Favourites: February ’18

Hi guys it’s been a while but I thought I’d share some of my current favourites that get me through the cold and snowy winter here in Germany.


I’ve been living with a Mexican guy for half a year. He is a great cook and always prepared the most delicious meals, which got me obsessed with mexican food so I decided to try and prepare salsa and guacamole myself (with his recipe). The last few days I really have been craving nachos with salsa, guacamole, sour cream and cheese and I hope I get around to prepare it today. It’s not an actual Mexican dish, but it’s easy and has the components I learned to love so much, so the perfect dish to warm yourself up with some spicy cheesy goodness.

Another dish I really enjoy at the moment is a german pastry called “Krapfen ” or “Berliner”. They’re comparable to jam filled donuts and it’s typical to have it in Germany during carnival season in February. It’s a ball of dough with jam (or in variations with vanilla cream or chocolate) in the middle powdered with icing sugar. It’s kind of hard to eat without getting jam or icing sugar all over you, but totally worth the mess.


I have to admit I haven’t read a lot recently, but the one book I read luckily is totally worth recommending. It’s called “A quiet kind of thunder” and is written by the praised “Beautiful broken things” author Sara Barnard. The book tells the story of Steffi, who is a selective mute, which means she is technically able to talk, but can’t get the words out when anxious or uncomfortable. She meets the new guy at her school Rhys who is deaf. As she is able to use BSL (british sign language) they can communicate easily and soon fall in love. It’s a beautiful story about a first love under special circumstances, but with the normal first love problems and you can’t help but absolutely love the interesting characters. Really a read to warm your heart in cold february.



The whole country is watching topmodel and then there’s me overexcitedly watching Ru Paul’s Drag race. Season 7, 8 and 9 are on german Netflix now and I couldn’t be happier. Drag race is a casting show for drag queens where they have to do certain challenges and then there’s a runway challenge which they need to create costumes according to the weeks theme for. It’s just so bright, crazy and colourful and glamourous with the perfect amount of drama . Also you get to know the coming out and background stories of the contestants which can be really emotional. I love it and it brightens up every dark winter day.

An other series I’m totally digging is british series “The end of the fucking world” which is also on Netflix. It’s about self diagnosed psychopath James and rebellious teenage girl Alyssa who run away together. James is quiet and awkward and his plan is actually to kill Alyssa who is the typical troubled teenager who provokes whoever she meets and does what she wants. On their road trip to Alyssa’s absent father they get involved in a lot of trouble and even a crime. I’m absolutely crazy about this series because it has this strange dark british humour and these totally over the top characters. Despite their weird quirks and their mostly wrong and immature behaviour you have to love James and Alyssa and their totally fucked up relationship. And if my opinion isn’t enough, it also scored 100% on rotten tomatoes. Literally the only bad thing I can find about the series: It only has 8 episodes !


I’m really not good at talking about beauty products, but here’s a few of my current favourites:

Mascara: I really like Yves Rocher (yes, partly because they gave me a customers card) because they make their cosmetics from plants and don’t test on animals (as they say, no guarantee on that) and I found my favourite mascara there. I had a hard time with finding the right mascara beforebut their Vertige volume in black is just perfect for my lashes and makes them really long and voluminous. A good thing also is that it stays on really long without giving you these black like crums under your eyes. I’m really, really happy with it. I use the black one but it also comes in brown and blue.

Powder: I use the body shop all in one powder and foundation which I’m really happy with as it stays on for a long time and really covers your skin but without being really heavy and like a mask. As you can see I really can’t talk about make up I sound like an advertisment 😉 Anyway I also like that they don’t test on animals.

Lotion: As my skin and lips always get super dry in winter I use a lot of lotion and the one I like best (and basically use for everything) is nivea soft. It’s really light and moisturizes your skin without being to fat. Also really nice smell. I just really like it because it feels good on my skin.

Image source mascara                                                     Image source powder


I gotta admit I’m not really up to date as I’m with anything in the music world, because I’ve been listening to the same 12 songs for 2 years, but an album I recently discovered is Halsey’s new album “hopeless fountain kingdom”. I just really like her style and she has some great duets for example with Lauren Jauregui “strangers” which happens to be my favourite song on the album apart from “bad at love” and “him&I”. I love how deep her lyrics are and the melancholical tone of the songs. Also I admire her as a person because she’s a strong badass, a role model for women and an absolut icon for me.


I hope that gave you some inspiration to help with the winter blues and if you have some more recommendations you think I might like hit me up on our twitter @castway_minds

or on instagram under @castawayminds

Have a great rest of february!

Love, Alli xx


Life updates

Today for our Sunday Funday post I can choose whatever topic I want. So I thought I just start writing without any idea in mind and see where this takes us.

Firstly I would like to talk to you guys about something that kinda really creepy me out. I got a note from out postmen that I had a parcel waiting for me at the post office. Nothing special, although I wasn’t quite sure what it was. When I came back home I opened it and inside there was an advent calendar. Only thing is I didn’t order any advent calendars. Well, the only time I could have and don’t remember was when I laid in bed on Sunday and Monday extremely ill and thinking that I’m about to die. But then again I couldn’t look at any screens, so highly unlikely. Just to be safe though I checked my Amazon orders and of course I didn’t order this calendar. As you do, I obviously asked my mum if she knows something. Turns out she doesn’t and same as me she has no idea whom this is from. I should mention on this point that it isn’t just your box standard Cadbury chocolate calendar, it’s like a full on ‘spa-calendar’. Not of the most expensive variate y but still not the cheapest one either. To be honest with you, right now I’m a bit creped out whom this calendar is from. Would you too or I’m just over thinking everything and over reacting?

What else happened in my life that I could tell you guys about? Ah, I’m basically allowed to barely eat anything. That’s something fun as well. Because of that my teeth are extremely stupid and I hate them they have some sort of problem where they’re too soft. So to protect them I’m not allowed ti eat anything with sugar, any sort of sweetener, a lot of acid, things with lactose, wheat or whatever because of sugar in it. Isn’t this fun? But hey, on the plus side it’s a great way to lose weight because you basically only eat veg (fruits have too much sugar in them), veg and again veg. Not something you really can complaint and you live quite healthily but it still sucks. So today for example I went to a Christmas market with some friends. While they could just chose what to eat I had to think about what would damage my teeth the least. They drunk ‘Glühwein’ or as you would call it mulled wine I stood next to them with my water bottle in my hand. A sweet treat at the end? Sure thing for me, but I had to stand next to them while thinking how yummy this must taste like.

Beside of not be able to eat anything I think nothing interesting really happened. I had to study and do things for uni quite a bit, hence why I haven’t been really active on here. My professors are the opinion that they had to make everything even more stressful and harder at least 3x to last year. So far I’ve already written one exam, had to do 2 courses beside of uni and I had an oral exam which was a presentation and we had to do interviews for it and analyse it and stuff. Bare in mind that my semester just started on the 01.10. and our semester still lasts to the beginning of February before we start with exams. Beside of all that I have quite a few things in courses that take a lot of time as well. So for example exercises or I have a really course about how to start your own business but we have to do interviews with real entrepreneurs and pitches and stuff like that. Oh, and of course come up with an idea for something we could imaginably sell and do stuff that has to do with that. A lot of fun, but also extremely much to do.

What else? Gosh my life is boring. I tried as much as I can to come up with Christmas presents and not fail as much as usual. I tell you, without the help of Maren (yes you’ve got your shout out again! ;)) I still would be wondering about some of the presents. I only need to come up with ideas for like 5 people or so and still do some presents that involve some DIY. Oh, and buy things for that. Gosh, can you somehow get some more time in a day? That really would suit me right now.

Beside of having mental breakdowns because I want to come up with cool presents everybody loves and don’t cost a fortune I don’t have much to tell you, really.

I’m still a single pringle so I couldn’t tell you any funny or cool stories on the guys front. Over my Christmas break I either have to work, study or Alina is coming over for my birthday. That’s something cool to tell you guys! Alina is coming for a few days over to mine to celebrate my birthday and new years with me. I hope she’s aware of that since I can’t get a new years kiss from a non existing boyfriend she needs to be right next to me when we kiss a glass of a beverage our choice. Alina, we still need to come up with a plan what we could do over new years eve. So you guys have any plans? Let us please know here or on our social media because so far we’re really unorginazed and we don’t know what to do.

Speaking of the lovely person that Alina is, we both go to 3 concerts next year. First to a State Champ/As it is concert. Just 4 days later we’re going to another concert of With Confidence and then in June we’re going to a Blink 182 concert. How exciting is this? She’s my concert buddy for this year. Although we can’t forget that Lili is joining us for the Blink one. I’m super excited about this one. I mean, hello it’s Blink 182. Plus their Album California is just amazing!!! Don’t get me wrong I’m also super excited for the other 2 concerts but going to a Blink concert is something I thought would never happen.

Speaking of concerts I’m also going, without Alina or Lili though, to a Shawn Mendes concert in May. If you know me, you know that I freaking love this talented little fella. It just amazes me how talented a person can be. So From March till June I basically won’t do anything else then go to 4 different cities for 4 different concert and basically don’t be able to speak because I will scream and sing along so much to all them. So another fact for you, I bloody love concerts. If I could I would go to concerts every weekend. I even have a list of Artists whom I want to see live one day. I still can’t decide if this is cool or sad. What would you say?

Okay, I properly bored you guys enough now, so I will shut up now, and most probably go to bed very soon because I need to be all fresh and awake for the interview tomorrow.

Hopefully see you very soon here, have a great day and week! 🙂 Talk to you tomorrow again when I try to find something more interesting to talk about!

Lots of love,

Jenny xxx.

October favourites

1. Wrapping up

Picture Source

As weird as it sounds one if my favourite things to do in this season is to wrap up in warm clothes. Don’t get me wrong I totally hate winter and cold temperatures but I love that I’m able to layer up. Top, Jumper, Jacket, a scarf which is basically a blanket, a bubble head, cloves and all these things. I just love them. So despite me hating cold temperatures and especially snow this is a thing I have been loving since it got colder. Okay it also could be that I’m always cold and now I have an excuse to dress up like it’s -40 degrees. 🙂 Although I also have to say that the week I have been at Katie’s this month it wasn’t fun to walk around oninon-style because everybody took the mickey out of me and asked if I’m alright for walking around dressed like this.


2. Friends

Picture Source

I know this sounds odd but this month it really showed me how important your friends are in life. To be honest with you guys I haven’t had the best summer because of personal reasons and basically the only reason I actually stood up in the morning, and not stayed in bed, were my friends. They always made sure to write me lovely message and tried to cheer me up. You always know that friends are important and you never should take them for granted but this summer life showed me what it really means with this phrase. And I know that these people who I mean in particular usually read my blog posts (and in case the other 3 girls aren’t reading this I’m mad at you for not reading my blog posts! :D), so thank you my love you’re awesome and I love you! Thank you for keeping up with my shit! ❤


3. Driving

Picture Source

Damn, this month is a weird concoction of things I have loved and I can assure you it won’t get better. So yeah I loved driving this month. I had my driver license for almost 5 years but because my family always only had like big family cars I always was scared to drive. Like come on, you can’t sit a 5’3 ft girl in a massive family car, of course I won’t see a single thing! But apparently my father never understood that and pushed me into driving which, obviously, made me hate driving even more. But when I came home for my summer holidays my mum got her own little car which is exactly to the size of my liking. Its small and you easily can see everything of it even when you’re a miniature like I am. Since I had to drive to work basically everyday I start enjoying it. I used every opportunity to be able to drive somewhere. I even took the last chance to drive myself to the train station when I went back to Uni so I can make the most of it.

So you can see, sometimes you’re scared of something but once you tried it or you got around something it isn’t even as bad as you thought it is. I, now bloody love driving and if I could I would steal my mums car and drive around with it everyday!


4. Scotland


As I have already mentioned I went to see Katie for a week at the end of September and I loved it there, I basically didn’t want to leave any more. I already have been to Edinburgh once, everybody who has been there – what a god them beautiful city right?, but this time I went to Katie’s University with her and for a concert we went to Glasgow. First of all the scenery in Scotland is just breathtaking. Like how can a country be sooo unbelievably beautiful? I also, obviously, met friends of Katie and my oh my why are they sooo much nice then Germans – sorry no offence but it’s the truth… Like everybody was extremely welcoming and made me feel home right away. As you could have known from my blog post on Monday I’m quite a shy person so it isn’t easy to meet new people and feel comfortable around people, but I immediately did with them. It felt good to be somewhere where you aren’t judged for everything you do, or how you look, or what you wear, it was nice to just be me for a change without needing to worry what the others might think of me. I met people who play a sport for which you would be laughed at in my Uni and they took it as a normal thing to do. They tried to incorporate me in everything they did, which I know for a fact this wouldn’t happen where I’m from. And nobody looked weirdly at Katie or me for fangirling over Marianas Trench, whom we saw. They were happy and excited for us.

A lot of times I just wished it would be everywhere like this. A place where you don’t have to worry about who you want to be and what you do. People just accept you for who you are.

This took a dark turn, I’m sorry, but these are just my thought… I loved Scotland and I’m sure that as soon as I have the money for the flight together, Katie I’m coming for you again! 😛


5. Electronic free time

Picture Source

This might sound weird, especially from someone who studies media, but lately I have loved to put aside my laptop, turn my phone on flight mode and just have some me-time. It doesn’t matter if this means I had a right pamper season or I just sat down and watched a chick-flick film or read a teeny book (and yes, I’m almost 22 and it’s still cool to watch/read this kind of things! Nothing against a good old High School Musical, Camp Rock, Mean Girls, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls or whatever season!). Don’t get me wrong I did these things before as well but lately I consciously put away my phone and I’m not checking on it every other minute. I find it very relaxing to know that I don’t have to care about the world or others for like 2 hours for a change. You definitely should try it yourself. Don’t look at your phone for the whole film or set yourself a timer to read for a certain time without checking on your new messages, Intagram pictures, Snapchat stories and new Tweets.


I guess 5 absolute weird and random facts for this month should be enough. Sorry if it isn’t you usual box standard favourites but that’s what I have been loving this past month and I hope you don’t think I’m a total weirdo for liking weird things like this.

I hope you have an awesome week and we will catch you hopefully very soon.

P.S. Here are also the links to other places where you can find us:

Twitter: @castaway_minds

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Lots of love,

Jenny xxx

Lilis #GuyBoss of the month – Jack and Finn Harries

Happy Sunday Sunday everyone!
This week it is time for my #GuyBoss of the month. This month I don’t really have only one, but technically two, as I chose *insert drum roll here*: JACK AND FINN HARRIES or Jackson and Finnigan Harries, which are their full names.
You may know Jack as a YouTuber from his channel Jacksgap, that he created out of fun during his gap year. You may also know Jack from some acting he did when he was younger. Well, obviously you then know Finn as he is Jacks twin, duh! Kind of obvious but I mean there might be a few out there who just don’t know any of them. Finn never actually made his own channel, instead, he does more of the behind the scenes work.

Jack started out like every other Youtuber, posting Vlogs or challenges, just talking about his life and in some videos Finn would appear and they’d open fanmail together or do other goofy things.
However, over the years the content on Jacksgap has changed dramatically and in my opinion it also got 100 times better.
After not posting videos for quite some time they came back with a documentary on their experience participating in a Rickshaw run in India. Videos about climate change, documentaries about people with quite peculiar jobs or backgrounds and their shed sessions followed.
What is most striking about these videos is the quality and the content. It is not some of the meaningless content you can often find on Youtube (I consider my videos meaningless content as well, although I try to bring messages across, I know that for example my hauls aren’t of high educational value). They do their own research, they film and edit with a team that is close to them and of course they also get sponsored by Skype, as an example but I mean how else are you gonna afford traveling around the world to film your videos, that at the same time have such important messages.
What I admire about them as well is, that they went to University. Jack only for a year, in Bristol but still! Finn went to Leeds to study there for a year and is now at University in New York. Showing that pursuing an education at Uni can be fun and important is just lovely and I think more Youtubers should be concerned about this topic just like they are. Of course they have other focuses but it just makes education more appealing and that is such an important message to bring across to young children.
Back to their Videos: What mainly makes them a #GuyBoss is, that they weren’t afraid to change their content. Yes, maybe they were hesitant about what people would think but they had a message and they managed to bring it across. Their videos deal with such important issues, it’s inspiring. I can just hope they change young peoples opinions about our world, in a positive way. Furthermore, their editing skills are truly mesmerizing. I sometimes wish more Youtubers would put quality before quantity. I am not bothered by the fact that they don’t post a video every week or sometimes not even every six months but when they post one, I do know I can look forward to some great content that is interesting, eye opening and has an awesome message. That is what makes them my #GuysBoss of the month.
All in all, I just hope that Jack and Finn continue their amazing journey on becoming, what I think you can consider, incredible directors and film makers. They inspire all of us to think outside the box and consider important issues in this world to be more relevant than we may perceive them. We tend to think about ourselves way too much, without seeing the big picture and I think Jack and Finn do a wonderful job of objective and still highly interesting content that shows us the big picture.

If you have not checked them out yet, where have you been? Go and watch their videos NOW! That’s an order.
Loads of love,
Lili xx

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Instagram: @castwayminds

Featured image taken from the jacksgap website: http://jacksgap.com

August Favourites

Howdy y’all and happaayy Sunday Funday to all of you!
It is time for me to introduce you to my August favorites and I cannot wait. This is gonna be good. Be prepared!

Make Up Favourites:

1. Luminous Gleam Cream by P2

Now I am really sorry to tell you that I am pretty sure they only sell P2 products in Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-21 um 22.33.50Germany, Austria and Switzerland but I also could be wrong so I’m naming this
magical highlighter anyway. It’s, as you can tell from the name, a ceam highlighter and I love it for summer as it’s just so light and easy to apply. Sometimes I feel like powdery highlighter leaves you with a too fake glow and this moisturizer-like highlighter is so lovely and easy to apply. It has a pinkish sheen so it just looks gorgeous and natural


2. Aquatic Supreme Lipstick in 020 Pink Summer Dream by P2
Holy guacomole, would you just read the name of this Lipstick again? Doesn’t it sound luxurious? This Lipstick is almost like a Lipstick gloss. It has a super shiny finish, and it isn’t heavy on the lips. Still, it stays on for hours and the color I have is the prettiest pink. Overall, this lipstick is such a nice summer color


3. L’Oreal’s Nude Magique BB cream

If you’re like me and you sometimes just don’t feel comfortable wearing foundation orBildschirmfoto 2016-08-21 um 22.33.30
even concealer during summer but you still don’t want to go outside without having at least a little bit of color in your face (And I am super pale and usually look like I’ve spent my whole summer in Iceland) then BB creams are probably your go-to product. Recently I’ve been trying our the Nude Magique BB cream and I gotta say it’s not too bad. I love the coverage and the feel of it but since it has little pigment capsules that adjust to your skin tone with some wondrous technique, it feels a little rough when applying it. It’s almost like a peeling or exfoliator which isn’t necessarily bad because that feeling disappears as soon as the capsules have been opened but you just have to be careful with the amount you apply on your face, otherwise it can feel a bit rough at first


Music Favourites:

1. Lisa Mitchell
Her music is all about flowy, magical sounds her soft voice. Perfect for a chill day outside
while reading a book. Her music really makes me feel like I am stuck inside my own little Indie movie and I’m the character that’s just found her place in the world. Favourites are Baroness of Mess, Alice in Wonderland (Both can be found on Youtube, but not on an album), The Boys and Neopolitan Dreams, which has to be her most popular song.


2. Melanie Martinez
I won’t stop playing Crybaby on repeat ever! You probably know Melanie Martinez and I hope you love her as much as I do. Crybaby is a concept album and it is a masterpiece of a concept album. I just love Dollhouse, Pacify Her, Sippy Cup and Crybaby. Cause „Kids are still depressed when you dress them up and Syrup is still Syrup in a Sippy Cup“

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-21 um 22.58.12.png

Melanie has an Upcoming tour! Details on her official website

3. Brand New Moves by Hey Violet
Do I have to say more? I don’t think so. Just listen to the EP and the song! It’s super groovy, loads of chill summer vibes and I just love it.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-21 um 23.05.44.png

Watch the video to Brand New Moves on Vevo

5. French Chansons and Spanish Canciones
Like in general! I just love listening to French music in summer and it makes me feel elegant and in love with life and yeah 😀 Carla Bruni on repeat just like Zazie (Je suis un homme is such a lovely song). Now to be honest, the Spanish songs I listen to sound like they’ve been taken out of some 2007 Disney movie but they’re fun! So I like listening to the band Morat, to Shakira of course and some Nelly Furtado just to feel 12 again.

Food Favourites:

1. Watermelon-Cucumber-Smoothies
I love drinking these for breakfast. They are super refreshing and I make them myself jus by cutting up some cucumber and watermelon and just blend them together. I like to add coconut water and sometimes a bit of orange juice. Usually I also add siliceous earth or flaxseeds.

2. Salmon Burgers
I make these myself as well. It’s basically just the patty that is the thing I really actually make myself…I mean cutting up some tomatoes or so isn’t too hard. Just shred frozen salmon filet and then add an egg and panko. To give the whole thing a bit of taste I like to add lemon and provencal herbs. Remember to add some ice cubes to the mix when preparing the salmon, it should not get too warm before you cannot actually cook it.

Yaaayy, that’s it! These are my August favourites. By the way, I just ruined 20 yesterday…I am getting old! This is scary and also exciting. AND THE GIRLS WERE OVER FOR MY BIRTHDAY! Yup, they drove all the way up to the north of Germany to visit me and it was the most lovely time ever! You might’ve seen the picture on our instagram.
Now I’ll continue listening to Arctic Monkeys and finish editing my Youtube Video.
Loads and loads of love,
Lili xx

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Quote of the week

“The moment you realize that your bones are made of the same dust as the planets, your lungs are breathing the same air as the migrating butterflies, and your blood is pumping because of the love and care of thousends; is when you realize that you are not as broken as you think you are. You are full of the world.”


Picture Source

When my best friend ignored me

Hello wonderful people of this world,

today’s Sunday Funday is a Storytime and I want to write about a little more serious topic. I want to write to you about two stories of where really good friends kinda stopped any contact or ignored me.

Going back to June 2014, I just graduated and coming along with that my friends and I all had different plans. In school it always has been this friendship-group of 4 of us. We sat together in first row (yes, I’m boring like this), did everything in our lunch breaks together, fought against teachers and we met up in our spare-time as much as we could. When it came to our plans after we graduated all of us had different plans. One of my friends (let’s name her Kate) went to America as an Au-Pair, another one (let’s name her Fae) did a federal volunteer service as well as Krissi (although in different cities and institutions) and as you all know I went to England as an Au-Pair as well as Kate.

So keeping in contact seems a bit hard because Kate and I went to different countries but surprisingly we didn’t had any problems in keeping in contact, thanks to social media. The one who struggled with it was Fae. She always was the person who took ages to answer any messages and the one who didn’t really write you, unless you wrote her. But this time it was completely different. I tried to contact her but rarely got any answers and Krissi and her were even planned to meet one weekend but since she didn’t replayed at all, even this meeting was cancelled. Since this day non of us actually have heard anything from her. She’s still alive, don’t worry about that, she just happens to rather not stay in touch with us anymore.

I mean that’s fair enough and people change so growing out of friendships is totally normal but the thing that bothers me is that she just didn’t replay to any of our messages. Like nothing. Just have the guts to tell us at least, this way we would have known that you just don’t want to be friends with us anymore and you grew out of the friendship. But this way non of us had a clue what went on and what’s up with her.

This story kinda repeated itself when I was in England. In December I became very very close friends with a fellow Au-Pair, let’s call her Anna. We basically did everything together until we left. We were in the same college class, our host children went to the same school and even our weekends and in general freetime we spent together doing all sort of things. Once again she isn’t a person who’s good with replaying, so when we were back in Germany I, at first, understood that she isn‘t replaying straight away but after like 2 weeks of not replaying I started worrying. Especially because I messaged her on Whatsapp and could see that she didn’t even clicked on my message but was online since I wrote her.

Once again, if she would have told me straight away that she doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore since we’re back in Germany, fair enough. I mean it would have hurt, sicne she knew a lot about me which I don’t tell everybody plus we became in general very good friends, but it would have been okay. But this way, just ignoring one, never call, write or skype, just hurts. The only uplifting fact about this is, that I know from other good friends that she isn’t replaying to them either, so she basically just shuts out everybody she met in England.

This is only a little relief, because she still isn’t in contact with me anymore, although I wish we would.

What I want to tell you guys with these two stories is, that although you could be best friends with somebody, sometimes you grow apart. Sometimes this happens slowly and without any notice and sometimes it’s within a heartbeat.

Any advise I have for this case? Not really to be honest. I can only advise to accept the other persons decision and go on from there. You can’t change the persons mind and you have to make the best of the situation. Sure this isn’t easy for you and you will lay in bed late at night and ask yourself what you have done wrong in the friendship but truth is, you haven’t done much wrong. With situations like I have been in, it’s just that the people are too busy with their new lives and all the life changes that come along with it that they are not aware of how they behave and that they loose other friendships to this.

If you live close I can advise you to go and speak to the person and ask why they have shut you out, but if you’re in a situation like me and you live far away, just accept it and go with it. If you‘re bitch-around and confront them and be mad at them it won’t change their behaviour either. It hurts but sadly there is no other way then accept it.

I hope you guys never have to be in a situation like this and you and your friends are all happy and safe and sound.

Lot’s of love,

Jenny xxx.


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The one time I met an absolute twat

Imagine a nice evening with your friends, you haven’t seen them in over a year because you just came back from you’re year abroad, you don’t feel too good because the day before you just had your wisdom teeth taken out, but you definitely wanted to go. You have a lovely time so far chatting anyway about all sorts of things, and then it happens. The massive twat arrives. He’s a friend of your friend who’s party it is, first he doesn’t seem bad news and actually he’s not that bad looking either and at first quite friendly. But then all of your friends get more drunk, you obviously can’t drink because you’re on quite strong pain killers, although that’s the reason why it is actually quite entertaining for you, watching all your friends being very entertaining. But then everything’s changing. You all, some how, come to the topic of dating and stuff and out of the blue the twat says that he never would date you. You obviously want to know why, and so do your friends. Once you asked him why you kinda get a bad feeling and then it happens. He says “Well, firstly because you wear way too much make up and secondly you are not my type. You’re too fat.”

Everybody starts starring at him and you. You don’t know what to say because you’re that shocked, even though you’re definitely normally don’t have problems with sassy/witty comebacks. Soon you decide to go home because you really can’t stand to be in the same room as such a massive dick. Your friend, who’s party it is, tries to apologize for his friend but all of you know too well that the damage is done and he can’t take back his words.

Honestly this is a story I always try to block out, don’t try to think about, because let’s face it my self-confident was non-existent before and something like this really isn’t helping much then. But if anybody can learn from an experience like this then I want to share it with you guys. So let’s talk his comment through.

Firstly, ‘you wear way too much make-up’. Excuse you? What on earth gives you the right to judge anybody’s make-up? Everybody can wear as much or as little make-up as they want. You as a guy definitely have no right whatsoever to say to a girl she’s wearing too much make-up. I don’t know if it has occurred to you but girls aren’t wearing make-up for the sake of boys. I’m sorry to bring it to you but they don’t! Girls wear make-up because they want to and feel like wearing it. Do you really think we spent that much money, for a guy who can’t see the difference between ‘half-baked’ and ‘Charcoal Brown’ let alone knows the difference between Urban Decay and Mac. We definitely don’t! Yes, we may want to feel beautiful but we definitely don’t want to because of a guy. Okay, sometimes we do, but not if you don’t even know that a guy you don’t know is coming. And if we want to feel beautiful for a guy then he is a damn special guy to us and definitely not any old drunk guy we met for the first time.

Coming to the second part of his statement and the one that makes, I think, most more furious. ‘You are not my type. You’re too fat.’. Okay, steady on, have you really any idea what you just said? Let alone the idea what it could do the person you’re saying it to? If you don’t know it, the person you just said such a nasty comment to is a different person then you, so the person can look however the person wants to look like, also have as much weight on as she wants. Not everybody looks like Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift or Kendall Jenner! And that’s good. If you want to date somebody like this then you should think about your standards because you’re certainly not Zayn Malik, Calvin Harris nor Tyga. Only guys like this would date someone who looks like them. Besides you don’t know what the story of the person is. It could be that the person you just said something like this to could have struggles with any form of any eating disorder currently or in the past or has a serious health problem. You never know. This does not only count for somebody who may weight a bit too much but also to somebody who might weight a bit too little. You just don’t say something like this to anybody. You just don’t. You never know the story of somebody by meeting them the first time, so saying something like this is just stupid, childish and let you look like an absolute, massive asshole.

Surely, I’m a bit biased because this story actually happened to me but I think most people would agree with me on this point. Talking about somebody’s weight is just nothing you do and the weight of anybody beside of yourself is non of your business. Especially if you say a comment like this which is basically fat-shaming. No matter what, no matter how much a person might weight, under no circumstances you should ever say anything about anybody’s weight.

I do have enough friends who actually suffer from any form of eating disorder or don’t see them in the right light. Meaning with that, that they don’t have a disorder but they still see themselves not like they actually look like. Like they always see themselves with too much weight on even though they have a lovely, toned body. And if they hear comments like this, do you really think it helps them? No! The people I know who have eating disorders, are mostly bought into this spiral because of comments from other people. Also if they already in this spiral and hear comments like ‘You’re too thin/skinny’ it doesn’t make them stop, it motivates them too continue.

We live in a society where we have a certain picture of a perfect toned, healthy body but the reality is that only a few percentage have body’s like this. Yes, sure I also would like to have the body of like Taylor Swift or Zoe Sugg but in reality I never will. Firstly because I’m nearly not as tall enough to have such kick as legs like Taylor Swift or such a good metabolism like Zoe Sugg but to be fair I also wouldn’t want to look like them. Surely looking as pretty as them would be a blessing but I’m a different person and I have a different body type, a different skeleton underneath my skin and also other genes.

People like the twat have to realize that saying things about anybody’s weight is just wrong and you never should do it. But sadly I really have no hope for him which makes me very sad that stupid and undereducated people like him still exist.

On a more positive note about the twat: He actually wrote an apology message to me the next morning but since he couldn’t even remember what he said, it looked like my friends apparently asked him if he’s totally insane for saying something like this, I haven’t really taken his apology too seriously.

If something like this ever happens to you, you is whoever is reading this right now, don’t just stay shut like I did! Take the moment were you’re shocked and then say something to this twat! I really wish I would have. I’m also not a violent person really, but at this very moment I really would have liked to punch him or at least throw a drink in his stupid face. So please do me favour, please throw the person who says something like this to you at least a drink in his stupid face. Women have to stay together right?! 😛 (P.S. Please don’t punch him though! Violence isn’t the solution plus you’re most likely to hurt yourself more than him.)

Lots of love,

Jenny xxx


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Story Time – A Lesson About Self Love

Hey boys and girls,

it’s Sunday Funday and that means it’s story time!! Well, at least this Sunday Funday it is
and I am gonna teach you something about relationships.
Not entirely…maybe…I’m not a date doctor or something, but as I broke up with my boyfriend a couple of months ago and my friend, let’s call her Holly, just got back together with her ex-boyfriend, we’re gonna call him Bennett for the sake of the story, it’s quite the recent topic for me.

The thing with my friend and her somehow (!) boyfriend is that they aren’t even officially a thing. They have been on and off for over 4 years and it just makes me mad how he leads her on all the time and gets incredibly jealous whenever she starts going on dates with other guys. Even when they’re relationship is currently off. He has no right to get jealous after all, at least not in an extreme way.
Now I’ve gotten to know him better recently and he seemed like a decent guy if you forget the fact that on New Year’s Eve he cheated on Holly with her best friend and then had a wonderfully happy relationship with that best friend, not anymore best friend, let’s just call her Gigi.
Holly is incredibly sweet, she is actually in general one of the kindest most positive people you’ll ever meet. She is beautiful inside and out, so instead of talking shit about Gigi, they talked about it and everything was fine between them so that she and Bennett could go on with their relationship as if nothing happened.
My friend Holly met a wonderful guy and for the first time, she actually had this sparkle in her eyes when talking about a boy. He treated her like a princess but in the end, they both found out they just don’t fit together in that way. Still, they remained friends.

Somewhere along the way, Bennett decided to call Holly again and let me tell you, it all went downhill from there. I wasn’t too keen on the whole situation, as he had cheated on her with her best friend after all, but hey, forgiveness is important.
But when Holly told me she apologized to Bennet for hanging out with this guy I was about to explode because she did not have any reason to apologize to him. To me, that seemed just ridiculous. They weren’t dating at that time, she was happy, even Bennett had a thing with a totally different girl while still with Gigi but he only just told Holly recently. All these months they’ve been seeing each other again he was mad at her for having something going on with another guy but he just moves on from Gigi with some random girl, never telling Holly about it, although it is basically the same situation.

Time moved on and I felt like they finally got their shit back together until she tells me that he never really calls or texts her and is always seen out and about with some new chick.
For me that was already too much, basically the final straw, but I just cannot get through to her anymore.
Deep down Holly probably knows how naive she is acting but she is also not doing anything, she still tries to get his attention and I thought she’s his girlfriend, after all, it’s only natural for her to want his attention.
But no, I thought wrong, they aren’t official. He is not ready for the commitment. He wants to have a certain freedom in the relationship. Excuse you, Bennett?? You’ve been on and off for 4 years and all of a sudden you decide not to make this official just so you can fool around with other girls?
You can imagine that I don’t even voice my opinion about this topic anymore because she won’t listen to me.
I completely lost my respect for him when he called her a „disgusting bitch“ because she had something going on with this guy when they weren’t dating. THEY WEREN’T DATING FOR F***S SAKE!!! Bennett, what do you expect her to do? Become a nun and wait for you to come back to her? FUCK NO! He told her that this guy wasn’t even that handsome and for the first time I heard Holly talk back to him by saying „Looks aren’t everything.“
Of course, Bennett told her that yes, looks are everything (Seriously?? I hate that guy!).
But I was proud of Holly for kind of talking back.
I just hope she breaks up with him for good or he undergoes a major personality makeover because this cannot go on like this.
It won’t make her happy. It’s a toxic relationship and I wish she would listen to me and our group of friends but then again, it’s her decision to make.
To me, this whole scenario shows that breaking up with my boyfriend was the right thing to do. When I look back at it, I do see a kind of toxic relationship pattern. He made me feel bad and blamed me for everything that happened.
When he couldn’t tell me he loved me after over a year of dating he pointed out how his parents got divorced and he has a hard time expressing feelings, which I understood.
I was always respecting this until it came to the point where he literally couldn’t pay me any compliments and even complained about me not ever saying anything nice to him.
Believe me, this was not the case. But I felt bad so I tried to make things better, to work on this relationship, just like Holly works on hers, trying to fix things.
But sometimes it cannot be fixed and you gotta know when your relationship has reached exactly that point. It doesn’t show you’re the weak one, not at all!
You know you are worth so much more. You are worth a relationship full of respect and mutual love and trust.
I wanted to tell you this story (well maybe it was also kind of a rant) to show you how important it is to love yourself first and to respect and cherish yourself. To know your worth.
Nothing in a relationship is solely your fault. It always takes two to make it function but when the other person in the relationship is blaming everything on you all the time and you feel like you have to prove them that you love them 24/7, without them giving anything back, well then there has to be something wrong.
Sometimes it is good to listen to your friends, who do know you. They will not always be right but most of the time they’ll realize when you’re not entirely happy before you even realize.
So please never think you’re not good enough or that things are supposed to be that way.
If you need someone to talk to, you can always message us on our official and private accounts. You are loved and you are worth it!

Loads and loads of love,
Lili xx

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#GuyBoss of the month – Zayn Malik

Hey lovelies,

it’s Sunday already, which means another week is over but it also means it’s time for another Sunday Funday post on our blog! This Sunday it’s my turn again and I’ll talk about my #GuyBoss of the month.
Originally I wanted to write about a different person but given the circumstances I thought I’d talk about Zayn Malik. Yesterday at Capital Summertime Ball he cancelled his performance last minute and left many fans and basically everyone else hella confused. It felt like he cancelled out of nowhere just like he dropped out of One Direction seemingly out of nowhere.
But lets rewind this whole scenario and look at it from a different perspective. The perspective being that he is an incredibly brave young man, who understands the importance of his mental health and that sometimes it’s just more important to put yourself first.
To me Zayn shows that as a man you don’t need to pretend that your emotions don’t exist and that mental health isn’t even a topic just to show how „strong“ and „manly“ you are. Isn’t it much more manly or strong to realize you do have a problem with your mental health?
Lets go back to around a year ago when Zayn dropped out of One Direction. Yes, it was bound to happen but then again I think it was brave of him to be the first one to quit, the first one to drop out because it didn’t feel right anymore. This doesn’t have anything to do with not being thankful or anything, he was just brave and strong enough to cut those things out of his life that probably just didn’t feel right anymore. This is a good example for how you should make sure to cut toxic people and situations out of your life and make sure your surroundings help you grow as a person, help you feel better about yourself and even though you’re a man, it does not mean that you cannot openly talk about this.
Now fast forward to the Summertime Ball. The first night Zayn would have performed on his own, without his band mates around. As a former member of a band I can exactly tell you how scary it sometimes seems to just go out there on stage and put on a smile and be ready to entertain people. What if you fail? What if you just forget the lyrics or sing a wrong note? What if you slip on stage and fall?
Now imagine this happening to someone who has suffered from anxiety for a long time just like Zayn has. Imagine what horrifying things are going through their mind and what kind of panic attack they are about to get. Wouldn’t you understand it? Wouldn’t you say it was the right decision that he cancelled? I do. Because it shows that anxiety is a thing! It shows that men can suffer from mental health issues just as well as women. It shows that sometimes it’s more important to take care of yourself first and there is nothing wrong with it. Men in our society still have this issue of never admitting that the are not okay or that they aren’t capable of dealing with a certain situation. Be aware that mental health is an issue in todays society, as after all 1 in 75 people suffer from Panic Disorders, according to the American Psychiatric Association. I’m actually happy that we slowly start to inform ourselves about different kinds of mental health issues and that celebrities like Zayn bring awareness to these topics. Nevertheless I still feel like the acceptance for a male to suffer from mental health issues, especially anxiety (because why would performing in front of thousands of people freak you out that much you weirdo?!) is still a bit less present than the acceptance for women with mental health issues. Men are seen as the strong people in our society but that’s just wrong. We’re all people and we all have the right to acknowledge when we don’t feel okay or need help. Zayn has done just that, with pointing out how his anxiety has come in the way and that makes him my #GuyBoss of the month.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-12 um 21.11.16

Zayn on his Anxiety on Instagram

Let’s remember to raise our sons and daughters in the knowledge that it is okay not to be okay and that boys have a right to cry, feel sad, to love and show emotions because that’s what makes them human, what makes them strong after all. And also remember to be more open towards the people around you who might suffer from anxiety or the like, it’s tougher than you think. Make sure to encourage them but never put them under pressure they should be able to take all the time they need just like Zayn has the right to.
We should make this world more acceptant and loving 🙂 If you have anything you want to talk about and feel like you cannot openly talk about with parents or friends, don’t hesitate to message us! Or check out some of the helplines I listed down below.

Loads and loads of love,
Lili xx

Twitter: @castaway_minds
Instagram: @castawayminds


NHS mental health helplines

Infos & Helpline about Panic Disorders
Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Collection of helplines of all kinds of issues from bullying to depression for Teens

Lifeline helpline and information on several mental health issues


Anxiety Disorder Association of Canada 

Mental Health Helpline Canada 


Angst Hilfe e.v.

Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch Kranker e.v.


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