My travel experience around the Republic of Ireland

Hello lovely people reading this,

last August I finished my year as an Au-Pair and afterwards I decided to fly straight to Ireland with my best friend and see a bit of this lovely country as well. And let me tell you, I totally fell in love with the country, so I reckoned it would be only right if I write about my experience.


I met up with my friend, her name is Krissi, at Dublin Airport and from there we straight went to our Airbnb. If you don’t know what Airbnb is, it’s basically a community where you can rent rooms, flats or apartments for less money than a hotel, obviously. It was the first time I stayed at Airbnb’s and I have to say that I can only recommend it but I definitely would read the comments from other guests before I book.


So there we were, fresh from our flights, trying to find our Airbnb, well let me say we had our struggles at first. But once we finally found it, we basically just threw our stuff in our room and wanted to explore the city. That’s what we did then. On our first day we just walked along the Liffey (the river) and we walked around a bit at the town centre, I mean shopping is important right? On our second day we walked down to St. Stephens Park, enjoyed the sunny weather a bit and stopped at signs during our walk.


On our third day we travelled by bus down to Cork. When we planned the trip we intended to rent a car and drive around so we can see Ireland at it’s fullest beauty, but unfortunately you can very hardly book cars when you’re under 21. At this time I was still 20 so we had to come up with an alternative. Then we planned on driving around by train but since the prices of trains are quite expensive we soon came up with driving by bus because Krissi and I had done this before in Germany and I had done so in the UK as well. We both don’t regret this decision because this way we could see a bit of Ireland even though. Once in Cork we instantly were impressed by it’s beauty.


We were really lucky to stay at somebody’s who firstly was super nice and sweet and gave us tips what we definitely should see, secondly we stayed not directly in the centre but still very near by. Once again we threw our thing in our room, grabbed our handbags and off we went. We just wandered around and had a look. One our second day in Cork we had a deeper look around, walked around the river, passed the University, went to see some Churches and paid a visit at the Cathedral and I think on this day we also went to the English market.



Let me tell you as two foodies as we are, we loved it there! I actually would even say that it was my favourite place in Cork, although Cork is just in general a beautiful city so it’s very hard to pick. In the evening we decided to go out and see how the nigh life of Cork is, well it was more that we wanted to do a bit of Pub crawling because that’s more our cup of tea plus I always think that it is really cool sitting at a Pub having a good time and even talk to some locals. And I have to say that we went to a very cool Pub which played live authentic Irish music (well I don’t know if it really was authentic but it really sounded like it).



On the next day at around midday it was already time to head off to Limerick. On our way there we once again were very impressed with the countryside of Ireland and I don’t know about Krissi, but I’m definitely want to go back and travel around in a car in the future. Anyway, when we arrived in Limerick the first thing we saw was basically the river. Once again we were amazed how beautiful it was. I guess I really get boring with saying how stunning the cities were right? But sorry, if you have been in Ireland you know exactly what I mean, everything is just stunning, beautiful and breathtaking. Ireland you definitely do it not half hearted!

Anyhow, this time our Airbnb wasn’t that near the centre so we had to walk a bit to get to the town centre but we stayed at a lovely house with very friendly hosts. And again, we dropped off our suitcases, than immediately run into the town. This time we walked around the town centre and soon realized that staying 1 ½ day was a bit too estimated. Don’t misunderstand me, Limerick is a nice and lovely town but for us it wasn’t as impressive and as much to see as in the other cities. Although we made the best of it, had a bit of a more chilled time (well, we never stressed ourselves during the trip but we had even more time with walking around and stuff then we had with the other things) and on our second day in Limerick we walked alongside the river, went to see the castle and even walked to see the football stadium (I think it was a football stadium, if not, to see some old stadium). It was nice to have the freedom to go to bed a bit earlier then we have during the whole trip.


On the 7th day of our trip we drove to Galway relatively early. Once we arrived there I knew one thing: this city is my new favourite city! And yes I’m extremely jealous of Lili, who’s studying there from September on, I never though I say this, but I hate you Lili! 😛 Not really, I love you! <3. So when we arrived at the bus station we firstly walked into the completely wrong direction so we basically ended at the wrong end of Galway so we had to walk back everything and finally we found our Airbnb. This time we stayed basically right at the seaside.


Let me tell you, this was awesome. So as usual, I dragged Krissi to get outside as soon as possible because I wanted to see as much as possible of the city. We wandered around, sat a bit at the seaside and enjoyed as much as possible. On our second day we planned to drive to the Cliffs of Moher. But since we had too much luck with the weather the whole time the weather decided to go really crappy, so we cancelled this. Instead we strolled around the city and walked along the seaside. It still was lovely day. At the evening we once again went out and experienced the night life of Galway by going to a Pub. We ended up at ‘The Kings Head’ which is apparently one of the best Pubs in Galway so I think we did everything right there.

The next day we spent it with shopping for a bit and then at midday we drove back to Dublin. And believe me it definitely wasn’t easy for me to leave this place.

Once back in Dublin we decided to make our own plan where we want to go to, so we made our own sightseeing route and walked around for the last 1 ½ days and tried to see as much as possible of Dublin (which to be fair isn’t that much because Dublin is such a big and historic city). We also wanted to drive to Howth but once again the weather thought to be absolutely miserable on this day so we decided to skip this as well because walking around there when the weather isn’t good or at least okay doesn’t make fun either.


On our 11th day we sadly had to leave again, but all in all I can only advise EVERYBODY to go to the Republic of Ireland and travel around! Krissi and I freaking loved it and I really wish we would have had more time and better possibilities to travel around! Ireland is definitely a place I will go back in the future and I know that this trip will always be a special one for me!

I really hope you like this little run through and you want to travel as bad as me to Ireland now! 😀

Lots of love,



P.S.: All pictures taken by myself with my iPhone and hardly edited, so you can see how beautiful Ireland is! 🙂


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