Lilis Coachella 2016 fashion recap

Hello there lovelies,

if you are as much of a „Choachella-holic“ as me, you probably find yourself in a current state of denial and frustration. Coachella is no-chella anymore, it’s over. You have to wait a whole year to get back to those two weekends when the desert of Coachella Valley comes to life and glows in a million lights.
But you know what? Don’t worry, post-Coachella is pre-Coachella and we want to be prepared for next year. We have to know all the trends to recreate them even better next year and of course for the summer. Because summer means time to show off what you’ve learned from this years Coachella Festival.
Without further ado, get your flower crowns out and turn up that indie music, it’s time for my favorite trends of Coachella 2016!

1. Rainbow hair.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-18 um 22.32.40

Taken from Kylies Instagram @kyliejenner

Don’t you just want to look as if a unicorn threw up on you forever? That rainbow hair cascading in the light breeze of the magical air.Sounds like a fairytale doesn’t it? That’s because it is one, I just love colorful hair, I always have and always will. It’s not a new trend but I still want to list it because you’ll look awesome and fierce with it. At least Kylie
Jenner did, she certainly pulled that rainbow hair off
If you want to be a bit more subtle why don’t you go for the good old dip dye? Personally I love the hair styles my favorite german bloggers went for, Lina and Luisa. They live in LA and if you haven’t checked them out you definitely should! For Coachella they both dyed their tips and it looks just magical.

From Luisas and Linas Instagram @luisalion @linakottutz

2. Braid away.

Thank god the braids are back! Or plaits if you’re British 🙂 I’ll use the term braids though, just to ouclear that up. Braids make every outfit better, they make you better, they make the world better. Not only can they make you look super adorable like Victorias Secret Model Taylor Hill, who rocks that halo braid it can also make you seem a bit more rockier like Shay Mitchell, who wore her braid right where her hair parts.

Taken from Shays Instagram and Taylors Instagram

It’s is a super convenient hairstyle to keep all those annoying strands  of your face while still making you look cute and your hair stays in place for hours and hours. So dance away, get sweaty and have fun!

3. All about that glitter.

Make your skin shine, so you yourself shine bright as a diamond.
Glitter and little rhinestones or sequins stuck onto your face give your Make Up Look that little extra and make you stand out in a crowd of thousands (who all got glitter on their faces as well, because lets be real, everyone wants to look like they just fell into a goblet full of Leprechaun gold) so that your favorite band member spots you and marries you. Just kidding, I can’t guarantee that that will ever happen. Just look at how beautifully model Bryana Holly and Coachella queen Vanessa Hudgens pull off their glittery look and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Source is Vanessas and Bryana’s Instagram 🙂 @vanessahudgens (Bryana has deleted her instagram so I’ll link her twitter @bryanaholly)

4. Lace it up

In case you prefer to look like a magnificent desert angel maybe wearing some white lace is the right choice for you?
You could go full on white lace with a bit of a rockier edge like Sara Sampaio did, mix it up with some boho accessories to look like Alessandra Ambrosio or just combine one lacey item with your outfit, to give it a bit of a girly look, Hailey Baldwin for example used her cardigan.

Sources: @sarasampaio @alessandraambrosio @haileybaldwin

It’s all up to you really and to give you a few ideas on how to achieve that look without going overboard I came up with one casual and one more „out there“ look for you to recreate. All the clothes should be in an affordable price range but if you feel like I didn’t check out as many shops as I should’ve please let me know!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-29 um 18.30.19

Dress and hat from Topshop, sunglasses, shoes, rings from Aeropostale, Bag and Hair Accessories from H&M

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-29 um 18.41.56

Shirt from Choies, Shorts from StyleMoi, Sandals and necklace from Aeropostale, Sunglasses, Flower Crown and bag from H&M

5. Don’t choke yourself

Those chokers, who doesn’t love them. Since the 90s have had their comeback chokers did as well and it’s no secret that they a) make you remember all the fashion fauxpaus you’ve committed in the 90s and early 00s, but also b) make you look fierce!
So it’s a no brainer you’d want to include them in your festival/summer outfits this year.
Sara Sampaio styled her choker quite punk…

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-18 um 23.02.36

Source: @sarasampaio

…Josephine Skriver went full on sporty and Taylor Hill stayed within the common boho theme of coachella. You see, there’s loads you can do with a choker.


Source: @joesephineskriver @taylor_hill

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-29 um 18.10.55

Flannel, Shorts from, Docs from Urban Outfitters, velvet choker from Topshop, Shirt and 2nd choker from forever 21, backpack from H&M

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-29 um 17.55.48 1

Sandals, Choker, Shirt from H&M, Shorts from, bag from forever 21, bracelet from Aeropostale

6. Let it flow.

Let it flow, can’t hold it back anymore…just like Elsa we’re just gonna let ourselves go and forever be in love with the typical boho types of outfits that make Coachella what it is. A place to play around with fabrics and flowy textiles and more importantly colorful patterns.
You’re allowed to wear color, loads of color, color is your new best friend.
If you want to, try and do it in a classy way like blogger Jessica Stein (by the way she wore the most amazing white lace dress for Coachella.) or just go all out there like blogger Luisa Lion or actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens, it’s totally up to you.
Just remember to have fun!

Sources: @vanessahudgens @tuulavintage @luisalion

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-29 um 17.39.04

The Jumpsuit is from Choies, Shoes, Hat, Bag and Bracelet from H&M

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-29 um 17.21.31

Dress is from forever 21, sunglasses from Aeropostale, Necklace, Bag and Shoes from H&M

So I hope these little Style inspirations helped you to decide what you want to wear this summer or for the next festival you’re going to visit. In case everything fails just go all black, put on some ripped shorts, a nirvana shirt and some Doc Martens and you’re good to go. And something I can guarantee you, this is like a 100% safe outfit, no strings attached.
Anyways, I’ll listen to my Coachella playlist some more and mourn over the fact that I still haven’t been to Coachella in my almost 20 years of existence and hope that you have the most amazing day and that you’re happy!
What do think is essential for a festival? If you have any ideas just leave a comment or write me on our social media:

Twitter: @castaway_minds
Instagram: @castawayminds

Lots and lots of love,
Lili xx


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