15 things, living in London taught me about Fashion and Make Up

Hello there friends,

I am currently reinstalling all Sims 2 games that I have on my laptop so that I can spend my exam free time wisely and create loads of Sims, who are gonna have loads of babies before I kill them all and start the thing all over again. Yay! Fun times.
As Alina talked about all the things she misses about the U.K. I got a bit nostalgic and thought about in what ways I miss the U.K., especially England, more precisely my beloved then home London and realized how much my Fashion sense changed since I’ve been to London. Not only that but my understanding for Make-Up and my view on healthy Lifestyle choices also changed a lot.
And as you know I love lists so here’s a list! Again! Because I just cannot get enough of lists. To be honest, this is probably more related to how I became more self-confident during my stay in London but it’s still kind of the same as the country and the people I met there obviously helped.

1. Pricier Make Up is worth it

Back in Germany all Make Up I owned consisted of drugstore Make Up. Not a bad thing at all because drug store make up can be amazing and there are brands that offer good quality for a good price but I just never thought about spending more on what I put on my face regularly. So as I was earning my own money I thought I should spoil myself and ever since I’ve been hooked on brands like Mac or Lancome. For some products, it is absolutely worth it.

2. How amazing drugstore Make Up can be

UK, you have so many magnificent drugstore make up brands and I love you for it. You made me appreciate drugstore Make Up much more and I have to say since I came back to the brands over here have stepped up their game at least a little bit. (We still don’t have Bourjois, Rimmel or Sleek! Which sucks!!)

3. Dark Lipstick isn’t scary

The contrary is the case! Dark berry tones can make your Make Up look really sophisticated and grown up. I don’t know why I needed to come to the U.K. to realize this but the atmosphere was just much more accepting. When I wear such dark berry colors (Revlon’s Black Cherry is a favorite) in Germany, people automatically assume I’m depressed and suicidal… at least people at my school did and still do when I meet then out and about…Get a life!

4. Make Up counter people are life!

Without them, I wouldn’t have known which foundation shade is the right one for me and I now feel weird that I never talked to anyone at Make Up counters before I got to live in London for a year.

5. All shades of lipstick are fun!

All of them! Seriously! I’ve seen people with silver lipstick walking around London and rocking it…maybe it was also a whole lot of highlighter but it’s still kind of the same. So now I own purple Lipsticks and Neon Pink ones and I am comfortable enough to wear them.

6. Wear heels if you want to

For the first time, no one judged me if I wore heels to the club and I loved it. Now back in Germany people judge me for it…like it’s really none of your business and I’m not invading your life in any way by wearing heels honey.

7. Doc Marten Boots are for girls too

Thank you, U.K. for making me realize that! It saved my life. I live in my Doc Marten boots.

8. Don’t be afraid to buy clothes from at a market

As in Camden Market or Portobello Road Market. There are the usual stalls with Game of Thrones themes shirts and all things Harry Potter but you can find some pretty awesome clothes here and there that you cannot find at any High Street store. I haven’t found comparable markets in Germany yet but I am always looking for one wherever I go.

9. Mixing and Matching is the way to go

You can Mix and Match and turn boring clothes into cool ones by experimenting a little and combining Vintage finds with Highstreet clothes. Now this is nothing new but I always was too afraid to just try it out. In the U.K. I finally did and I never regretted it.

10. Overknee stockings won’t make you look tacky

Or like an Anime Character…or something like that. I wore Overknee stockings once in Germany before going to the U.K. and literally, everyone came up to me asking why I was wearing Overknee stockings. They asked if I’m into Anime or if I’m trying to look especially easy to have or something and I was like excuse me?! I just happen to like my Overknee stockings and in London, no one ever said anything about them so now I’m wearing them with confidence.

11. If you wanna dress chic, go dress chic

For any occasion. Don’t feel overdressed.

12. Remember to flaunt it if you got it

No matter how you see yourself you can probably pull off the things you thought you couldn’t, which is surprising but it’s a fact.

More Lifestyle related things…

13. Going out to eat can be the best thing ever

For dinner, breakfast, for lunch…for a snack…restaurants are the best! I enjoyed going out for dinner on the weekends to spend time with my friends and it was just a regular thing back in London and I wish we’d do it more often in Germany as well.

14. Working regularly can be fun

Especially running along the Thames in the morning was one of the most beautiful experiences. In London, I actually started going to the gym regularly so I guess London was just the best thing that ever happened to me.

15. Be confident!

One of the best things apart from London was that I gained so much more self-confidence. Moving to a big city on your own and meeting new people broadens your mind and totally changes the view you have on yourself. I started accepting myself more and loving all my flaws. In a big city like London, you are just much more anonymous but still everyone in the U.K. is so friendly so you never feel anonymous if that makes sense. I feel like the U.K. has such an accepting vibe and people won’t judge you for your fashion or makeup choices so I was able to experiment and find a way I feel most confident with myself.

I hope you enjoyed this more personal list as it’s probably not something you’d usually learn when in London but these are just things that stuck with me.
I love you loads and I’ll go and play some Sims now…wow! I’m such a grown up!

Loads of love,
Lili xx

Twitter: @castaway_minds
Instagram: @castawayminds

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