How not to fall into a back-to-school-blues

Hey you lovely person,

As school soon begins again or even has started for you already I thought I should write about some tips how you can avoid a post-holiday-blues or a back-to-school-blues. Okay maybe also because I only have less then 1 month left until I’m back at Uni myself and I need a pick-me-up to get not totally frustrated in how fast this time has flown by.

Tip 1: Your friends

Beside of be able to broaden your horizon, school is good for one more thing (or if you don’t like school like I did sometime, the only good thing): your friends.

These are the people who make school bear and actually fun. When you’re on holiday, sure you have fun times with your family exploring new cities, countries and cultures (even if that means you’re just visiting a different part of your country, damn are these people different to the ones you’re around usually). But having your friends around talking about the newest cute classmate, the new annoying teacher who takes her/his job way too serious or why did Holly cut her hair and dye it this awful colour? In my experience your friends are the ones who make your school-life fun, entertaining, bearable and also memorable. And after like 2 months off you have plenty to talk about, because let’s face it because of different plans and timings you’re never able to see all of them or as often as you would like to. So there is some major talk to catch up to.

Tip 2: Try to see the good in every subject

If you’re like me and you hate maths, physics, chemistry or whatever subject with a passion, it is extremely hard to keep awake whilst the lessons, homework are an absolute nightmare and I’m not even starting on revising for class-tests or exams. But every subject has some positive side as well, or these wouldn’t be subjects chosen by the government you should learn about.

Math for example, most students hate it and to be fair I still have no clue of most of the things I actually should know about in my dreams, but it also has some positive expects. Like you need to know how to sum up things if you’re at the supermarket and you need to know if you have enough money with you, as the poor uni student you are. Or you definitely need to calculate the sum of two matrices together on a daily basis in order to survive your day. Also don’t forget how important it is for you to know what happens if you put vinegar and baking soda together, one day you need to prank your sibling or your room mate and knowing the proportion is very important. You will be glad that you actually listen to your teacher for once. See Caspar Lee, he actually makes money with doing pranks on his old room mate.

So even though it is an absolute nightmare and you much rather would spend your time daydreaming about your current celebrity crush, it has some reasons why all these stupid subjects are chosen by the government. Who knows one day you might be at ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ and you would only win the 1 Million question because you listened to your absolute boring teacher who also could be Albert Einstein judging by how you would guess his age. But hey at least he taught you something useful.

Tip 3: Soon there will be other holidays

School isn’t forever and sooner than you can think, you’re laying back in your bed all day, binge watching another series on Netfilx. School terms aren’t actually that long if you think of it.

Tip 4: Don’t leave everything till the last minute

If you’re like me and a major procrastinator you will leave ll your all your homework, projects, proposals and you have to stress about it all night whilst you try to finish it in time with a half decent outcome. Truth is, if you don’t leave everything to last minute, plan your work (and actually stick to your plan) school isn’t that stressful as you might think. After school there’s always a certain time which you should spent on doing things for school and if you would actually spent this time doing things for school and not play Sims or watch all PLL episodes from the beginning you actually should be able to get through the year without such stress and actually with quite decent marks. Also revising all the things you have done in school that day and re-reading the things from the day before will help you at the end of the year with your exams, because believe it or not but the human brain can only remember things if you revise everything again in the next day n the long-term.

But whom I am even kidding here, we all know that most pupil will binge-study and do everything at the last minute as usual and hope that it will turn out alright.

Tip 5: Don’t stress yourself too much

That’s what I always did. Each year I told myself: ‘Okay Jenny, this year you’re actually study for tests, you stick to your organization plan, write everything in exercise books and not on random pieces of paper which you’re actually losing in the end’. Well, as you might already guessed this lasted for liked 2 weeks and then everything was out the window. But truth is, deep down, I always knew that I could survive school with less stress and better marks if I would have actually done so. So don’t follow my paths and be as stupid as I was. Yeah sure, B’s and occasional A’s are good and you can get through with that to some Universities but hey, if you actually get you’re shit done and stick to your plans you can actually get A’s as a normal thing and then you can choose to which University you want to go or what job you would like to do and you aren’t limited because of your marks.

As I mentioned in Tip 4, if you do everything soon enough and you study every day you won’t even start stressing yourself about these things because your marks will improve and you don’t have to stress yourself too much that you have to do all nighters before your exams so you get good marks, so you actually have a slight chance to still be able to get into the college/ University you want to. And even though you get a bad mark, who cares?! Nobody is perfect and only because of one mark you don’t will end up living on the street with no perspective. A certain level of pushing yourself is good because then you can only develop the true potential of yourself, but don’t try to push yourself too much that you neglect your friends, family and your hobbies. These are there for a reason so your brain can rest and process all the information. In the end everything will turn out good. Look at me, even I was accepted at an University, so you will be too! 🙂

Lots of love,



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