Summer foods and drinks essentials

Hello lovely people out there,

I don’t know about you, but when summer arrives I get very excited and there are a few food and drinks I can’t miss out on. So I though what’s better than sharing them wit you. So here are my personal summer foods and drinks I can’t survive summer without! 🙂


Cold water with frozen fruit or lemon/lime

That’s one of my absolute favourite. It keeps you hydrated (which is very important), it’s still healthy, tastes nice and is good on the go as well because you can also refill your bottle during the day with the same fruits in it.


That’s kinda of an obvious one, but there is nothing better than sitting in the sun with a cold milkshake.


Those who are allowed to drink will agree with me that sitting at a restaurant in the evening having a nice meal with a cocktail in the summertime is just the best. But don’t worry, if you’re not in the age where you can drink alcohol or you don’t want to drink alcohol Mocktails are an amazing alternative.


I guess I don’t need to write anything about smoothies, because everyone loves smoothies!


Not only you will be happy about that home made refreshment but also your other family members because home made lemonade is way better than shop bought one!

Iced tea

A very easy, cheap, quick and also very tasty think to do.


Fresh fruit/vegetables

Who would have guessed it? But fresh fruit plates are just an amazing snack to nibble on in summer and if you fancy a light lunch/dinner vegetables are an amazing thing to have. Plus in summer there are one of the best fruits/veg in season!

Everything Strawberry

This leads me to this point: Strawberries are finally in season again, wuhu! Everybody loves a bit of strawberry, doesn’t matter if you eat them like that, with cream, with an ice cream, in a smoothie or to your pancakes in the morning. Strawberry are an amazing all-rounder.


Doesn’t matter if fruit or with lettuce, salads are winners. You can also perfectly take them with you in jars and also top them with couscous, quinoa, rice or whatever you like. And also pasta, potato, rice or green spelt salads are a good shout as well.


Summer, the season not only of strawberries but also barbecues! So go outside and have a nice barbecue with your friends and family. There are basically no limits what you could grill!


I personally love soup in the summer because it’s light and I don’t know about you but I can’t eat food with a lot of calories or fat in the summer. So soup, if cold or warm is a good alternative.


Same as soups, it’s something light which is perfect for summer and once again you can personalize it the way you like it.


Summer calls out to do something with fish and there are so many ways you could cook with fish, just get creative. But always with some fresh lime/lemon with it because of the freshness.

Frozen fruit

Have you ever tried freeze some fruit and eat it as a snack or for pudding? No? You definitely should give it a try, it’s perfect for summer because it’s super refreshing. My favourites are grapes to nibble on!

What you can do with your frozen fruit as well, would be ice cream/sorbets. Just blend it up and you have yourself a healthy ice cream (tip: if you do it with bananas make sure they’re very ripe when you freeze them because this way they taste even better!)

Or have you tried to make ice lollies out of frozen fruits? No? Why not?


Once again an amazing snack for the day or as a breakfast with granola in the morning.

Fruit screwer

And again an amazing snack, which you could also easily take to school or work for a little refreshment during the day.

In conclusion, basically every fruit/veg that is in season, something fresh, from a holiday country or something that is lemon or lime flavoured because that just tastes like freshness.

Happy cooking,

Jenny xxx


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