Monthly Favourites April/May


This feature of the Sunday Funday bit is going to be all about our monthly favourites. This can be anything from a song, to a thing we did, to something we discovered or something else. I am going to be the first one doing it and tbh I have never really watched any videos or read that much about it so bare with me. So as I have been studying and I am a poor student, I haven’t bought much new stuff and all I have been able to do is living in a library hoping I’ll remember some things for exams #funtimes. Because of that my monthly favourites might be all related to this.

Favourite Food: OREOS.

If nothing keep me going during exam time, Oreos will. I know it’s bad, I know they have a lot of sugar and so on and so forth BUT they make me go into uni, because our uni shop has them constantly on offer and makes library life bearable. Also as cookies often replace my breakfast as I am super lazy and I am more than happy to skip breakfast for that extra half an hour in bed, Oreos have been my staple food over these last couple of weeks. (Need to show off that I actually learned something. Staple foods are foods that make up the majority of your diet and are often storable over a long period of time, for most of the world’s population it’s rice, wheat or maize, for me it’s Oreos)


[Photo Source 1]

Favourite Band: MARIANA’S TRENCH

Not a new discovery, but my go to band when I am stressed, travelling, want to forget the world and just shut my brain off. Marianas Trench is a Canadian Band consisting of Josh Ramsay (lead singer), Matt Webb (lead guitar), Mike Ayley (bass guitar) and Ian Cassleman (drums). All of them play multiple instruments and sing and it is glorious. They have an overall pop punk sound and their lyrics are the best thing ever. All their albums have different themes and my all time favourite album is definitely Ever After as it is just an absolute masterpiece. Ironically, the most popular song Josh has ever written is not a lyrically great and musically complex song, but Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.

Favourite book: AFTER YOU

After you by Jojo Moyes was something I had waited for quite anxiously. I was super excited that I was going to go on another journey with Lou, but at the same time I was super scared it was going to wreck my impression of Me Before You. But I can proudly say it didn’t. I loved it. It was so nice to see and it seemed realistic in the context and you could definitely see her do all the things in the story line. Also it made me even more excited for the film of Me Before You. ( I can’t wait like Sam Claflin, Emilia Clarke and Matthew Lewis aka Finnick from the Hunger Games, Daenerys from Game of Thrones and  a grown up Neville from Harry Potter all in the same film. What more could you possibly want???)

After You[Photo Source 2]

Favourite form of studying: MIND MAPS

I hate studying. At least sitting down and studying. I like making things up and just hope for the best and it worked well in school. Now in uni I feel like I should be more responsible and try to study. It wasn’t the best start realizing that I had missed about 20 lectures for each of two of my modules and I had to write a huge amount of notes just to catch up. * Note to self: DON’T DO IT AGAIN* (Probs will anyways) So after I finished all my notes I realized I’d get bored of them so I got my colourful pens out and made very pretty mind maps. They are not as terrible to look at as plain notes, so I don’t mind using them. My only problem will be having to throw them out, because I am actually quite proud of them.

Favourite excuse not to study: I AM COLD

I have in my time come up with some good and some bad excuses for why I definitely cannot study or go into uni for one day, but this exam period I think I hit a new low. Last week at some point I woke up and I was cold (the temperature outside had dropped and we hadn’t turned our heating on). But yeah, that was enough reason for me to stay in bed and not study, instead watch documentaries that may be remotely related to my studying and plenty of other things that had NOTHING to do with it.

*In my defence most days I was in the library for 9 am and stayed up to 10-11 hours.

Favourite distraction: INSTAGRAM

You know how you can just fall into a hole of looking at one picture that comes up in your feed and somehow 10 minutes later you are 52 weeks in into some account? Yeah happened to me more than once this week. Most of the time it is dog accounts! I am currently developing an undying love for Australian Shepherds because they are beautiful and gorgeous and cute and I want like 10. I’ll just start scrolling through their accounts and then imagine how great it would be taking your dog, your friends and your friend’s dogs and just walk up some nice hill and just generally having a fun time. (I also have a current obsession with hills and mountains, cause I can see them from my favourite spot in the library and I REALLY just want to leave and climb up the hill.)



Those are my favourites of this month! I hope you enjoyed it.  To everyone who is also going through exams: good luck and I sooo feel the pain.
Lots of Love,

Katie xx


Instagram: @castawayminds

Twitter: @castaway_minds


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