#Girlboss- Fictional Heroines



My #girlboss of the month is a bit different this time as firstly I didn’t chose just one person this time but the girls that I chose this time have all had an equal and quite big part in being a role model to me and still make up some of my values of how I want to be today. Secondly, all of them are fictional characters in books and sadly don’t exist in real life though all of the characters can also be seen in movie adaptions of the stories that they are coming form. However, as I am a little book worm and always have been and I kind of always had my home in books and could dissappear in stories, they have all been major influences through my life and as they are all quite kickass I wanted to make them my #girlboss of the month. I think that fictional characters can sometimes have as much of an impact on your life as people in your real life or people in the media. For me book charachters have often shown me that it is normal to struggle to find yourself, especially at a young age, but also that it is okay to be different and okay to be you and that not everyone is the same as they don’t look, think or feel the same.

Sooo let’s start with my first #girlboss. She is called Vanessa and is from a German book series called “Die wilden Kerle”. She is brave, fearless, cool and didn’t let herself intimidate by a bunch of little boys who told her she shouldn’t play football as it is a boy’s sport. They told her to go back to playing with Barbies etc. However, she proved them wrong and showed them that a girl can play football just as well, can be as courageous and adventurous as any boy and she basically kicked ass throughout the entire series and became an equal and important part of the team. Vanessa made me want to be sporty and to show people that there is more to me than what they assume me to be like because of my exterior. She also made me want to be friends with boys and showed me that it was okay to be a tomboy which sometimes made me feel left out in school.


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My next #girlboss is from another German book series called “Die Wilden Hühner” and there my heroine is Frida. She is the very best friend of the “leader” of a group of 5 girls and what has always made her my hero was that she was kind, compassionate and loyal. She was there for her friends in any situation possible, she wouldn’t judge, but she would try to help. She also always tried to do the morally right thing and volunteered for a charity and helped in an animal shelter. She was always the rock in the friendship group, the one everyone would turn to and rely on to be there for them. To me those qualities are super important and I always wanted and still want to be like her in that way, because sadly compassion and kindness are qualities that people sadly do forget about or that are seen as soft and weak, but for your information THEY ARE IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY, and also Frida always kicked ass anyways.


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If I talk about where my third and last #girlboss is from, you’ll all make assumptions as to who she is, but my #girlboss from Harry Potter is not Hermione, I know that she is awesome and probably a #girlboss as well, but the one that always stuck out to me was Luna Lovegood. A girl that everyone else thinks is delusional and crazy, but that does not change herself just to please everyone else or to make friends more easily, but stays the way she is and always stays true to what she believes in. She is not afraid to be herself and that’s a quality I’ve always always admired. She knows that people talk about her, but she is happy with herself and to be honest that is everything people should hope for.


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These three have been the main heroines of my childhood. There have been other characters that I could related to and that I loved, but these were the main three that I wanted to be like, the ones that inspired me to be my better self. ‘Nowadays, I am still loving many book characters, but I think my point of view has changed a bit. When I see one of them struggle it kind of tells me that it is gonna be okay, that I can pull through my life, just as they do in their lives on paper. That most times whatever makes you struggle, can actually make you stronger and makes you you. However, my three #girlbosses always stay with me as I still always want to be brave and fearless and speak up for myself, just like Vanessa, I want to be kind, compassionate and loyal like Frida and I want to be able to not be afraid to be myself and not care what other people think like Luna. They make me want to be better and stronger just like any other #girlboss.

Lots of Love,

Katie xx

Link to the German book summeries that I wrote about before.

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