Better Weather Album Review

Hello lovely person reading this,

today I need to introduce you to this wonderful album I’ve been listening to on a daily basis since it came out last week. It’s called like the wish we all have for the summer: “Better Weather“. The damnazing (damn+amazing, yeah I just invented that word, because damn, they’re amazing) band we have to thank for this record is australian four piece With Confidence. The Sydney based group started playing together in 2012 (I spot a scheme within my favourite bands) and currently consists of Jayden Seeley who rocks on the bass and has this wonderful voice, you hear on the album, Inigo del Carmen, on the guitar and equally awesome backing vocals, Luke Rockets, with the cool rockstar name and guitar skills that fit that name, and Josh Brozzesi, their super talented drummer. They’re signed to Hopeless Records, which might ring a (Dinner) bell, if you like bands like All time low, Neck Deep, Moose Blood, New Found Glory, Yellowcard, The Wonder Years etc because that’s who the label also works with.So I guess With Confidence are in good company. Talking about good company (wow that connection was like smooth caramel), they were great company on tour for You Me At Six, Marianas Trench, Tonight Alive, As It Is, State Champs and The Wonder years, who they supported. They also had a little Australian tour earlier this year and are gonna play Warped Tour, which is actually goals.

Buuuut lets focus on “Better Weather“. There are ten great songs on the album including single “We’ll be okay“. All you can say about the sound is that it’s really good, fresh and energized pop punk. I love the guitars on the track because they’re almost always present and really good. With “Long Night“ there’s also a super emotional, slow, beautiful ballad on it, just to make sure we’ll all cry. The Album starts with „Voldemort“, which is not only an amazing song title, but also a powerful song about someone who tells his girl, that she won’t have to go through a difficult time alone. Lots of songs on the album, tell you that things will get better and you should fight through. Other topics are of course being lost, love and falling out of love. The lyrics are quite simple but poetic and always on point. My two favourite tracks on “Better Weather“ are “Long Night“and “Waterfall“. “Long Night“ because of it’s deeply emotional character and the lyrics that kinda fit a situation in my life at the moment. I also like, that there are violins and a piano (don’t kill me if I got it wrong), which creates a very special atmosphere. About “Waterfall“ I like that it starts off kinda calm and then builds up and gets really rock and energized. Another thing I like about the album is, that the songs end really special, like you can hear someone walking away and leaving (Long Night,, Keys), People talking like at a Party (Voldemort), or the voice of an answering machine. I love the album because it puts you in a really great mood and is definitely gonna be the soundtrack of my summer. You’ll like them as well if you listen to any of the bands I mentioned above. So tune your airguitars and get your airdrumsticks ready because you’re going to be jumping around in your room in a minute !!

Have a lovely day and I hope the weather gets better 😉

Love Alli xx

With Confidence Twitter: @withconfidence_

With Confidence Instagram: withconfidenceband

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