Hello everyone, I am Lili and I am obsessed with my striped shirt.

Hey there readers of our blog,

you have to save the best for last right? No sorry I’m kidding. So as the other 3 already introduced themselves to you I now have the honor of doing the same.
My name is Lili and I am 19 and studying Sociology and North American Studies in this town in the north of Germany no one knows but apparently our uni is like all fancy and people like Goethe visited it. I was born while the old people’s home next to the hospital had a summer party so that my screams blended into a beautiful mix with your grandmas favourite songs and to this day I am convinced this seriously messed with my head.
People would probably describe me as out going and a bit crazy but you know, I just like talking to people and getting to know them.
In school that was different though, I was quite shy and would blush all the time, and that’s not a joke. Everything was embarrassing to me. Maybe that was also because I openly was a fangirl of different human beings from when I was 13 on and even back then Justin Bieber wasn’t really a good conversation starter.
But I always knew I wanted to get out of my small town in the north of Germany (back in another town in the north of Germany though didn’t quite work I guess :D) so after graduating from High School I moved to London for a year to work as an Au Pair. This is also how I met Katie as she was an Au Pair at the host family I applied to. We were supposed to have a serious Skype interview, I even prepared notes (I was incredibly nervous. Really! It was horrible) and then we actually spend the whole time talking about movies, Ed Sheeran and books and yeah, I got to be an Au Pair in that family in the end by the way…but Katie and me also ended up becoming friends. We then went to a 5sos concert together and met Alina and Jenny (woohoo) and by asking them which part of Germany they are from and confusing them because we were standing next to them, talking English the whole time, we made new friends. That’s how you do it!
In September I’ll kinda go back into the direction of London but way up north and then a sharp turn to the left (Second star to the right and straight on till morning 😉 ) and bam! You’re in Galway, Ireland. At least if my coordinates are correct. Yup, I’ll be spending my Winter and Summer Semesters of 2016 and 2017 in the lovely Ireland and I cannot wait.
But that’s not really about me is it? Well I do love London, new places in general are pretty awesome. To me travelling and broadening your mind is just the best thing you can do. I love exploring, I just love everything unknown as I’m incredibly curious. Maybe even too curious at times. Expect me wanting to know every single thing you experienced on your latest holiday, or all the details from the last date you went on. But also be prepared for me not sparing any detail when I tell you something, because you know, you might not get the connections if I don’t make digressions here and there. Looong digressions. Including getting distracted by everything around me.
But then there’s this part of me that’s weirdly ambitious and I don’t even understand it most of the times. Working on things gives me life (kinda…sometimes! Depends on the point in my life). I just need to be doing something, have the feeling I’m going somewhere with what I’m doing.
Reading this makes me think what kind of annoying person I probably am.
What else…I love music, then again who doesn’t? I used to have singing lessons but as awkward as I am I can’t bring myself to email or call the singing teacher in my university town so I technically can’t really sing anymore. Although I used to sing in a band, that’s kinda cool right?
Artist wise I like everything from Lana Del Rey to Taylor Swift to Green Day…I am a sucker for Brit Pop/Rock like The Kooks, Babyshambles or Arctic Monkeys. Sometimes I do like some Hoodie Allen or the occasional Singer Songwriter like Ed Sheeran (obvious choice), Iron & Wine, Bright Eyes and Bon Iver. I’m going to stop myself right there because otherwise I’d go on and on forever.
Basically I am a person that likes to find beauty in things, people and the stuff I do. I appreciate art galleries, old bookstores and cute restaurants and I love looking for them and finding the prettiest one that no one else of my friends has found yet (Gotta admit I spent lots of weekend at the Tate, which is not really a hidden gem), it just makes me feel content to feel detached from reality for a bit and disappear into my own little world.
And maybe you guys reading this would like to disappear in a tiny part of this own little world of mine by reading my blogposts. You’re always invited to accompany me and the girls on this journey and I hope you have as much fun as we do.
If you really read this far,I am truly impressed, you’re beautiful and amazing and I hope you are happy with yourself because you deserve to be!

Love love love and even more love,
Lili xxx

P.S.: If you scroll all the way down you can find my social media stuff but first you have to read what my girls have written about me.
Jenny On Lili:
To describe Lili I probably could do this with very little words: the most magnificent unicorn ever walked this earth. Sometimes you may wonder in which dreamland she is but that’s mostly her charm. Lili is a caring person who may be different to others, but I admire especially that on her. She’s not your typical girl next door and she knows what she wants and works for it. Lili is also very good with socializing with other people and makes friends very easily. That’s mostly because of her open mind and also because from previous singing experience she has no problem of talking to others.

Katie On Lili:
The lovely Lili, is one of the bubbliest and sweetest people I know. When you’re around her, life is never boring as she’ll always have some crazy/funny/incredible idea of what to do. There have been an infinite amount of times where she, out of the blue, would make me smile or laugh, simply by being her magical self. Some of my favourite moments with her are simply dancing around the house while making dinner or going for a walk and coming back with a billion pictures.  It’s funny how an interview one skype can lead to an amazing friendship that I would not want to exchange for anything in the world.

Alli On Lili:
I have Lili saved in my phone as Lili (The Unicorn) and I think that says a lot. She is special, fabulous and sparkling just like a unicorn. I have never met anyone who has such an impressing, creative mind, takes better selfies or does a better Makeup and at the same time is so sweet, helpful and kind. Lili will be the next Superstar or tumblr queen or evil mastermind. Whatever she’ll end up doing she will shine, because she’s so passionate and makes people fall in love with life with her positivity. Lili is just like a unicorn , rare and loved by everyone.

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Hey guys it’s Alli 🙂

you know the girl in the middle of the classroom, who isn’t really noticable, whose outfits are never quite on point and who barely talks to anyone except for like 5 People ? Yeah that would be me. But maybe you fancy getting to know me a bit more ?

My name’s Alina, short Alli, I’m 19 years old and a student in the south of Germany, where I was Born and raised. I study media and culture at University, but don’t expect any Special knowledge in this direction 😉 What else is there to know about me ? I’m feminist af, so I will always call you out for Sexist/racist/homophob comments but I still have a very silly humor, I make lots of puns and laugh about random stuff nobody else finds funny. I have a dog and my love for animals (especially sheep and donkeys) is one of the reasons I’m a vegetarian. I’m a hopeless internet addict and one of my favourite hobbies is stalking bands on the Internet.

On this blog I mainly write about music, films and books, as I’m a passionate reader and love music more than anything else. As I’m not a professional and don’t know much about musical skills etc. I only can give my personal opinion about the music I write about. I’m huge pop punk trash and love bands like Blink 182, Green Day, All time low, Good Charlotte, Fall out Boy, AS IT IS, 5SOS, Sleeping with Sirens, State Champs, With Confidence etc., but I also really like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and One Direction. I’m always open for new stuff, so feel free to suggest me new artists you think I might like.

As you can see I’m not extraordinary just a normal girl in the middle of life. But enough of the randomness, I hope you enjoy the weirdness of my Posts

Alli xx

Oh yeah in case you can’t get enough of me here’s my social media 😉

Twitter: @alinaisaweirdo  

Instagram: @hei.alina

Jenny on Alina:                                                                                                                                              Even though she’s a badass for having a tattoo and a very rock-chick like style Alli can be very shy. Although if you get to know her she’s very funny who perfectly speaks sarcasm (so be warned if you read her posts!), is a very good friend, a feminist, a huge dog lover who preferably would have 100 dogs to cuddle with, a coffee/ Costa addict, has a certain love for bands and all in all is a pleasure to hang out with. From having a morning cuddle-lay-in, to partying, Alli is open minded for everything and it’s always a right laugh to hang out with.

Katie on Alina:                                                                                                                                              One of the things that Alli and I share is our undying, deep, deep love for dogs. It is not a normal day if we have not tagged each other in at least a million dog pictures or videos. I love that chatting about dogs, books, actors, singers, bands and billions of other things is just a normal occurrence and sharing music and books with her is a regular thing. I feel like she often underestimates herself, by not seeing how funny, sarcastic, charming and badass she is, but I know that whatever happens I can rely on her 100% as she is one of the most loyal and loving people I know

Lili on Alina:                                                                                                                                               Alina is just the cutest! You probably wouldn’t believe me if you first met her cause she comes off as pretty badass, she could probably beat you up in a second and she knows more about feminism than some people ever will. But to me, she’s a dorky sweetheart. She thinks her jokes are super lame, but she always makes me laugh. And I love her for that, for being easy going, never judging her friends and most importantly standing up for her believes. I wouldn’t know what I’d do without her as my friend, I just really love her



Hello everyone, my name is Katie and I am another fourth of this blog. Following Jenny’s example, I am going to tell you a couple of things about myself.

I am currently 21 years old and I almost finished my second year at university in Scotland studying International Politics. I decided that I wanted to study in English when I went on an exchange to Canada when I was 16 years old and simply fell in love with English and everything that came along with it. Because of that, after school I worked for a year as an AuPair to improve my English even more, take a language test and to apply to universities. Luckily it all worked out and I am loving life in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

I met Lili in a skype interview about two years ago, when I was supposed to interview her to be the new AuPair of my host family. Somehow we hit it off and started talking and after she got the job and we met in person we decided, more than half a year in advance that we’d go and see 5sos together in London. At the concert we heard other people speak German and were intrigued by it, so we went up to them (after about half an hour of discussing whether we were brave enough). Meeting Alli and Jenny is most certainly one of the best things that have happened to me and I mean a group chat with about 50,000 messages speaks for itself.

Besides uni I am very involved in the Badminton Club we have at my university. I have played badminton for 11 years and I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I had to stop. I love that it is a team sport and an individual sport all together. Plus I love the social side of things, the pub crawling, game nights, bowling and the friends that come along with it. Although I like being around people, I don’t mind being locked away in my room simply listening to music, reading a good book or bingewatching netflix either. Fun facts, it took me 7 hours to read the 7th Harry Potter book and 2 days to watch season 4&5 of Game of Thrones.

As for my participation to the blog, I will be writing mostly about more, what can be seen as, serious things. I love discussing political issues, however not necessarily policy issues of certain governments, but more things like immigration, human rights and things like that. I know that these things seem to be on the news all the time, but as I, over the past years, had to write many essays on certain things it showed me how little and how biased the news often display certain issues. On top of that I will be posting/ talking about food with the lovely Jenny, as we both love to cook and bake and already share an instagram account where we post food pictures , about books with the amazing Alina, and take my turns in the Sunday Funday posts.

Lots of love,

Katie xx



Jenny: If you’d describe Katie probably one word is coming to your head immediately: her amazing hair. But beside of that she’s an absolute nutter if it comes to the Scots, she just loves them. Besides of that she absolutely loves Badminton, dogs, politics/social critical topics, she’s very caring of her friends and family and also somebody you can have some pretty fun time with. We all know that one day she’s going to take over the world but in a good and beneficial way for everybody. Katie’s posts are for everybody who would like to think deeper about things 🙂

Lili: „So I met Katie through a Skype Interview when I wanted to become an AuPair at her host family. I was super nervous at first but as soon as you talk to Katie you can’t help but feel at ease. She’s one of those people who can make you feel comfortable enough to talk about anything and everything. Sometimes I feel like she helps me getting my chaotic mind into order. She’s just one of those people I know I can always count on. I’m honestly happy to have her as one of my bestest friends. I love you Katie :)“

 Alina: Katie will rule the world one day and in my opinion this will be the best thing that has ever happened to this earth. She cares so much about everyone, is always friendly and considering she gives the best advice you could ever wish for, could solve any problem. Besides being passionate about the three B’s ( books, badminton and bands) she’s the biggest dog Lover and will end up living in a huge mansion with an army of them. Her Kids will be lucky to have a mum like her.

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Hello world of the Interwebs,

my name is Jenny and I’m 1/4 of this website. This post is supposed to indroduce myself a little bit and what you’re going to read from me.

So, about myself. I’m 21 years old and from Germany (so sorry for my English sometimes). Currently I’m studying in middle of Germany applied media and communication in University but before that I finished my A-levels and moved to England to be an Au-Pair for a year. In this year I totally fell in love with the UK and also with the language. Whilst being in England I also met Alli, who was an Au-Pair in the same town as me, and whilst visiting a 5SOS concert in June together we met two crazy but absoluelty lovely girls who are Lili and Katie.

If you want to know a few things about me, I guess the best way is to follow me on my social media or subscribe to my YouTube channel because to be honest with you I’m totally crap at describing myself. Well, but let me think about it… I personally like a broad spectrum of music (from classical music, to more quite music like Joe Brooks/Ron Pope, 90s/2000 girl/boybands, to punk), make-up and cooking/baking. But I’m also a big animal lover, that’s also why I’m a vegetarian for years now (why am I even telling you that, you probably don’t even care). Beside of that I care about my friends and family extremly much, I enjoy quite nights in over going out having a party, I love travelling and seeing different cultures.

On this blog I upload every monday and I’m mainly going to write about advice or basically in general about life things because according to the other 3 girls I’m good at that and I also got some experience in writing things like that from my previous blog. Alongside that Katie and myself are going to post about food, just like we do on our shared Instagram. Totally random to that I’m personally a YouTube addict, so I try and find out new YouTuber that you might be intrested in. So basically I’m writting about all kind of things that floats around in my head. 🙂

Jenny x.

Katie on Jenny:

Over the past year Jenny has shown to be one of the best friends I could ever had. Genuinely, whatever problem you have, you know that she’ll always be there for you, she won’t judge and she most definitely will give you the best advice. What makes her the best to give advice is that she is honest, sincere and no matter how horrible or awkward the situation she never fails to make me smile or generally make me feel better. Talking to her, I often think how funny it is that two completely different people can be so similar and I love her for it.

Alli on Jenny:

When I first met Jenny I thought she’s too cool to hang out with me. Thank god she didn’t see it this way, so I was lucky to get to know her and learn, that she’s one of the sweetest, most kindhearted and at the same time one of the sassiest people ever. She has the greatest taste in music and is my secret twin in more than one aspect. Despite or maybe becacause her love for garlic I’m covinced  she’s going to be a next female Jamie Oliver, because her cooking and baking is A+.

Lili on Jenny:

To start off being called Jennifer annoys the fuck out of her, which I find super entertaining. So Jennifer, this ones for you! I first met Jenny at a concert and we hit it off straight away. Thanks to her wonder-cutie-pie personality. Sometimes I wish I had her baking and cooking talent or her talent to understand people and know exactly what to say to make them feel better. This might sound like I’m some weirdo (maybe I am) but her cuddle factor is huge 🙂 What more can I say, apart from that I love her to bits.


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