Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

One day late, but yesterday was May 4th: Star Wars day !! For those of you who don’t know; May 4th is Star Wars day because “May the Fourth“ sounds like the beginning of famous Star Wars line “May the force be with you“ . It has even be mistranslated as May the fourth be with you before. It’s not an official holiday of course, but fans around the world „celebrate“ this day


Anyway to celebrate Star Wars day, this blog post is about the newest film “Star Wars-The Force Awakens“. The Force Awakens is the seventh Star Wars Film and the story takes place 30 years after the 6th part. It came out last year in december ( like what ?!how has it been half a year ?!) and was directed by J.J. Abrams. I’m just gonna tell you a little bit about the story line, because I don’t want to spoiler you if you haven’t watched it already and I don’t want to bore you in case you have.

So there’s this resistance pilot Poe, who gets a map of the location of Luke Skywalker (yeah? remember that guy?) Luke Skywalker has been disappeared for years. ( Typical man ! As soon as they need to take responsibility, they disappear). Poe puts the map into his droid BB8 ( cute little guy) and gets captured by the first order ( The bad guys obvoiusly). BB8 can escape and meets scavenger Rey. Poe meanwhile is held hostage by Kylo Ren, who’s a big thing in the first order and also has some kind of crazy granddaddy complex. Luckily he meets Finn, a Stormtrooper who has realized that what the first order does (you know like killing people) isn’t quite his thing. Together they can escape. Unfortunately they crash on a planet, where Finn survives, but can’t find Poe. He sees BB8 who he knows about and through him meets Rey. When the first order starts to attack the planet they can escape in the millenium falcon ( that’s the huge spaceship Han Solo always flew, if you remember). Han Solo and Chewbacca (that’s the furry guy) catch them because they want their Spaceship back and were looking for it and together they try to bring the map to the resistance and to find Luke.

To be honest the plot is not new : There’s some top secret information in a droid, who gets lost on a dusty planet, where he meets a person, who has no clue about the whole situation. Then they meet an old guy who tells them everything about the situation. Might seem familiar if you have watched the 4th part A new Hope. Oh and there’s a death star that has to be destroyed. AGAIN. Seriously it’s frustrating like when you clean and the next day the dust is back. I mean they don’t call it death star this time, but who are they trying to trick? Still it’s a really great film and way better than I expected it to be. The cast makes you forget about the storyline because the actors are wickedly talented and you feel like they really ARE their characters. The mix of the new and the old characters works out really well, the chemistry is just right. Old fans will be happy to see lots of familiar faces, who still haven’t lost any of their credibility, but will also enjoy getting to know the fresh, young characters. I don’t think I have to mention, that the special effects have improved a lot since the last Star Wars so flying around in space ships suddenly seems incredibly realistic. My favourite thing about the film by far was still the diversity in the leading roles. I mean there was a black guy, a hispanic guy, a white old guy, a strong girl, a furry guy and a droid. No but seriously. It shouldn’t be such a big thing that the leading role is female, who isn’t portayed as the clumsy funny one or the pretty love interest, but a real warrior goddess and a total badass. I think it’s important for girls to have these strong and intelligent females in films, to show them that they’re more than pretty, but they’re strong, independent and clever. And it’s not just Rey. It’s also that female Stormtrooper officer, a female in a leading role wearing armour that isn’t sexy. And of course it’s Lea Morgana, who despite her age still slays. With or without Han. It also should’t be so special that the male lead roles are black and latino. The best thing is that they are characterized without any stereotypes or prejudices, they’re just important, strong, intelligent and brave people like they are in reality. I loved these aspects of the film, it made me so happy while watching it in the cinema. The Force Awakens is definitely doing it right, and I hope more producers and directors follow that example.

If you haven’t yet, you should definitely get the DVD and watch it, I think it’s worth it and the hype about it is totally understandable.

May the force be with you,

Alli xx

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