Places to Hide

Hey everyone,

I am back after a break that has been way too long, but this semester has just been insanely crazy and with a deadline basically every week I have been insanely stressed. But this is now over, at least for a bit.

Today I want to talk to you about the world. I mean, you are probably thinking, jeez Katie, couldn’t you be any more specific. And you are right.
Well unless you are already ahead of me and have found the perfect hiding place and are now living under a rock, you will have noticed that there are a few minor things going on in the world currently. Like the Simpsons predicting the next president of the US, or a very creative guy in Turkey that finds a reason to arrest kind of everyone, and this minor war that has been going on for a very short period of time in Syria and oh yeah there has also been this weird thing called Brexit. Plus these are probably only the very, very few things that are shown on the news and there is a whole lot more going on.
In addition to the news I had three modules this semester that kind of even enhanced all these things that are going on. I had one that talked about human rights, making us look at all the issues that are currently happening, one on global development aka how the global north fucked over the global south and how we are being to up ourselves to actually do something about it, and one that was about the economy and the environment and the struggles this combination causes (YES, despite what certain people *Trump* may think, CLIMATE CHANGE DOES EXIST).
So what I am trying to say that the past 4 months have basically made me lose faith in humanity and the amount of times my friends and I joked about hiding somewhere to escape all of the madness has been incredible so here are a couple of places we have been planning to go to.

A Remote Island

This has basically been our go to. Remote Island somewhere to make us least accessible to the rest of the world. No internet, no phone reception, no news. This would kind of go into Winnie Pooh logic of if I can’t see you, you can’t see me, but hey, it would be nice. And with taking our friends it surely would be fun. I mean we would probably have to go onto a major book shopping spree beforehand and the amount of food and water supplies we would initially need before we can actually be self-sufficient would be huge, but hey ho we will learn and make it work, right?
Only issue might be that some of the remote islands are prone to earthquakes, flooding or are volcanic, but I am sure we can find one that is accessible, right?

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A Cave

Next suggestion we came across was a cave. I mean, yeah that sounds like a decent idea, it is giving you shelter and maybe if we are deep enough within a mountain we would be able to survive nuclear wars and stuff. And as an avid reader of dystopian novels I have faith that we are going to be capable of creating underground farms and be self sufficient. I mean the dwarfs in the Eragon books live mostly within a mountain, so why should we not be able to do this. Plus in other books there are plenty of underground labs and in the Gender Game there is an underground farm, so I am sure we will be fine. Plus a cave could be quite comfy with the right equipment and I mean if you think of the Hunger Games all of district 13 is underground too, maybe not the best example for comfiness but they are making it work. So it definitely is a valid option.

cave2a source

Flying to the Moon

This is an option that my brother has often suggested to me. He may have had other motives, but I am sure he only had my best interest at heart. Again there are plenty of films that kind of describe the whole leaving Earth to find a better planet thing, plus there are already talks of moon tourism, so maybe some of us can already go ahead and try to build a life there and escape the doom that may await us on Earth?

spacecraft-flying-near-the-moon source

Cabin/ Treehouse in the woods

This is my last suggestion. It is another one that me and my friends have thought about quite a lot. I mean our first choice of country for this plan is Canada, because I mean you got plenty of woods and mountains, plus a reasonable government so it doesn’t sound too bad yet. Then we have been thinking about finding either a treehouse or a cabin or maybe even a farm that is just really remote to hide out from all the madness.
Like I mean it could be cosy and cute. Treehouse is probably my favourite solution. Like I have been googling some and there are some really cool ones out there. As for those saying it might get really cold in winter giving that I want it to be in Canada, I am saying you clearly do not know me well enough. First of all, there will be a fire place, duh. So there is a source of heating, plus a possibility to make tea and hot chocolate and soup and food to warm us. Plus, I have been known for owning too many blankets and pillows and I am an advocate of onesies and then cuddling with your friends, it would be rather cosy and cute than freezing and awful.

275px-the_treehouse_-_geograph-org-uk_-_32426  23a1500e00000578-2855930-the_idyllic_headwaters_camp_guest_cabin_looks_as_though_it_belon-31_1417441665501

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Anyways, let us know what your favourite plan to escape the craziness of the world at the moment would be!

Lots of Love,

Katie xx


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Life updates

Today for our Sunday Funday post I can choose whatever topic I want. So I thought I just start writing without any idea in mind and see where this takes us.

Firstly I would like to talk to you guys about something that kinda really creepy me out. I got a note from out postmen that I had a parcel waiting for me at the post office. Nothing special, although I wasn’t quite sure what it was. When I came back home I opened it and inside there was an advent calendar. Only thing is I didn’t order any advent calendars. Well, the only time I could have and don’t remember was when I laid in bed on Sunday and Monday extremely ill and thinking that I’m about to die. But then again I couldn’t look at any screens, so highly unlikely. Just to be safe though I checked my Amazon orders and of course I didn’t order this calendar. As you do, I obviously asked my mum if she knows something. Turns out she doesn’t and same as me she has no idea whom this is from. I should mention on this point that it isn’t just your box standard Cadbury chocolate calendar, it’s like a full on ‘spa-calendar’. Not of the most expensive variate y but still not the cheapest one either. To be honest with you, right now I’m a bit creped out whom this calendar is from. Would you too or I’m just over thinking everything and over reacting?

What else happened in my life that I could tell you guys about? Ah, I’m basically allowed to barely eat anything. That’s something fun as well. Because of that my teeth are extremely stupid and I hate them they have some sort of problem where they’re too soft. So to protect them I’m not allowed ti eat anything with sugar, any sort of sweetener, a lot of acid, things with lactose, wheat or whatever because of sugar in it. Isn’t this fun? But hey, on the plus side it’s a great way to lose weight because you basically only eat veg (fruits have too much sugar in them), veg and again veg. Not something you really can complaint and you live quite healthily but it still sucks. So today for example I went to a Christmas market with some friends. While they could just chose what to eat I had to think about what would damage my teeth the least. They drunk ‘Glühwein’ or as you would call it mulled wine I stood next to them with my water bottle in my hand. A sweet treat at the end? Sure thing for me, but I had to stand next to them while thinking how yummy this must taste like.

Beside of not be able to eat anything I think nothing interesting really happened. I had to study and do things for uni quite a bit, hence why I haven’t been really active on here. My professors are the opinion that they had to make everything even more stressful and harder at least 3x to last year. So far I’ve already written one exam, had to do 2 courses beside of uni and I had an oral exam which was a presentation and we had to do interviews for it and analyse it and stuff. Bare in mind that my semester just started on the 01.10. and our semester still lasts to the beginning of February before we start with exams. Beside of all that I have quite a few things in courses that take a lot of time as well. So for example exercises or I have a really course about how to start your own business but we have to do interviews with real entrepreneurs and pitches and stuff like that. Oh, and of course come up with an idea for something we could imaginably sell and do stuff that has to do with that. A lot of fun, but also extremely much to do.

What else? Gosh my life is boring. I tried as much as I can to come up with Christmas presents and not fail as much as usual. I tell you, without the help of Maren (yes you’ve got your shout out again! ;)) I still would be wondering about some of the presents. I only need to come up with ideas for like 5 people or so and still do some presents that involve some DIY. Oh, and buy things for that. Gosh, can you somehow get some more time in a day? That really would suit me right now.

Beside of having mental breakdowns because I want to come up with cool presents everybody loves and don’t cost a fortune I don’t have much to tell you, really.

I’m still a single pringle so I couldn’t tell you any funny or cool stories on the guys front. Over my Christmas break I either have to work, study or Alina is coming over for my birthday. That’s something cool to tell you guys! Alina is coming for a few days over to mine to celebrate my birthday and new years with me. I hope she’s aware of that since I can’t get a new years kiss from a non existing boyfriend she needs to be right next to me when we kiss a glass of a beverage our choice. Alina, we still need to come up with a plan what we could do over new years eve. So you guys have any plans? Let us please know here or on our social media because so far we’re really unorginazed and we don’t know what to do.

Speaking of the lovely person that Alina is, we both go to 3 concerts next year. First to a State Champ/As it is concert. Just 4 days later we’re going to another concert of With Confidence and then in June we’re going to a Blink 182 concert. How exciting is this? She’s my concert buddy for this year. Although we can’t forget that Lili is joining us for the Blink one. I’m super excited about this one. I mean, hello it’s Blink 182. Plus their Album California is just amazing!!! Don’t get me wrong I’m also super excited for the other 2 concerts but going to a Blink concert is something I thought would never happen.

Speaking of concerts I’m also going, without Alina or Lili though, to a Shawn Mendes concert in May. If you know me, you know that I freaking love this talented little fella. It just amazes me how talented a person can be. So From March till June I basically won’t do anything else then go to 4 different cities for 4 different concert and basically don’t be able to speak because I will scream and sing along so much to all them. So another fact for you, I bloody love concerts. If I could I would go to concerts every weekend. I even have a list of Artists whom I want to see live one day. I still can’t decide if this is cool or sad. What would you say?

Okay, I properly bored you guys enough now, so I will shut up now, and most probably go to bed very soon because I need to be all fresh and awake for the interview tomorrow.

Hopefully see you very soon here, have a great day and week! 🙂 Talk to you tomorrow again when I try to find something more interesting to talk about!

Lots of love,

Jenny xxx.