Telepho(ne)bia ?

I woke up this morning an hour earlier than I had to and couldn’t go back to sleep because I was nervous. It’s not like I wasn’t still tired because I hadn’t slept well between weird, anxious dreams and laying awake worrying about this morning. I tried to take my mind of it by browsing social media and playing games on my phone, but I was still stressing out about it while I had a shower and got ready. I was strangely aware of my heartbeat, as I watched the fingers on my clock moving closer to 8:00 am. Running the scenario through my head for like the 20th time, I just wished I was already done with it.

Why I was so anxious? One might think I had an important job interview, a presentation infront of a lot of people or anything  else people might find in any way distressing. But all I had to do was make an appointment with my doctor and another one with my gynecologist. I wasn’t nervous about the appointments itself, I never had a problem with that. The thing that made my heart rate fasten was the thought of making a phone call.

I’ve been anxious about phone calls as long as I remember. And it always went further than our generations general disregard of direct human interaction. I still grew up in the olden times when we didn’t have mobile phones as kids and you had to call your friend’s landline to arrange to hang out in the afternoon. I usually tried to make them ring me so I didn’t have to call them and have their mum pick up. I liked all my friend’s mums, but I still saw it as a hard task to say the words “hello it’s Alli, may I speak to xy.” Over time I aditionally got uncomfortable with answering the phone at home. I usually avoided it and let my mum get it hoping and praying nobody was calling to me. It went so far that my heart started racing any time I heard our phone ring. I felt better about it the closer I was to the person. I didn’t have a problem calling my parents or my best friend. With other friends I was way more uncomfortable, but talking to strangers on the phone was my nightmare.

My mum of course didn’t understand that and got pissed off frequently by me refusing to call anyone unless it was inevitable and making a fuss about it. She thought I was being a ridiculous teenager, when in fact the thought of picking up the phone made me feel sick with fear. I forgot how to form sentences just by looking at it.

I can’t even say what it is. I don’t have a problem with talking to strangers in person most of the time. I’m not even scared of public speaking. Maybe it is being judged, not being able to read the persons body language and facial reactions or the fear of not knowing what to say. I don’t know. What I know is it’s not rational.

A few years ago when I became more aware about mental illnesses, I googled it for the first time, because I started to think that maybe it wasn’t just that I’m overly shy and perhaps I wasn’t even the only one with this problem. Turns out I’m not. I found lots of articles about the phenomenon, describing the situation excactly like I experienced it. In this research I found out, that it was in fact a form of social phobia. There are no stats how many people suffer from it, but it’s more common than one would think. You can even find courses or ten step plans to deal with it on the internet. Finding out about it helped me a lot, as to be honest I had always felt like I was weird because of it.

Of course it didn’t get better immediatly, but I found out for myself that it actually got easier the more often you did it. In a journalism course I took we had to call potential interview partners, which totally freaked me out at first. But after I managed to make myself call the first few, it kept getting easier and easier especially as it was always the same conversation. A few months later I had an internship at at radio station, where my main job was to call people and answer the phone. Funnily enough I didn’t struggle with that, because I could kind of “hide” behind the corporate identity. As I read in the articles during my research, a lot of people also get anxious about the phone in the workplace. After I finishing the internship I was convinced I was over my phobia, but I’m still not. I still let my mum make my dentist and hairdresser appointments when she calls them to make ones for herself. I still shake when I have to call my gyn. And I’d still rather write 20 emails than make one quick phone call. I don’t know if that will ever change,but I guess I’ll just have to deal with it. Luckily, the problem about calling friends disppeared by itself by the wonderful invention of the internet and our generation’s preferance for text messages. (Seriously thanks guys)

So I mainly wrote this, that if you read this and if you know the feeling I described, you won’t feel alone anymore or weird about yourself like I did. And so you can show your mum that is in fact an actual phobia. Buuut, so this whole post wasn’t a complete waste of time here are also some coping mechanisms you can try next time you have to use that particular application on your smartphone.

  1. Ask yourself what excactly you are scared of. You will see there is nothing reasonable to be afraid of.
  2. Think about the worst outcome that could happen, which most of the time is nothing that’s actually bad.
  3. Think through what exactly you are going to say. If there are more things you have to adress make a list so you don’t have to be scared to not remember everything. You can also write down important information they give you.
  4. BREATHE. Take a few deep breaths to calm down before you press the call button.
  5. What always helps me as well is playing with a pen or scribbeling on something while talking to the person.
  6. Stand up. Standing up doesn’t only give your lungs more room to breathe but you will also feel taller and more confident.
  7. If being anxious about making calls, really affects your life or job, don’t hesitate to talk to a therapist about it. There is no reason at all to be ashamed!

In the end I also managed to call my doctor. As he told me to make an appointment with a specialist I will have to call in there soon as well. And there are a million of other phone calls to come. And I will have to conquer my fears again and again and again- But even though I’m struggling, in the end I know that I can do it, because I’ve also done it a thousand times before. And so can you. Good luck !

Love Alli xx

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Things to do if you can’t travel

Hi guys,

summer is almost over and everyone is booking their vacation or still posting pictures of beaches and hikes and cocktails in the sunset on instagram. Well almost everyone. Me for example. I’m pretty broke, so no travelling for me this year. As I’m basically the definition of the internationally most popular german word fernweh ( a desire to travel and see places) you can imagine how frustrating that is for me. If you’re currently in the same situation and are forced to stay at home due to money issues or because you just have too much to do, here’s the stuff I thought about to substitute a holiday in another country.

  1. Go to the lake with your friends

Yes, the beaches of the world are calling out to all of us, but it’s just not happening this year. So why not go to a nice lake intead? Pack up your beach towels, your sunscreen and your friends and drive to the nearest lake (or swimming pool if you want) and enjoy the last couple of warm days. You can also take a picknick and just talk to your friends and relax or you read a book in quiet. Who needs a beach now ?

2. Learn to cook meals from another country

We all were already looking forward to the italian pizza, spanish paella, french macarons or original thai currys, but it’s just not gonna happen. Or maybe it is?  You can make all these delicious things at home just as well. Get a country specific cook book or find a YouTube tutorial, go to another supermarket than Aldi for a change and raid the international section and get started. It might take you a few tries but with a bit of practice everyone is able to master the art of foreign cuisine. In many cities there are also culinary schools offering cooking lessons, like making sushi or chinese cooking. You can learn something new AND eat great food, there’s nothing better.  And if it still doesn’t taste nice ? Wash it down with a glas (or a bottle depends on how bad you screwed up) of real french wine and you’ll feel just like you’re at the côte d’azur.

3. Learn another language, find a tandem partner

What I always find one of the most fascinating things about goig to another country is hearing the language. Even if it’s just looking up funny words on road signs or in restaurants menues. If you’re missing out on this this year just prepare for your next journey and start learning a new language. There are often courses who aren’t too expensive, but if you don’t want to spend any money you can find some free language learning apps in the App Store /PlayStore. Another possibility is paying a private person, like a foreign student to give you lessons, or find a tandem partner in your city or on the internet. A tandem partner teaches you their language or helps you improve your skills in exchange for you teaching them yours. That’s not only a great way to learn a language but you also get to know their culture and have a friend from another country. So, los geht’s, c’est parti, arriba !!

4. Explore your region

This might sound lame but often people have been to the most exotic places but have never seen their backyard. I’ve lived in the city where I study for 3 years now and I still haven’t seen a lot of the region, even though there are great things to explore. So this year my friends and I decided to take more day trips and it was so worth it. We had some really fun hikes and saw some really cool things and beautiful little cities. Also my parents visited me a couple of days ago and we took some guided tours and visited some museums and it was really interesting. So many things had been directly in front of me that I had never really paid attention to. I can only recommend getting a travel guide of your area and then go and explore! it won’t be to expensive and you might be surprised what you can find!

5. Take some time to pamper yourself

If you can’t go on that spa trip with your besties bring the spa to your home! you can learn how to make cool cocktails or healthier smoothies, buy some face masks, body lotion and scented candles and then invite your friends. Do each others nails while gossipping and then have some moscato and chocolate covered strawberries. Watch a girls movie in your dressing gowns (I can only recommend to all the boys I loved before). Then have a bath with a cool bubble bath and just pamper yourself. Nothing can beat Spa days with your friends in terms of relaxation. It’s also the best therapy and you can already start planning your travels next year when you have money again.


Yes not traveling is still sad, but there are so many other (cheaper) things you can do to get away from your daily routine, take your head off things and just havea really chill holiday at home!

I hope that helps a bit if you’re suffering from the staying at home blues ! If you want to share what you do to have the best ever stay- at-homeliday just head to our twitter @castaway_minds    or our instagram @castawayminds and tell us ! (please we need help).

Lots of love,


Alli xx

University Life with Lili – Topic 1: Boys Or The Super Unfortunate Process of Forming A Crush On Someone


It’s me, Lili with another blogpost. This could also be a Youtube intro, I am just so bad at saying a normal hello to you. Let’s try again: Hello, how are you doing today? Now that seems more normal. I am starting a new series called University Life with Lili, where I’ll be talking about everything that concerns me and my life at universities in hopes that you do not make the same mistakes I did, like getting drunk and spilling your heart out to your crush or start studying for an exam the week before or just never attending this really boring lecture that you just don’t understand. We’ve all been there and if you’re not at university well then you haven’t but I still hope you take some important life lessons with you.

The topic I want to talk about today is boys. WOOO! What did she just say? Yup, I know. pretty risqué and all but we’ll make it through. Now I am not talking about what types of boys you meet, what I’m trying to say is: University can be like a fun zoo experience full of great guys but as soon as you develop a crush all hell breaks lose. Cause a crush at university is sometimes even worse than at school, cause normally you’re out of your awkward puberty age meaning things should get serious pretty soon. Some of your friends might even be married already so you start thinking time is ticking.tumblr_o1yyf174s91qc8jh0o1_540

  1. Spot the guy

As I said University is like a Zoo full of cute guys, well they’re not always cute but they’re all so grown up and ambitious and smart and most of them are single and in a time of their life when they just walk from one girl to another but oh wait a second. You won’t be THAT girl. Nope! You’re the one that’ll make him realize he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. So go out there, find your guy!tumblr_o43q3lau071uvj8g9o1_500

2. Watch him – carefully and not obvious at all

Got your guy? Good! You’re one step ahead in the downward spiral of College crushes. Now all you gotta do is watch him, all day. I mean it. You’ll turn into a walking plant with very hidden binoculars, you’ll make more of an effort when going to a lecture and you’ll make sure to come at the exact time when the lecture hall is not too full so that there is still a seat left somewhere around him but also not too empty, cause you know he might not be there, and lets face it, you don’t want to come off as creepy…and then one day he’ll look at you and the way you see things will change forever.tumblr_oazocivujd1ubarwdo1_500

You two are now engaged in a very sophisticated, very sexy starring contest, at least in your mind you are. Enjoy it while you still can! It might not get any better than this.tumblr_ofyhdzaeud1uzomqmo1_500

3. Stalking aka Make his friends your new best friends

From now on you’ll spend every minute of your life finding out his name, memorizing his schedule and befriending his friends. Soon enough you’ll be at the level where you can walk past his group of friends and quickly waving at them, only to have him ask “Who is that girl?” and you’ll know you two are on your way to finally actually know each other. As in him actually knowing your name. You will be pretty invested in it, and you might lose yourself in it, but hey it’s for a greater good, right?tumblr_oh2en9vjaf1s6hha7o1_500

4. It’s on like donkey kong!

Now stage four usually involves you actually talking to him. Drunk. At a friends party. He’ll probably think you’re funny and you’ll think this is it. He’ll ask you on a date.tumblr_nuh0lnjes01qa1ubyo1_500

But don’t be fooled. He’ll probably lure you into bed with him and well…things will happen.

5. Blissful, wishful thinking

It’s time. You can finally start planning your future together. A small text won’t hurt.tumblr_mjjbzpaklw1qzakqso1_r1_500

But darling that text won’t ever be noticed by him and from now on you live in denial and in pain. Because you have to see him every day. And his friends are now your friends except they do not know anything happened because you guys never dated.tumblr_mjjbzpaklw1qzakqso2_500

6. Getting over him

Now you’re at the point where you’re just done with it. You guys did not even love each other, it was just a stupid College fling nothing more. You will have to avoid each other until you have your Bachelor, but you can do it.tumblr_nms0bxynda1qc5p6yo1_500

Until you are getting annoyed. He is already over you, he still doesn’t know your name but he’s still attending the same lectures as you. How dare he?! He is just so annoying.tumblr_nuq82low7b1s71gs7o1_500

And your friends don’t help either, cause they will remind you of him every step you take.

7. The “U up?” Message

Wow, congrats! You’ve made it to a booty call. He must be drunk beyond comprehension and cannot keep his manhood to himself. Don’t give in sweetie, he’s just another fuckboy and he’ll sooner or later learn his lesson but you do not have to get involved.tumblr_nmguune0id1qc9dmlo1_500

8. You’ve overcome the crush

Finally! You are not following him anymore and you could care less about his contributions to some sociologist theories, you can analyze the readings yourself, you don’t need a man.tumblr_oa0insdj9o1tl4vqeo1_500

Well that is until you suddenly see that guy from 2 rows in front of you in a very different light…and we’re back at the beginning. So good luck!

Lots of love,



Things I learned to be true during my semester abroad

  1. Wherever you go you always take yourself with you. 

You might think you can leave everything behind and start over completely new with new people in a new setting, but the truth is: you can’t leave yourself behind. You will still be the same person with your quirks and insecurities and thoughts that make you you.

I for example even though I was in a different surrounding still was overthinking everyone and was insecure about myself and people not liking me. You can’t run away from yourself and you won’t magically get over yourself just because you go to another place.snapchat-1857988584.jpg

So if you wanna change something and leave your problems behind it doesn’t work to just run away and hide in an other place. The problems will find you. You have to face them and constantly work on yourself to actually improve something, no matter where you are

2. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you flight tickets and that’s pretty much the same.

First of all I think the people saying that money can’t buy you happiness definitely haven’t had to worry about money in their lives. While of course money alone doesn’t make you happy, having enough of it surely makes a lot of things easier. Especially because then you’re able to afford your flight tickets. And not only that: train rides to the mountains, boat tours, dives, rental cars for roadtrips, courses to learn something new and so much more.

Seeing so many amazingly beautiful places like

20171119_135235Whitehaven beach and the Great barrier reef ( to name my favourites) and being able to have new experiences, which sometimes require getting out of your comfort zone, filled my heart with so much awe and my soul with so much joy like I could never have imagined. It was just such an amazing feeling to see some of the beauty of our eart and I’m so grateful I got the opportunity. I spend so much money and still had the feeling to have come back a lot richer than before.




3. Challenges help you grow stronger

Yes, they actually do and we all kind of know that. Still it was amazing experiencing it on yourself. It might only be little everyday challenges but if you conquer them you feel so much more confident about yourself.  Even though you will still see something you’ve done a lot of times challenging, doing them again and again will make it easier for you every time.

For me that would have been befriending strangers, calling people on the phone or taking the lift (I’m claustrophobic and used to panic in them). The more often I did those things the easier I found them and the better I felt about myself, because I knew I could face my fears and do it anyway.

4. A home doesn’t have to be a house…

It can be a shitty, untidy flat without windows and with furniture from the seventies, that still gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling when you enter it after a hard day of studying and facing people you can’t handle.It can be an old car, which still gives you a strong feeling of security, because there are always boxes of food in there and it carried you safely to so many wonderful places (and you had some pretty nice naps in it). It can be an air bnb flat with the ugliest wallpaper that has ever been printed, because after and exciting day that’s where you go back to cook your go to cheap meal with your friends and fall asleep after discussing every single funny aspect of the day. In the end home is not a place, it’s a feeling and you can find that feeling anywhere with the right people by your side.

5. …and a family doesn’t have to be related.

I found the eight people that became my family in my first week in Sydney. We spent every day together and they were the faces I saw when I came home after a day at Uni. we cooked together and shared our stories, we talked about our problems, we comforted each other, we joked around, celebrated birthdays and christmas and the end of exams. We travelled together and share all our memories. We disagreed we argued and made up. This is family for me. Supporting each other, fighting for each other, sticking together and being there for one another.

6. You never I come back the same you left.

This is kind of obvious as well. You see and do so many things that make you grow as a person and make a permanent impression on you. These experiences become part of who you are and you’re a different person coming back to a place with parts of you still stuck at the place you were.


That was it from me for today, I will chill the rest of the day crying over my fotos and unnercessarily mentioning to everyone (if they wanna hear it or not) that I’ve been to Australia. If you have any questions or just wanna have a chat hit me up on our twitter @castaway_minds or our instagram @castawayminds.





To the guy who can fuck himself

Today is one of them days that started off good but then an event happened and all you want to do is go to your bed, have a good cry, eat a shit ton of ice cream and then eventually fall asleep whilst watching a sad film and crying.

Some people might say that it is pathetic why I’m down all of the sudden but today happened something that happens to me quite frequently and something that is about something that I’m not happy about about my body.

Let me explain what happened:

So I had a group meeting with two of my friends for Uni. Whilst walking back from it with Maren (I have mentioned her before here, she’s like my best friend at Uni), we past some traffic lights. I think at this point we weren’t talking but I was just thinking about something that I had to do or we were just talking about. When some guy shouted out something out of a car window. Because I was deep in my thoughts I didn’t catch what he was saying, I only heard that Maren answered something inappropriate/rude. So I asked what he was just saying whilst they drove away. She told me that he just shouted out of the window: You’re fat.

Since they shouted it to us, it’s clear that he meant me. Because let’s face it, I’m not really skinny or thin and have quite a few pounds too much on me. He definitely didn’t mean Maren because she has a great physique and is very toned.

After this happened we popped to the food shop very quickly to get some stuff but it was weird. Like there was a weird feeling in the air after it happened, or at least I felt so.

On the one hand I hate myself for not catching what he was saying because I would have liked to say something back like: Better fat than ugly, or something like that.

But on the other hand, who the fuck gave this guy the right to shout something like this to a girl on the street you’ve never met in your life before? Have you ever thought that this person might have feelings and you can hurt someone by saying such nasty things?

As I said before being called fat or ugly isn’t the first time for me (here’s another example when I wrote about another twat calling me out being too fat (The one time I met an absolute twat), but it never happened in such a rude way. And I also know that something like this shouldn’t get to me because let’s face it the guy who shouted it was just an absolute twat and honestly I’m usually a very polite person and only want the best for everybody, but believe me when I say I don’t care if he would just break his leg or so. In fact that would be karma and the right thing to happen to him. Although I know that, it still got to me.

Like has he ever thought about that the person he just called out because of their weight might have some serious health problems? Like no matter what it is. So many people struggle with their weight because of health reasons, so no fucking person has the right to call someone else out because of their appearance. No matter if it is because they are very thin or because they are bigger. He clearly hasn’t thought about the fact that someone might have something like hypothyroidism or other medical conditions. A person might want to look thin but simply can’t because of a condition they have.

On the other hand someone could have a serious mental problem concerning their body. There are serious mental illnesses that a lot of people have, like bulimia, anorexia, obesity or in general all kind of eating disorders. Clearly a person like him has no fucking idea what such a nasty comment like his can do to the person he just shouted it to.

And normally that’s something I don’t talk about and only one of my friends knows about it but in fact I have had eating disorders in the past. To the point where I still have to track my food, just to make sure that I eat the right amount of things. I had to track my food for 4 or 5 years now and I have so many journals I have written and hid before. Like non of my friends or my family knows about this. Only my doctor. And I guess you now…

This guy and so many other people don’t have a fucking idea what the hell is going on in this peoples life so nor he or anybody else has a right to say a fucking thing about how anybody but himself/herself looks like.

Although I know all of these things it still messes with my head. It messes up with my head that much that I’m sitting here spending too much time thinking about what happened today and writing this blog post. When in fact he should be not even worth a second of my life. And it definitely didn’t help with the way I ate the rest of the day then and the next few days.

Always think about what you say to others. Such a small sentence can have an enormous impact on someone’s life without you even knowing it.

Lots of love,


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Girls dress for themselves

Heyy people 🙂

First of all I’m sorry for being absent for that long, I had severe writers block and was busy with uni stuff. Buuut here I am trying to be more on this blog again. So I hope you forgive me.

This post is about an issue I see to be confronted with quite often and which has always been bothering me. It’s the fact that a lot of males seem to believe that girls dress/wear make up to please them and to be liked by them. I know, I know the moral  should slowly become clear towards the end of a post but as I want to be very clear about this I’m just going to state it right at the beginning: We generally don’t. Dear boys I’m very sorry to disappoint you, but not every thing a girl does is about you. Shocking I know. Sit down a minute. Breathe. Have a sip of water. And then get of that fucking high horse.

You might wonder what caused me being so angry about that so I will share my personal experiences with that topic. Today I saw this social media post that was like : “oh yes she’s wearing red nailpolish now I want to hit on her….Said no guy ever”. As I couldn’t just swallow that I commented “Cute that guys still believe everything girls do is for them”. Someone actually answered me that In the end it actually is. I was furious. As if I wore nailpolish for random guys who a) probably don’t even notice it, because honestly I don’t think when you meet a girl, the first thing you look at are her nails and b) don’t even know a difference between scarlet and rose. So yeah probably fucking not. As you might already assume there are reasons this post made me so angry. As a girl you’re always told not to wear that much make up, or don’t wear your hair short, or don’t dress a certain way because “boys don’t like that”. On the other hand having certain characteristics are good because boys it. Sometimes when I had issues with my body not being super skinny even my Mum told me that it was okay “because men like women with curves”. It was also fine, that I have small breasts, as there are men who’s type I am like that. I never thought much about that until I became a feminist. One day after that I clarified that I didn’t give a damn what men think about my body because the only think that counts is what I think about it. I don’t need and will never need  approval for any parts of my body of any guy who has nothing to do with them. My mum looked at me surprised, but she understood. Not everyone seems to get that unfortunately. I dated a guy who used to tell me I would look better with shorter hair and explained to me in detail what kind of clothes I should wear to make myself more attractive to him and guys in general. It went so far he once told me, that I was lucky to be the height I am, because if I was taller less guys would want me. When I told him that I didn’t think it was my purpose on this earth to meet any guys expectations, he just stuck with his point and didn’t take me serious. I know that not all guys are like that, but I was honestly shocked and a bit disappointed in the male gender. That were the most remarkable moments I had with that issue, there were some more, but I think you understand why this post upset me so much. Of course I have to admit there are cases when girls dress up for boys. When you dress up for a date and wonder which dress he’d like on you. When you wear a certain jumper when you see your boyfriend, because you know he likes it and you make an effort to look pretty for him. When you have a  crush and you want him to notice you so you wear a flattering outfit. But seriously I don’t believe any girl gets up in the morning thinking “well what could I wear today what the boys out there would like” And nobody wears make up for a person who doesn’t even notice what you have in your face. Even in the cases where you could say girls dress up for guys, we always choose the things we feel pretty in and confident and like the best version of ourselves. So in reality it’s about that. We wear the things we feel good in and the things we like and we wear make up or don’t wear it because that’s the way we want to express yourself and feel like the motherfucking queens we are. And yes that has to do with how other people perceive us and of course it makes us feel good to hear compliments, but in the end it’s about us feeling comfortable in our skin. So boys if you ever think a girl chose that top with the big cleavage for your pleasure or is wearing those heels just so you think she’s sexy you’re probably wrong (and a self absorbed prick). She’s doing it because she knows she slays and SHE feels sexy in those clothes. And remember that ‘s all that matters. We don’t need your opinion on our bodies or style, so if we don’t ask please keep it to yourselves. And girls: Keep doing you. Don’t listen to men telling you what you should do and how you should look. Same for other women. You’re not living for anyone but yourself and you don’t need anyone’s approval for your personal choices.

That was my rant I hope you liked it. 🙂

Talk to you soon

Love Ally

How to procrastinate like a pro

Hello lovely people,

today is my turn again and since I’m a bit in a studying stress I though I write about the reason why I am in a stress: my best friend, procrastination!

I would consider myself as an absolute pro at procrastinate so I thought I share my knowledge with all of you and I can feel a bit less bad about myself! 🙂

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Tip number 1: YouTube

My best/worst thing I always do is spend hours on YouTube instead of actually revising. I mean watching all ThatcherJoe main channel videos and vlogs is something very important in life, right?! Finding new YouTuber which I obviously have to stalk first and then subscribe to and watch every single video of them or they appeared in. These are the essentials in life and make a great impression in my CV! Not everybody can write in their CV: Special Skills: Knowing every single YouTube video off by heart. My future boss must be impressed by that and ignore my bad grades, right?!

Tip number 2: Cleaning

When I started revising for my A-Levels back in the days, or now in University everybody always said that cleaning is becoming your best friend. I personally never was this person. I much rather laid in bed watching YouTube videos but this changed this semester. I was swept away by the hype. Somehow cleaning seemed very appealing and boy, my room was never as clean as it is at the moment.

Tip number 3: Baking

As you might know I’m a big lover of baking and this continued this semester. Learning or baking cookies for my girl night-in later in the evening? Baking a birthday cake or revising for my exam in 4 days, I guess the answer is clear… 😀 I mean I did something for my friends, right? It wasn’t wasting time at all, right? 😀

Tip number 4: Have a lay-in

I don’t know when you can study the best, but I definitely can in the morning between breakfast and lunch. So having a lay-in and only be able to study for like 2 hours before you actually make some food which is basically your lunch and then being absolutely unmotivated is a super tip. You definitely should try it, I can only recommend it!

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Tip number 5: Learning cards

Spend your time wisely for studying and make some studying cards is a good thing, right? Well, not if you waste your time writing them and then basically have no time anymore to actually learn them. Yeah sure you keep some things by just writing them but when you write your exam and have to know all the in-depth information in order to pass your exam just writing your cards isn’t helping really. But heyho, you can say you studied and it wasn’t your fault, right?

Tip number 6: Online shopping

What better then looking online for absolute unnecessary clothes, shoes, make-up, handbags, beddings and all kind of other stuff? I guess, if you actually should do other things there is something better then online shopping. I know this is shocking news but sadly also very true.

Tip number 7: Daydream

Once again one of my favs. Just sit in front of your papers, stare at them and imagine how life would be if your (celebrity) crush would actually know you or how life would be if you’re already finished University and you’re an independent, successful women in your job. Definitely is going to help you in your exams.

Tip number 8: Making lists

I’m an absolute sucker for notebooks and lists and I probably make more lists then Michael Clifford changes his hair. So starting a new list instead of studying is a brilliant idea. What about ‘What I should do during my holidays’ or sort out all your family and friend’s birthday and Christmas presents till 2030. Sounds like a magnificent plan to me.


Tip number 9: Make study breaks

Everyone needs study breaks, so you definitely should do them regularly. The only bad thing is if your breaks take like 2 hours but you only study for like an hour. You see the problem? Not really efficient but you can be annoyed at yourself soon enough. More specific the day before your exam when you ask yourself why on earth you’re so stupid and you do all the things mentioned above.

Tip number 10: Be annoyed

As I just mentioned there is this one time were you ask yourself why you have done all the things above and you get super annoyed at yourself. What you only realise right before bed is that once again you wasted a day by being annoyed at yourself or you tell yourself that now there’s no point in starting revising properly anyways.

These are my 10 top tips in how to become a top procrastinater. You only have to follow these steps and I’m sure you’re as good as me in no time.

But in all seriousness, don’t procrastinate! It’s stupid and only effects your marks, in which you could be so much better if you actually would stick to your studying-plan. So don’t procrastinate kids!!!

I’m off, trying to get as much information as possible in my little head last minute because somehow I need to remember 34 written pages (on computer) on Wednesday morning and so far I’m able of around 13. So wish me luck and that I don’t procrastinate as much anymore.

Lots of love,

Jenny xxx


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