Monthly Favourites May/June

This month is my turn to write about what I particular liked this month and to be honest there haven’t been new ground breaking things in my life lately, so it’s more like something I particularly liked or used quite often.

Food: Bananas and Nectarines; water with lemon
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As you might know I have been on a ‘no sugar‘ month during this month, so as described in my other blog post I particular liked everything with banana and nectarines. Both have been a great source for natural sweetness and are also super delicious! The second thing I really liked has been water with lemon. I’m very bad when it comes to drinking enough in a day but this has helped me a lot to stay hydrated. Just take a glass (I always prefer a glass and a straw) put in some plain or sparkling water, cut 1 or 2 slices of lemon and put it in. Et voilà you have a delicious drink which is also quite healthy.


Beauty: Hair and coconut oil

I particularly liked the ‘wonder hair’ oil by Garnier Fructis. I use it along side with their shampoo and conditioner and it really made my hair feel super soft. As you can use the oil in different ways, I always use it after I washed my hair and put around 2 or 3 pumps (I’ve got quite long and thick hair) in the ends of my hair. But my best friend also used it in her dry hair to give it a bit of shine and it worked perfectly fine (after she left the house she also went out and bought it ;)). Beside of this hair oil I also liked coconut oil. I know, I know that everybody always swears on it and you can read it everywhere but it honestly works wonders. I have quite strange hair which isn’t easily tamed and can also be very dry at some parts and coconut oil really helped with that. I use it either once a week or second week as a hair mask. I usually put around 2 tablespoons in my hair (once again I have very thick and long hair, usually you don’t need that much) and leave it in over night. But also putting it during the day or if you don’t have much time, putting it in for around an hour works perfectly fine.


Make-up: Look

I haven’t tried any new make-up products this month (which is very unusual for me since I’m a make-up addict) but I liked one make-up look in particular. I left my skin fairly natural and with just a touch of bronzer and blush and also quite a subtle lipstick, so I concentrated more on the eyes (which is usually how I do my make-up anyway to be fair). I just used Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo 24h in ’35-On and on Bronze’, put on some black eyeliner, with or without a flick depending on my mood and then quite a bit of mascara. It’s very quick, very easy but I think it looks super good. Good for school, uni or work days or the days were you don’t have much time for your make-up and it’s also super easy to build up with some darker shades in your grease.


Book: Miss Carter’s War by Sheila Hancock
Picture Source

To be totally honest with you it took me ages to read this book and I gave up quite a few times before I actually finished it but now I’m happy I did. It’s a great book if you like books about British history (it starts right after the second world war and ends at around the 90/00’s), feminism, courage, a bit of poetry but also about the power of friendship. For me the struggle was that I don’t know this much about British history and the language was quite hard sometimes. Nevertheless I really enjoyed the book but I would only recommend it if you really like English and you have no problem with older words as well.


Music: ‘Jet black heart’ by 5SOS and ‘Welcome to my life’ by Simple Plan,1000x1000,075,f.u2.jpg Source
Picture Source

As Alli, Lili and myself have been to a 5SOS concert there was no way I’m not mentioning a 5SOS song. I particularly liked this song because how Michael sang it at the concert was just beautiful. It’s one of my most vivid and favourite memories of this night and also my favourite video to watch of my videos I recorded during the show. It’s just something beautiful about how he stood there, spotlight on him, looking at the crowed and getting emotional. Knowing that there are more people in the world who suffer from mental illness, having problems, social anxiety or even feel like there is no place for them in the world.

I discovered the second song because I was listening to one of Alli’s playlists on Spotify (yes I’m the biggest fangirl of the other 3, so what?!) and this song came up. I really liked the message of the song and this month it seemed very fitting to my life. So welcome to my life when you’re listening to it.


Random category

This next favourite is quite random but also as important as the others. So my last favourite of this month were (beside of the concert and the time in Berlin) the other girls of this website. To be fair they’re always my favourite but I want to address it once again. They always stood by my side and this month they have been super supportive. It also happened that it was our anniversary on the 14th of June which showed me once again how lucky I am t have them as friends. So big thumbs up to you girls and yes, I’m showing once again that I’m a creepy fangirl of them, but I couldn’t care less! 🙂 ❤


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