Negativity against homosexuals

I wanted to write about this topic for a while now because after I watched Troye Sivan’s ‘The Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy‘ I felt really inspired but also saddened. Of course the current events made me want to write it even more. (To read more about this topic check out Katie’s blog post).

So for all of you who aren’t familiar with Troye’s trilogy, it is 3 songs (Wild, Fools and Talk Me Down) where the music videos tells a short story. (Disclaimer: watch the videos first, because I’m going to describe them very shortly now and give away the ending!!!) The topic is about 2 friends who are friends since they are little chaps, eventually fall in love but then one of their father finds it out and forbids him to see the other again and even beats him up. He then wents out with a girlfriend as ‘a normal’ guy would. The two former lovers meet up at the father’s funeral and even then and afterwards he still pretends to be straight. It goes that far that he even commits suicide.

Troye screens a very serious topic there because worldwide gay people suffer with the problem of ignorance and hate towards their sexuality. Furthermore in 2014 “44% of young LGBT people have considered suicide” in the UK, according to a survey published on the BBC website.

We live in a society where you might think it’s okay and normal to live in a same-sex relationship without needing to worry about breaking the law or being hated but sadly this isn’t the case. There are still enough people out there who either aren’t accepting it because of a lack of knowledge or even worse, tolerance.

Everybody always stresses about that you should be the way you want to be and you should express yourself like how you want to be but in the end it’s a lot of talking but only a fair few amount is how you really can be.Even in our generation there is still hate for gay people. Like I grew up in a rural area and I could name at least 5 people from my class in primary school where I’m 100% sure that if I’d ask them what their opinion on gay people or even gay marriage is, they wouldn’t answer with a friendly and accepting answer. And this hasn’t to do with a lack of education. I think most of them finished High School and even a guy I know here in Uni is always saying disrespectful things about gay people (don’t need to mention that I kinda lost hope for them all).

When the USA legalized gay marriage it was a huge step into the right direction but what we forget that beside Canada the US is one of the few countries where same-sex marriage is equal to a ‘usual’ marriage. Here in Germany for example gay people can’t marry. They can ‘verpartnern’ as it is called in German which is basically to live in a domestic partnership. And also in the UK same-sex marriage is only legal since 2014. Everybody always claims that equalizing gay couples is very important but in reality the world is far away from equalizing.

I got remained of that when I watched Troye’s videos. People still get hate because they love a person of the same sex, which for me, growing up in the 90’s and 00’s, is absolute bizarre. We live in the 21st century and it’s truly makes me sad and mad that people need to hide their sexuality, get hate for it, can’t live their lives as they want it to live it or even get killed for it like they have been in Orlando or still in a lot of countries around the world.

For me, living in a western country, it is normal that people can walk down the street holding hands or kissing despite their gender but in so many other countries this isn’t normal and this is something we also need to be remained of. These people would be so much happier if they could walk around in public with their lovers or even could live in a domestic partnership. I kinda think that we in the western countries show some neglect of this. We’re all always want to safe the world and make it a better place but we concentrate that much on the western countries that we forget the many countries where it is forbidden and you can even be sent to prison for being gay or even be killed for it.

A close friend of mine told me and some friends that she is gay and despite me already thinking so, she was scared of telling us because she didn’t know if we would accept her and still see her in the same way we have before she told us. For me it’s crazy because obviously I don’t see her in a different way but for her even needing to worry about it makes me sad. There are also only a few people who knows so because she’s worried what other people in her surrounding would think about it. In situations like this I think about Troy’s songs again. People not excepting that opening up about your sexuality isn’t such a big of a deal. And even I got hate before even though I’m not gay. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty chilled with kissing girls and I think all of us girls have at least kissed one other girlfriend, haven’t we? When I still lived in England I was in a club with some friends and we kinda started giving each other peeks on the lips in a friendship banter. People around us looked at us all the time plus even one person I knew back then started ignoring me and even stopped greeting me when I saw her on the street. This to me is a behaviour I just can’t understand. I mean my friends and I were just messing around and reacting like it’s such a big of a deal is ridiculous to me, even reacting to it is something I can’t understand. We weren’t such good friends that she would have known my sexuality, so ignoring me for kissing another girl is just stupid to me.

I’m glad Troye Sivan made this trilogy to make people aware that this issue is still relevant and from my own experience, the examples I shared with you, prove that it still has relevance in our every day life.

Be open and not only try but make the world a better place, starting with accepting people the way there are!

Lots of love,



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