Difference between larger and slimmer girls in summer

That’s probably something you have never thought about, but think about it. When summer is coming and the weather is getting hotter and hotter there is quite a difference in how larger and slimmer girls dress/can dress.

Before I start this blog post I want to stress that everybody can dress the way they want and it’s nobody’s business beside of your own. Wear whatever you feel confident and comfortable in, what I’m about to write is just something I have noticed from what I wear, my friends wear or in general people I saw on the street.

Starting off with the difference in the selection of clothes. It’s summer, so you want to get out your beautiful legs, wear as little fabric as possible. Well, if you’re a girl on the larger size that’s not that easy. Wearing shorts or short skirts without a legging or with some tights, not ideal. Every girls who has a bit of curvier thighs and doesn’t have a thigh-gap you know exactly what I’m talking about. When it was warm around where I live, my friends commented on why I don’t wear shorts, skirts or dresses without underneath it, well it’s easy said for them because they all have beautiful legs and thigh-gaps they don’t have to worry about having their legs rubbed against each other with every step they take and the rash that is coming with that. Which makes you unable to walk for days by the way, even when you have trousers on. On the other hand even if I wouldn’t have the problem with my tights rubbing against each other, there is still this voice in my head saying that my legs aren’t toned and I do have cellulite and orange skin. With this in your mind constantly you wouldn’t have a good time out, so you need to make the decision if you want to constantly worry about people look at your legs or wearing something longer but sweat more.

But this rule doesn’t also apply on the lower part of the body. Wearing short-sleeved tops, croptops dresses is also a challenge. If you wear something without sleeves you always will be wondered if people just starred at your chubby arm with, again, stretchmarks on them. Also, when you’re out and you see the toned, skinny arms of your friends doesn’t really help with this either. If you’re on the larger scale and you wear a croptop, girl I salute you. I could never bring up the confidence to wear it. I always would constantly wonder if people just look at my wobbling stomach that is everything but defined and has a sixpack (but there is hope, did you know that underneath we all have sixpacks? Or at least that’s what I read somewhere). Oh and dresses. Firstly I don’t think I’m made for dresses because secretly I’m a boy because dresses are exhausting. But, when you wear dresses, you have to find one that has the perfect fit, so it doesn’t enhance some body parts that you wouldn’t want to enhance because you feel quite self-conscious about. Maybe that’s just me but I find it extremely hard to find dresses that doesn’t make me look like I weight 100 more kilos that I’m actually do. Oh and also dresses or tops that don’t have straps, gosh wearing them if you have bigger boobs is a night mare. Like, finding a strapless bra in the first place that suits you and holds your big breasts in place, holy moly. If you found a place please let me know, because I definitely haven’t found it. So if you bought some that aren’t that great but you so badly wanted to wear this top or dress, you have to make sure that everything is in place, like literally every two seconds. It’s an absolute night mare. And people start commenting on why you always fiddling around. Like hello, grow a pair of big boobs then you will know the struggles of bras.

Another point I want to point out when being bigger and wearing shorter things is the comments, glares and looks you get from others. Like calm down everybody, it isn’t like I’m naked, so leave me alone okay. Like when I was younger my mum always made sure to tell me what to wear as a bigger girl and what you can’t wear. Growing up I realized that it is nobody’s business and I can wear whatever I want, but in some aspects, she was right. I had actually people commenting on my clothes and whether it was a good idea to wear that with the size I am. Like excuse you? Confidence boost right there. Cheers mate!

You see, wearing clothes has all to do with self-confidence and how much you accepted your body. So if you’re a bit bigger and you want to wear all these things and you’re confident in them, I can only say: You go girl! You’re amazing! But from my and some of my friends experience not a lot of people feel that way. And I don’t even mean this for bigger girls. Also, slim girls struggle with these issues. Like you constantly thinking somebody is looking at you in a weird way, or looking at the things that you’re most self-conscious about, when in reality they don’t. Most probably they don’t even recognize your stretchmarks or the not perfect toned leg.

The last point I want to talk about today is going to the beach or the pool. When I was younger I did swimming in a club and I never really thought about the fact stepping out in public in a swimming-costume, but once I got older I realized that it is a totally different game. Again, you have this picture in your head that people look at you and you get all self-conscious. I don’t even go to the swimming pool any more. To every girl (and guy) out there who walks out in a swimming-costume and is confident (or at least can fake to be) I salute you. I mean it’s basically stepping out in public with your underwear on, that’s not an easy step to do. And I know quite a few people, slimmer or bigger that simply don’t have this confidence. Or at least not in their teenage years and young adulthood. But in the end, who actually cares. Like you can’t really see anything when you’re in the water, can you? And when everybody is lying there on the beach just enjoying the sun and trying to get a nice golden bronze people usually don’t look at the other bodies either. But there is this one split second where everybody is scanning your body, I mean to be fair everybody does it and most people definitely also not with bad intentions, but this split second is enough to get self-conscious. That’s all it takes. Which is stupid, but don’t we all feel the same?

Nevertheless, I never really thought about the fact that bigger girls actually dress different to slimmer girls, but this summer made me realize that it is the sad truth and as much I would like to say I’m different, I’m not. I guess the only way to overcome all this self-judgement is to come to terms with your own body and you will be able to step out to the wold with whatever you want on. But until then, leave me your tips and tricks in the comments below and write us on all the other social media places you can find us.


Lots of Love,

Jenny xxx.





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