Why do we think so negative about our bodies ?

Hey you flawless human beings and aliens 🙂

For our body positivity week I decided to look at the roots of the negative bodyimage lots of us have. I started thinking about it the other day, when my friend told me her sister (who has a really great body) wants to go on a diet and was like: “You know I don’t understand where this obsession with being skinny comes from“. So I looked back (because I have been unhappy with my body for most of my life as well) and realized it didn’t start when I hit puberty as you might think. No I remember myself saying I’m too fat, when I was a child of about 8 years. This hit me hard. Why would a child at this age think about being skinny, when their only worry should be if Santa will bring them new clothes for their doll ? I can think of a lot of reasons. First of all what’s the toy most little girls (and maybe some little boys) love to play with ? When I think about my favourite toy as a child I’m instantly thinking of barbie and I’m sure a lot of you do, too. Now look at Barbie.

Barbies with more natural body shapes


She has the most unrealistic body shape ever. Her waist is so skinny, I mean girl, where are your organs supposed to be ? But of course even though she doesn’t seem to have a single gram of fat or connective tissue on her body she has big perky breasts. I’m 90% sure she’s had plastic surgery. I don’t want to say this is a bad thing, but i don’t think it’s appropriate, that a little child who’s easily influenced plays with a doll of ONLY that one unrealistic body type. Same thing for Ken, he’s tall and muscular and doesn’t have a single gram of fat on him. Of course little kids love Barbie and Ken. They think they’re pretty/handsome and cool and like their tiny little clothes. I guess at one point we all wanted to look like them. Talking about idols, who were the other characters we wanted to be like ? I’m talking about Disney princesses. That’s a thing that I don’t think has changed since I was little, most children ( and older ones as well) are obsessed with Disney. And when you look at Aurora, Snowhite, Belle, Cinderella, Arielle, Yasmin and also newer ones like Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna, you’ll notice the thing they have in common (apart from all being white) is that they’re all really, really skinny. Of course they’re portrayed as beautiful, perfect princesses, who find true love in the end. Same for the male lead like Aladdin, Eric, Kristoff, Prince Charming etc. They’re all tall and muscular and portrayed as the perfect, strong men. Who wouldn’t want to be like them ? Every child does and that’s why they buy Elsa and Anna dresses, so they look like them and can dream of their own happy end. The only characters who are a bit chubbier, are the bad guys and the not very clever ones. That connects certain looks to certain personality traits and creates prejudices, which children might pick up on. Disney has been criticised a lot for that and I really think it’s time for Disney characters to have more different body types. Of course Disney are not the only ones doing this, there are lots of other characters in television programs as well. There’s one more important reason in my opinion. Do you remember your mum ever saying something like „Oh I really love my body“ ? Well I don’t. My mum was always complaining about her tummy and saying how she needs to lose weight. I’m pretty sure lots of other Mum’s do that, too, and kids hear it every day. Their mum is usually a little childs idol and they learn by trying to copy what their mum’s do. It’s just a matter of time until they copy the sentence „Oh I really need to lose some weight.“ Like speaking, eating and so many other things, we learned being unhappy with our bodies from our mother’s. Not that it’s something they wanted us to learn. They also learned hating their bodies when they were children. So let’s agree as a generation to never complain about our bodies in front of our daughters and sons. Let’s show them that every body is worth being loved and praised. I don’t want my child to grow up and realize that she’s spend what should have been her best most worriless years, being unhappy about her body. Of course there are also many aspects later in our life, like our pubescent peers saying they’re fat (even though they’re much skinnier than us… seriously Sarah what’s wrong with you Sarah, you’re like half of me and indirectly telling me you think I’m fat). I don’t even want to start with body image in the media or fashion industry, there’s so much to say I’d have to write a book about it. I don’t say these are the reasons why we’re unhappy with our bodies, I didn’t research it or do any studies, but I strongly think it’s an important factor. Not everyone might be affected by it ( I admire you, you precious human beans, stay the way you are), but lots of people are and seriously worrying about your weight can ruin so much for you and is in most cases, completely unnecessary. So please, please, please I know it’s hard but try and love your body as much as you can, it’s beautiful, it’s wonderful, it’s sexy, it’s magnificent and it’s perfect no matter what shape, form or colour it is. And don’t you dare and let any negative opinions bring you down, they only come from hateful people, who don’t hype teenage dirtbag or like donuts and you really don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

You’re beautiful, have an amazing rest of the day !!

Alli xx

Pictture sources : Different body shape barbies , Common Barbie , Disney princesses

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