Plan With Me: July Setup

Hey guys and gals,

the Bullet Journal craze did not leave me in the dark and I indeed started a Bullet Journal at the beginning of this year. It has made my life a lot easier, as before I was a very chaotic person. I still am, however, since writing my appointments down into one little book and having a place where I know all my notes fit into, has helped me keep track of my commitments. If you like planning or if you’re just as chaotic as I am and To-Do Lists are your life saver then maybe a Bullet Journal is perfect for you. To me, a Bullet Journal is the perfect solution as it is so customizable. You have to paint/draw/sketch everything yourself but that’s what makes it so handy. You can adapt it to your life and your needs.

When I started out with the BuJo, I did a lot of research on how other people decorated their BuJo. Since I now kind of got the hang of it, I thought it was time to share my ideas and designs with you 🙂 Maybe you would like to share some pictures of your Bullet Journals? Why not message me on the Blogs’ Instagram or Twitter, or my personal Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr. I love hearing from you guys and we can share each other’s ideas and inspirations.

This month, I wanted to go for a maritime look. I worked with a lot of blues and greens (I also did add a little bit of pink) and found this adorable Benefit brochure, out of which I

IMG_2638cut out the little boats. A maritime design gives off the perfect summer feel and makes me want to travel. the world. Also look at my wonderful watercolor sailing boat…it looks like a kids painting doesn’t it?

As always, after my header I drew a monthly overview, as this really helps me to have an idea of how full my month is. I like to note down exam dates or any deadline so that I can look at it in one go and make sure I’m prepared. It’s also a great way to remember birthdays and plan ahead. I also like to add “Monthly Goals” to the side, just to motivate myself.

Usually I would then draw my “Habit Tracker”, but I did not really like the way I always had to go back to the front pages just to fill in the little boxes. Therefore, I changed the “Habit Tracker” design and it is now part of my weekly setup, so is a little sleeping log and my water log. Gotta stay hydrated, kids!

Since my birthday is next month, I decided to include a Birthday Wishlist. And on the very last pages I got my usual spending log and this time I added a summer reading list. I have not yet noted down too many books but I will as the summer goes on.

If you were wondering, the book I use as my Bullet Journal is the Leuchtturm 1917 in black with the dots. As pens I like to use anything Faber Castell (especially the PITT Artist Pen in XS) and any Stabilo highlighter and mildliner. Muji pens are also pretty handy. The Washi Tape that I us is usually from Tiger, as I am obsessed with it and you can get it relatively cheap at Tiger. All in all, you should just experiment with what feels right. I posted a complete flip through of all the pages in my Bullet Journal onto my Youtube Channel, so go and check that one out.

Lots of Love, Lili xx



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