Things that won’t happen if gay marriage is legal

Hey guys,

This is your fave hobby feminist Ally speaking. I know I have been absent lately and I’m sorry, I just didn’t know what to write about. Then yesterday a topic basically jumped into my face. Same sex marriage was finally made equal to hetero marriage in Germany where I live. Whoohooo. I was super happy but then I came across a friend who was against it for the reason that he know has to call it ‘marriage’ instead of the super long and complicated german word we have for a couple of the same gender getting married. (Eingetragene Lebenspartnerschaft). Like yeah mhm I’m sure that’s really bad for him. So to the people who are still concerned equal marriage rights will change everything, I thought I’d calm you down and tell you what WON’T happen:

  1. All children will turn gay.

Just imagine that : Gay couples can adopt children and then they will turn them gay. I mean people, who try to force their own sexuality on their children who clearly have a different sexuality. Can you imag…oh. Yeah right. I think it has been long proven (on poor gay children) that it isn’t possible to change someone’s sexuality, because that’s something your born with, not something you’re raised to be. So the likelihood that all children adopted by same sex couples suddenly turn gay is about as high as Donald Trump’s IQ. The only thing that could happen is that more kids realize their sexuality and aren’t as afraid to come out and be themselves. And I can’t see a bad thing about that.

2. All christian values will extinguish

As a christian who has been quite active in church for many years I would say the most impvalues of christian church are loving and respecting everyone, being honest and helpful, maybe being humble as well. Okay wait I don’t see anything about keeping gays from getting married in there. There is this bible verse that states, that a man shouldn’t lay with a man as he does with a woman or something along that lines. But, BUT, it’s in the old testament. Like the one god didn’t come down to tell people in person, but left it to some ancient man who saw him in their thoughts (cough dementia cough) to write it down. Then in the new testaments, for which Jesus came down to tell everyone in person, things like love thy neighbour and god loves everyone is mentioned frequently, so it must be pretty important. What are the true christian values now ? So legalizing marriage for everyone is about Christian values. But about living them even more, by spreading love instead of hate, accepting people for who they are and trusting in god who loves all of us (no exclusions apply).

3. Marriage will lose it’s value

I think I would have heard about it if marriage was like money, so that the more there is of it the less it’s worth. So just because Judy and Keira can get married it doesn’t have any affect on the value of Emma and Josh’s marriage. Like seriously why would it. There not less human than straights are. None of us is worth less or more so why would it affect our marriages. (Just if you were about to bring the argument “well then why don’t I marry my fridge, if it’s marriage for all?” We’re talking about people here but I can understand why nobody but your fridge would want you. prick)

4. Children will be educated wrong or bullied if adopted by same sex couples.

So first of all that actually will happen. Indeed it is already happening, All these kids of straight couples re bullied. Bullies will always find something to bully you for. And who has been raising all the bullies for centurys? Straight couples. You could say education gone wrong. So what I want to say is: yes same sex parents could raise their child the wrong way. But the chances are just as high for hetero couples. And if I had the chance I would rather put a child with a caring gay couple than a unqualified hetero couple. You can find bad parents in all genders and sexualities. But same goes for good parents.

5. Dinosaurs will come back and eat us all.

I think that’s not very likely, even though Jurassic parc manages to show it very lively but I don’t think it will actually happen. And if it does I don’t see why equal marriage rights should be the reason for it. I’m sure there are people who would find a possibility to give it the blame though.

yup so I hope you all feel better now.


All the love (cause love always wins)

Ally xx


One thought on “Things that won’t happen if gay marriage is legal

  1. burninskyblog says:

    Hey Ally, pretty brave of you to post this. You should check out my latest post, it touches upon this and I have other post as well that talks about this issue. I’m a fellow Christian too, and I would like to kindly disagree with your explanation of number 1 and 2. So, Can I respond?


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