YouTuber of the month: June ’16

This month my obsession is quite clear to me and some of you might wonder about it. When it comes to YouTube and me I quite enjoy all kind of YouTube videos and channels and if you know me a little bit by now this months favourite shouldn’t be a surprise to you. But enough talking, first things first let me tell you whom I loving: Sorted aka SortedFood.

Let me tell you about them. Sorted is a British food channel. The founder and the ones who are in front of the camera are Ben (the chef), Mike, Barry and Jamie.

They’re old school mates and after they graduated they all went into different directions but eventually came together again to start their channel ‘Sorted’ in May 2010 (yes I know they had a channel before this one, but I’m only talking about Sorted for now). Since the channel started Ben tries, sometimes more sometimes less successful, to teach the other 3 how to cook and bake mostly with easy recipes. At this point it also has to be pointed out that they actually learnt things in comparison to when they started, so good job Ben :). They post 3 videos per week and they’re probably most known for their Fridgecam which comes out every Sunday at 10am GMT. Fridgecam is created as kinda a vlog for Sorted. In this series they cook something/do challenges or whatever, but also explain what went on on their channel and also Website plus they do a comment of the week (Shout out to James at this point!! ;)). Comment of the week is quite an important part because there they obviously pick a comment of one of their videos which they especially liked and react to it. In their videos tha’st kinda their interaction with their audience but beside of that they’re also known for interaction in the comment section quite a lot with their viewers. They also made their own website which is basically a big community where you can get recipes from, upload recipes, photos of food, interact with each other, read things the Sorted team has posted to a certain topic or simply get the recipes they did in one of their videos. When I look for a recipe is honestly one of the first addresses I go to. Because of the many videos Sorted have done already plus the whole Community there is most certainly a recipe for what you’re looking for.

But back to YouTube, the reason why I love their videos so much, is because they make cooking videos super funny and also kinda interesting when Ben has one of his geeky moments again. Also because all of them are so different in personalities which makes the whole concept super fun. Although Ben always gets bullied because of his geekyness (is this even a word? :D) and because of his red shorts (yes, you read right, but everybody has their own fashion style, right?! :P). A major point is also that they make cooking (seem) easy and they try to come up with easy recipes, also easy to cook yourself recipes which try to be also on the trends which goes around. They do not only cook but also do challenges or trips which have to do with food. So once they did a ‘Lost and Hungry’ tour all around America and showed the different food in the USA. But they also did like a series where they had a camping trip and showed food which you can do there, or they do challenges like a recent video of theirs where they tried to show how you can make food taste better, or one of their epic food battles where Barry, Mike and Jamie have to come up with a recipe to a certain topic and than cook it in kinda of a cook-off and then the viewers can decide who won in the comments, or they had a series which called ‘Big night in’ and they shared food which you easily can do when you invite some friends over (to be honest still my fav series and I wish they would bring it back! ;)), or they did eye candy or what not. You see the list is almost endless and you definitely can find something which interests you.

I honestly could write down an endless list why I love their channel and everything they do, have I mentioned that they also have brought out cookbooks? No, okay they also do cookbooks which to be honest I like to have every single one of. I might need to start saving for them now! But anyhow, what was I writing about? Ah yeah, why I love them. So yeah I love their videos and blog and basically everything that has to do with them. On this note, they also do cooking equipment which considering I have my own kitchen now, I should get everything from, okay, another reason I should save money! Sorry, I go carried away once again, but you see I really love their videos and I probably have watched every single one at least twice. To be fair I reckon it has been like 5 times or even more, so I basically should be a female version of Ben by now but sadly I’m still a cheap version of Barry, Mike or Jamie.

So if you like cooking videos, or you’re looking for a new recipe or just would like to check them out I can only advise you to go to their channel and website and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Once you’re caught in the spiral of Sorted it isn’t easy to leave these 4 individuals again! 😉


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