felt very inspired by Gabriella for showing that if you want something for yourself in order to make yourself happy, even though you probably won’t please some other people you should always do it. Also, I obviously loved how hoenst she was about everything and I think she showed some people that being honest can help in quite a few situations.

So in case you never heard of her, I only can advice you to check her out because I truthfully like her content. 🙂

Lots of love,

Jenny x.


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