Plan With Me: July Setup

Hey guys and gals,

the Bullet Journal craze did not leave me in the dark and I indeed started a Bullet Journal at the beginning of this year. It has made my life a lot easier, as before I was a very chaotic person. I still am, however, since writing my appointments down into one little book and having a place where I know all my notes fit into, has helped me keep track of my commitments. If you like planning or if you’re just as chaotic as I am and To-Do Lists are your life saver then maybe a Bullet Journal is perfect for you. To me, a Bullet Journal is the perfect solution as it is so customizable. You have to paint/draw/sketch everything yourself but that’s what makes it so handy. You can adapt it to your life and your needs.

When I started out with the BuJo, I did a lot of research on how other people decorated their BuJo. Since I now kind of got the hang of it, I thought it was time to share my ideas and designs with you 🙂 Maybe you would like to share some pictures of your Bullet Journals? Why not message me on the Blogs’ Instagram or Twitter, or my personal Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr. I love hearing from you guys and we can share each other’s ideas and inspirations.

This month, I wanted to go for a maritime look. I worked with a lot of blues and greens (I also did add a little bit of pink) and found this adorable Benefit brochure, out of which I

IMG_2638cut out the little boats. A maritime design gives off the perfect summer feel and makes me want to travel. the world. Also look at my wonderful watercolor sailing boat…it looks like a kids painting doesn’t it?

As always, after my header I drew a monthly overview, as this really helps me to have an idea of how full my month is. I like to note down exam dates or any deadline so that I can look at it in one go and make sure I’m prepared. It’s also a great way to remember birthdays and plan ahead. I also like to add “Monthly Goals” to the side, just to motivate myself.

Usually I would then draw my “Habit Tracker”, but I did not really like the way I always had to go back to the front pages just to fill in the little boxes. Therefore, I changed the “Habit Tracker” design and it is now part of my weekly setup, so is a little sleeping log and my water log. Gotta stay hydrated, kids!

Since my birthday is next month, I decided to include a Birthday Wishlist. And on the very last pages I got my usual spending log and this time I added a summer reading list. I have not yet noted down too many books but I will as the summer goes on.

If you were wondering, the book I use as my Bullet Journal is the Leuchtturm 1917 in black with the dots. As pens I like to use anything Faber Castell (especially the PITT Artist Pen in XS) and any Stabilo highlighter and mildliner. Muji pens are also pretty handy. The Washi Tape that I us is usually from Tiger, as I am obsessed with it and you can get it relatively cheap at Tiger. All in all, you should just experiment with what feels right. I posted a complete flip through of all the pages in my Bullet Journal onto my Youtube Channel, so go and check that one out.

Lots of Love, Lili xx



Festivals I want to go to

Hey, hi, hello guys,

It is summer and people are on break and you just go to the lake and enjoy life in the sun. There are also lots of different small festivals happening right now. Festivals are awesome and just something you really should attend when you’re young. You sleep in tents, drink beer and see lots of amazing artists with your friends. Of course there are festivals for different types of music, so if you go to the right one you might even discover new artists you like. There are sooo many big and small festivals all around the world and I picked out those ones for you I’d kill for to go to them.

  1. Coachella

I think we all know Coachella, it’s that festival all our favourite stars go to and post pictures wearing bohemian style outfits on their instagram. The Coachella Valley music and art festival takes place in Indio, California. It’s in April and lasts three days, but it’s repeated with the same line up the week after. The special thing about Coachella is, that it’s an art exibition as well, there are always lots of sculptures and instellations. There are mostly Indie, Alternative, HipHop and Electro Artists who come to Coachella. Bands/Artists who played there are for example Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Oasis, The Cure, The Killers. This year there were also Halsey, The 1975, Calvin Harris and James Bay. Yeah I’d really love to go there one day, it’s super warm, but not too hot at the time, I like the artists and the style is amazing. Also there is a high chance of meeting your favourite celebrities, 2016 Taylor Swift and Shay Mitchell went there for example.

  1. Reading and Leeds Festivals

Reading and Leeds Festivals are rock festivals in England. The Reading festival is the older one of them and started of as a Jazz Festival. Later it became more Hard Rock and Metal orientated, but since the 80s/90s they play more popular music. It takes place at bank holiday weekend in August and (as you might have guessed) in Leeds and Reading at the same time. The reason I want to go there, even though the chances that it rains are high because its in England ;), is that the line up is most of the time actual perfection to me. Artist who played there are for example: Nirvana ( their last concert in the UK), Blink 182, Biffy Clyro, My Chemical Romance, The Foo Fighters, Paramore, Green Day, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Arctic Monkeys and Imagine Dragons. 26.-28. August 2016 wont be any less awesome with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fall out boy, Twentyone Pilots and The 1975. Yeah so the artists are always amazing and I would chop my left hand off to go there.

  1. Rock im Park/ Rock am Ring

Chances are the highest that I get to go to one of them, because they’re german festivals and I don’t actually live too far away from Nuremberg where Rock im Park annualy takes place. Rock am Ring used to be in a town called Adenau, but since 2015 takes place at a former military airport in a small town called Mendig.The two festivals happen simultaniously at the end of may ort he beginning of June. This year there were from the 3.-5. June, but Rock am Ring had to be stopped because of a strong rainstorm. As the name says they are rock festivals. Artists like Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Bob Dylan, Oasis; Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Kings of Leon, Muse and so many other famous people have already played there. 2016 you could see Red Hot Chili Peppers ( honestly which festival do they not play), Biffy Clyro, Bring me the Horizon, Panic! At the Disco, Billy Talent and The 1975. There are always also lots of german musicians so theres something for everyone. I really hope I can go there next year.

  1. Glastonbury

Another british festival I want to rock out at. The Glastonbury Festival of contemporary performing arts (uhh sounds fancy) is one of the biggest festivals worldwide. It takes place on the last weekend of June near Glastonbury in Somerset. Not only are there performances from bands of lots of different types of music, but also theater-, dance- and comedy performances. Glastonbury is also sometimes called “english woodstock“. Bands who’ve already performed there are for example: Led Zeppelin, Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams, Coldplay and Radiohead. This year Adele, Ellie Goulding, Bastille, The 1975 (yeah them again), Jess Glynne, Bring me the horizon and Muse among others played glastonbury. So you see because there are many different types of music, so there’s something for everyone.


  1. Warped Tour

If I had to choose one festival I would always go to Warped tour, or Vans Warped tour as it is sponsored by Vans. It’s even mentioned in some of my favourite songs, like The Rock Show by Blink 182. The special thing about Warped Tour is that it’s a tour, so there isn’t one date, but it travels through the United States and sometimes comes to Australia, Europe and Japan. I think the tour is currently happening. There aren’t only musicians playing, there are also halfpipes with skaters showing their skills. The bands playing there are mostly Punk and Alternative, like Sum 41, blink 182, Paramore, Green Day, Simple Plan, The Offspring, All time low, 30 seconds to Mars, The Used, The All-American Rejects or in other words ALL THE BANDS I LIKE. Sorry I’m getting ecxited just by thinking about the line ups. This year there are The Maine, New Found Glory, Sleeping with Sirens, We the Kings, State Champs, Mayday Parade, Tonight Alive or in other words SOME MORE OF THE BANDS I LIKE. Yeah so as you might have noticed I’d rather be at warped tour right now and I’m very frustrated because I can’t go. Going to Warped Tour is one of my life goals and i’m gonna make sure to make that happen.

Soo that was it and now we’re all sad we’re at home in our pjs and not at a festival. Sorry if some of you feel the need to cry or just spent all of their money on festival tickets for next year because of this post. Anyway I hope you’re having a lovely day and remember to stay hydrated and use sunscreen.


Alli xx

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