Series I’ve recently been obsessed with

Hi guys,

It’s been a while since I shared my wonderful taste in series *cough cough* with you so I thought I’d share which series I recently watched that I really liked. They are not new ones they were just new to me so don’t be surprised if you already rewatched them 25 times and be happy if you find a recommendation for what you can watch during this cold january.


Yes that’s the one with Prince Harry’s fiancé …. or what I like to call her:brilliant actress Meghan Markle, who unfortunately drops her job for some guy in a uniform.

What it is about:  Mike Ross has a photografic memory so he remembers everything he’s ever read, still he doesn’t have a job earns his money by taking the admission exam for law school for other people. In a failed drug deal he stumbels into a job interview with Harvey Spectre, a successful attorney looking to hire an associate. Harvey sees potential in him and hires him even though he didn’t go to law school. From this point on they take cases in the law firm, get involved in intrigues and infighting and with time struggle more and more to keep Mikes secret.

What I like about it: The cases are super interesting and I just love the witty humour. The character development the protagonists go through is also portrayed very well.

Favourite character: Harvey’s assistant Donna, cause she’s a super strong confident woman, is super sassy and knows everything. Also querky, loser attorney Lewis is just hilarious and despite his questionable actions you can’t help but like him.

Should watch because: There are 7 seasons so you don’t have to stop and wait immediatly after you became addicted to it and it’s just super entertaining on so many levels.


What it’s about: The actual devil runs a night club on earth and as a side job he’s also helping a detective to solve murders, with his gift to manipulate people to trust him with their darkest secrets. From time to time more or less friendly relatives come down from heaven to convince Lucifer to go back to hell, but this isn’t easy as Lucifer keeps getting more attached to his partner Detective Dekker.

What Iike about it: Apart from Lucifers british accent ( hello sexy), the devil is super sassy and their are so many heavenly metaphors and devilish puns, it’s so fun to watch. Also really likeable interesting characters and ecxiting cases.

Favourite character: Lucifer himself. He’s just so oblivious of human emotions sometimes and is super sassy and just acts like he’s from a different world (which obviously he is).

Should watch because: Perfect mix of crime and clever comedy, plus interesting setting with the biblical creatures.

Stranger things

It’s hyped for a reason. guys.

What is it about: Set in a village in the 70s (I think), a boy vanishes. His friends try to find him and make friends with Eleven, a girl with strong telekinetic abilities, who escaped from a secret lab. Together with her they discover a parallel universe, the upside down, which looks like the a scary version of their town and hosts dangerous monsters.

What I like about it: THE TENSION. You just can’t stop watching it, there’s so much happening and you wanna know how it ends.

Favourite character: This is hard. I really like Eleven, because she’s just a total badass. Then there is police chief Hopper who is just the strong hero, who never gives up and of course like any real hero has a tragic back story.

Should watch because: It’s really something different and soo good there’s no excuse not to watch it!

How to get away murder

Watched season 1 and 2 some time ago and now season 3 is on german Netflix, so bye social life.

What it is about: A super successful lawyer and law prof chooses the best students from her lecture to work with her. As her husband gets killed in an accident with the students they have to cover it up while solving the murder he was a suspect in. Of course they get caught up deeper and deeper in their lies.

Why I like it: It has interesting characters and you just get so involved in the whole story and really feel their fear to be caught. (Even though I sometimes get annoyed cause som much could have been avoided by just explaining the truth but okay it’s fiction.)

Favourite character: I really can’t tell they are all so brilliant.

Why you should watch it: It’s a perfect crossover of lawyer series and thriller. The tension is killing.

So as I said nothing new but if you haven’t watched it you definitely should. (What else do you want to do in this weather)

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