Quote of the week

“let a girl be difficult and complicated. let her think and let her mind wrap around things qickly and too slowly at the same time. let her favourite colours be lilac and Magenta instead of purple and pink. let her shave one side of her head because she just couldn’t decide on one length. let a girl only wear silk to bed or nothing at all, let her drink coffee with two teaspoons of sugar- unless it’s Saturday on which she should have her tea. let girls play football after school and take ballet on the weekends. let a girl save herself until marriage but make you weak in the knees with the things she says. let a girl be a boy.  let a girl shave off her eyebrows and cut off all her hair so her little brother with cancer doesn’t feel so alone. let girls eat salad all day and then nothing but take out for a week. let girls never listen to the radio again if that’s what they want. let them sleep with night lights but write stories in the dark. let Girls be complicated. different. Abstract. bold. let them be soft. rigid. let them be black. white. blue. let them be taylor-swift-jammers-motorcycle-riders. let them be human. let them be aliens. let them be made of stars. let Girls be everything and nothing compacted into large and small bodies. let them be.”

-Addy Lamme



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