Going to a concert alone

On march 3rd I went do a concert, alone. Scary right? I didn’t think either that that is even possible, let alone for me. But as it turned out it is possible, and as you all can see I’m still alive! So I wanted to share my experience with you. Let me begin from the very start.

It wasn’t really planned that I go alone. I saw on Snapchat that someone I know is going to a Shawn Mendes concert in Berlin, so I wrote her that I’m super jealous of her because I wanted to go so bad as well but I don’t know anybody who’s interested in his music as well. She instantly said that I just could see if I still get a ticket and could go there as well. Luckily I still got a ticket and actually a ticket at the block right next to the block my friend had her ticket.


When it came to the planing part in how to get there I knew that I had to be all by myself, because she came from somewhere else and also could come there just before the concert started because she had school this day and the enxt day, so she had to drive back home right after the concert finished. So I booked my bus and a hotel room which was totally fine.

I arrived on the day, went to my hotel, got ready and went to the arena. I wrote my friend a message where she is but unfortunately her signal didn’t work and she couldn’t get my message. So I was all on my own. And let me tell you it was alright.

Of course it was a bit weird to not share my excitement with someone else before and between the supporting act and the main act and of course also after, but it definitely wasn’t the end of the world.

In fact it actually was very nice to be all by myself just enjoying the show. Don’t get my wrong all people I have been to concerts with were absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have wished for better accompanies but for this particular concert it was exactly what I needed.

When people find out that I enjoy Shawn Mendes music I’m always instantly labeled as a crazy 13 year old child. Which I’m defintely not as you all know. People don’t understand thaat despite the fanbase of the artist might be younger than me, you still can enjoy someones music. And thats what I so with Shawn Mendes music. I like how he writes his music and is super involved with all the processes of his songs. And I must say vocaly this show has definitely been the best show I’ve ever been to.

I just stood there enjoying his show and enjoyed how he got lost in the music and eventually I did as well. I sang along to his songs and just let the good energy in this big arena overwhelm me. For this concert and this moment in my life I wouldn’t have wated to talk to somebody or let me distract by anything. Sometimes you might think it’s shit that your friend bailed on you and doidn’t get your message so you’re all by yourself now and everything is shit, when in fact it was the best thing that could have happen to me for this evenning.

And hoenstly, I would do it all over again. If Shawn Mendes or any other artist is coming to Germaany again and I don’t know anybody who wouuld go there with me, I would go all by myself again! Because who cares?


If you want to have a good time at a concert or show or wwhatever, who says you need someone with you? Honestly, I wouln’t have thought that I could do that by myself and enjoy being there, but hoenstly, I did. If you enjoy someones show or music has nothing to do with whom you be there. Of course you might want to share this experience with someone and you might have an awesome time with them, but as I just discovered it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t find someobdy. And even think about if you’re out with someobdy and they’re the worst accompany you could have wished for. For example just sit in their seat whilst you dance around beside them. Or you sing along from the top of your lungs and just sit there all in silent. Or if they just conpalint about how shit this is and if you can go home now. You defintitely wouldn’ have a good time then. So better go alone where you know ypu can be 100% yourself and enjoy yourself and the niht then havng someone with you whos dragging you down and makes you not having suhc a good time than you could have.

I’m definitely a persson who always needs the supoort form others and I’m a very insecure person myself but if I learnt one thing from this expereince than it is that you can have a fucking awesome time all by yourself and enjoy yourself. And yes, there might be people around you who comment on why you came alone and if you don’t have friends, but firstly they don’t know ypu, so they have no idea whats going on in your life and how many friends you have and secondly 8and most importantly) who gives a fuck about what strangerssay about sou anyways? Let them talk! You do you! They do them! Whatever!

So go to this fucking concert all by yourself! Or go to this party all by yourself! Or go where ever you want to all by yourself! And who knows, you might meet new people who you become friends with! 🙂



Lots of love,

Jenny xxx.


Picture source – Jenny

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