Random things I miss about the UK

Hey lovelies,

time for another blog post from me. As some of you might know I spent a year abroad, as an au pair in the UK, where I also met the three other wonderful girls on this blog. I realized soon it’ll be a year since I’m back in Germany and even though the culture is pretty similar there are lots of things I miss about the UK. If I wrote about all the things I miss we’d still be here tomorrow, so I picked out the most random ones, that might seem a bit weird.

  1. The Great British Bake OffTV program is rubbish nowadays, I think I can speak for lots of countries, or otherwise I can’t explain the huge success of netflix etc. I also wasn’t the biggest fan of UK TV program, because lots of programs seem to be about gardening, building houses, buying houses, renovating houses and selling houses. But there was the time of the year when life was good , when Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood where on your TV to eat cake and say things about it, that you don’t understand. For those of you who don’t know it there are 12 bakers, who have to do baking challenges and the one who’s pastry is the least tasty gets kicked out. The bakers are seriously geniouses and always make things that are truly extraordinary and look super delicious. We have comparable shows here in Germany, but none is as good as the bake off in my opinion. I love the show because of the british charme, the lovely hosts and because I generally enjoy looking at people making food.
  2. HMVIf you know me, you know I like music, films and band merch. HMV sells CDs, DVDs and band shirts. So yeah definitely one of my favourite shops of all time. I don’t think we really have that many shops in Germany that have such a huge choice of Cds and DVDs. I can never find anything I like in Germany, because in all honesty I personally think the UK has the better music taste. ( And you guys are lucky because all the cool bands always come to your country). I’ve spent hours looking through the records at hmv and contemplating wether to buy a shirt or not and I’m really missing it.
  1. Food chainsI tried to pick one restaurant to write about, but I realized it’s just not possible, because I miss them all. I think mainly the Italian restaurants like Pizza Express, Ask and Jamie’s Italian, but also Nando’s, Wetherspoons,Bill’s, Wagamama and of course Costa. As an au pair you have lots of money you can spend on eating out with your friends and that’s what I did. We don’t really have those restaurant chains in Germany, except fast food like McDonald’s and Burger King. I really miss them because not only was the food delicious, but also it was nice to have familiar restaurants everywhere you went so you knew what was expecting you and also didn’t really have a problem choosing from the menu. Talking about food: those Mark and Spencer Food shops where really convenient, especially at the stations, so you could just grab fresh sandwhiches, fruit or sweets everywhere and they were always really yummy. Literally every time I go back to the UK I make sure to go to as many of those restaurants as I can.

    Bildergebnis für British restaurant chains logos  NandosHorLogoNOWEB

  1. Friendly cashiersSo this might seem super random and I don’t know about all of the UK countries, but the cashiers in England are soooo friendly. They ask you how your day was, apologize if you had to wait and are just super sweet in general. Of course there are some, who might have a bad day or are generally a bit grumpy, but the majority is just nice, while in Germany they barely even look at you and are super stressed most of the time. So please british people appreciate your cashiers and be nice to them,
  1. The seasideYou have one, I don’t. (at least not in the part of Germany where I live) No more words needed.
  1. BBC Radio OneI always used to listen to radio one in the car and they really played the music I liked ( as I already said I don’t really like the mainstream german music taste). They also alway had amazing guests like artists I really liked and the interviewers were really professional and asked good questions ( and you didn’t have to be embarrassed for the terrible english of the interviewer, like you do here). I also loved the live lounge, where artists do acoustic covers, that was amazing every time.

You have reached the end of this hymn on things I like about the UK. There are like a quadrillion of other things, but none of us have the time for that. I hope you’re having a lovely day and if you’re currently doing one of the things I wrote about don’t tell me or I’ll get jealous.


Alli xx

Pic Sources :  http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/whats-on/whats-on-news/great-british-bake-recipes-how-9850570

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