Traveling to Peru

In a couple of days I will be off to my next, let’s call it, adventure. I am off to Peru for the next two months. I will be working for/ interning at a small agency in Arequipa. Arequipa is in the South of Peru in the middle of the Andes. I have never been to South America so I am fairly intrigued to see what it is like! Yet I am already incredibly nervous about the journey because I am flying to a country that I have never been before and where I only speak very little of the main language. I am not entirely sure what to expect in my work place or the hostel, so there are a lot of open questions that won’t be able to be answered until I am actually there, but of course that doesn’t stop my brain from wondering and worrying. But I am also incredibly excited to go away again for a longer time (2 months) and to see something new and challenging, something that I have never done before! So I thought I would talk to you a little bit about what I am scared will go wrong and what I am hoping to get out of this experience. As the whole overthinking part is currently creeping in more and more I will start with that.

-The flight! Everything on the way there will go wrong, missing connection flights and everything else. My luggage will get lost. Something/ everything you could ever imagine basically. (I am a frequent flyer but still the worries are all there)

Border. Not being allowed in the country, doing the wrong thing or say the wrong thing. Again I know that this is irrational but still….

-Language. The language will be a challenge but I usually pick stuff like this up fairly easily plus they speak English in the agency. So I shouldn’t be worried but of course it is on my mind

-People! I mean I don’t know anyone there so I am worried that I will struggle with that. I mean usually I am alright at chatting to people but who knows.

-Experiencing the culture. I am a person that is easily adaptable and doesn’t really care too much if something is different to what I am used to. I mean I like to pick up qualities and things that you do differently, but somehow there is still the worry that I won’t fit in.

-Warnings! There are so many guidelines and warnings and everything that they start to worry me and make me think that I am forgetting everything… it is ridiculous. But oh well…

So what am I looking forward to, you ask? Funnily enough some actually match the categories of the overthinking which kind of shows you how silly all the worrying is, but then again I think it is fairly normal that you worry about these kind of things, but here are my hopes/ expectations:

-PEOPLE. I am excited to meet new people, to meet the people I will be working with, the kids I get to work with, the people that I may meet when I am travelling, the people that will be staying with me, people that I will randomly meet

-The Culture. Like I said I have never been to South America, so I am excited to experience the Peruvian culture, to eat the food, to hear their music, to see what it is like living there on a daily basis and to see how different and in what way it is different.

Traveling. I am excited to travel both simply to Peru and through Peru. I have been looking at some trips already such as Lake Titicaca and Macchu Pichu and I am generally just excited for the landscape and architecture because I absolutely love seeing and exploring new places.

-Seeing What I Am Capable Off. As you may be able to tell from all the worrying this trip is just outside my comfort zone so I am excited to push myself that little more and to see what I will be able to do.

Anyways, maybe some of you will be able to relate, maybe some of you think I am being silly, but this is what happens in my brain just before I go on a trip like this.
I am hoping that I will be able to keep you updated on my trip while I am away and maybe I even have some time to write some other things, who knows.

Love you lots, Katie


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