Current favourite songs

I thought it would be time that I present you guys my current fav songs, again. Not sure if you guys are actually liking it but music is very important to me, so I enjoy writing these things. And especially with the latest event in Manchester I think that music is even more important than ever to remind us about how music can make us all stronger together and that we can all spread love!


Most girls – Hailee Steinfeld

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Okay, this song… Honestly, I freaking love this song. What I love about this song? Basically everything! I absolutely love the message behind this song. In case you haven’t heard this song or you haven’t listen to the lyrics yet, I can only advise you to do so. As the queen Hailee is, she basically describes that every single girl is a damn boss no matter of their physique and how they dress. Love the body positivity and the good message behind it that you can look at other girls and not tear them down, rather get inspired by them and try to be a strong, beautiful and fierce girl yourself!


I Have Questions & Crying In The Club – Camila Cabello

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I never was a Harmonizer, but always quite enjoyed their music. So when Camila left the group it didn’t really bother me at all, tbh. But listening to her first solo songs I can only say that I absolutely love these songs. Just to make clear, I don’t take any sides of Harmonizers or Camila fans and I don’t try to get involved in any drama that is going on there. I just can say that I absolutely love her songs. I really like the beat of both and I think especially with Crying In The Club it has a really recognizing sound and every time I hear it I just want to get up and dance. With I Have Questions I think that everybody who had to go through a breakup can incredibly good relate to the lyrics. I think that when you separate these are the questions you ask yourself. And again I just really like the beat and everything music-wise in this song as well.


Despacito & I’m The One – Justin Bieber

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If you know me then you’ll know that I was a very big Belieber when I was younger. Nowadays I enjoy some of his new songs but I’m not such a crazy fangirl anymore. But I have to say these two songs are just amazing. The first time I listened to Despacito I fell in love with this song. It truly is the perfect summer song and let’s be real Justin’s voice in it is just incredible and hearing him sing in Spanish let’s my little fangirl heart beat faster. Same with I’m The One, despite the Spanish part obviously. If you haven’t heard these two songs yet, all I can ask you is: Where the hell have you been? Go to Spotify, listen to these songs and tell me you didn’t want to instantly start dancing in your room or at least sit at the beach with a cocktail in your hand?!


Strip That Down – Liam Payne

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See, I’m a Directioner, in fact I even have been to two concerts of them before, so when I got the news about that they split up I can’t deny that my heart was a bit heart broken. But when I first heard This Town/Slow hands by Niall, then Harry’s new songs/ album and now Liam songs I can’t deny that I absolutely love every single one. Liam went down more the R&B root and I must say I really enjoy his new music. Obviously it’s quite different to what 1D used to release but nevertheless I love it. And as much as I would like them to join as a group again, I love their solo things as much as their music as a group.


Bad Liar – Selena Gomez

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Okay, is there actually one thing that this lovely lady can’t do? Once again she just released an absolute hit. I must say that it actually took me a bit time to loving this song but now I’m all about the vibe of the song. I have to say that it has a very specific sound, also with how she sings but I love this vibe, but I can imagine that it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. This doesn’t mean though that I wouldn’t recommend you listening to the song, I definitely do recommend it. But I would say listen to it at least 2 – 3 times before you can decide for yourself if you like this song or not!

First Time – Kygo & Ellie Goulding

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This song is bloody everywhere and I have to admit I don’t mind that at all. As always Ellies vocals are killing it on this song and actually I would love to hear this song live, I bet with you she would perform it even better than on the track (if this is even possible). Once again it’s an amazing summer song and I can’t wait to lie in the sun with this song on, like is there any way to get in a better mood?

There’s Nothing Holding Me Back – Shawn Mendes

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I know, I know this song is out for quite a bit now, but this doesn’t change the fact that I absolutely bloody love this song. Okay, this also has to do with the fact that I recently saw Shawn live and I’m absolutely in love with his voice and his performance skills. But honestly, just listen to this song and tell me his vocals aren’t killing it?! This guy is so bloody talented that there was no way for me not to mention this song.


Lot’s of love,

Jenny xxx.


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