Marianas Trench Concert – Cologne

Hello everyone,

We (Jenny and Katie) went to see Marianas Trench on their Final Countdown Tour through Europe in Cologne yesterday. For Jenny, it was the second time seeing them live and, for Katie, it was the third time, however for both of us it was the first time we saw them in Germany.

So who is this band, you ask. Well, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Open Spotify/iTunes/YouTube or wherever else you listen to music and search for Marianas Trench ‘Who Do You Love’ and listen to this while you read this article.
Marianas Trench is a band of 4 guys from Vancouver Canada called Josh Ramsay, Mike Ayley, Matt Webb and Ian Cassleman. You may know some of Josh’s work as a song writer, though it is not even remotely similar to what they perform as a band. Their music genre kind of changes with every album as they all have varying themes, because they are all concept albums. However, in general it is pop rock/ pop punk. Although categorizing them in a music genre is, in our opinion, basically impossible since all of their albums, and even songs, are quite different and don’t really follow any music genre. But that is exactly what makes them them and makes them so great. The albums and every individual song are so well-rounded and well- written that every one of them is a masterpiece. For us, Ever After, is our favourite album ever, because it simply works so perfectly as album, as the songs are all connected musically and lyrically.

MT 4

Marianas Trench in Glasgow 2016

The venue was Gebäude 9, which was part of an old industrial estate turned concert venue, near the convention centre in Cologne. We got to sit in the yard of the venue and we wanted to give a big shout-out to the organisers who let everyone use the bathrooms whenever we wanted to during the wait. This was the first time ever for both of us where this was actually possible and it made the wait so much more enjoyable.
In the queue, we ended up chatting to other people about the band and everything else really. We met two girls who joined us for the rest of the concert and had little dance parties with us. We were amazed by how the band casually walked past a couple of times and everyone politely said ‘hi’ and no one went mental and everyone remained respectful towards the band. A big plus was that despite us not having VIP tickets we were able to hear the soundcheck, not only the VIP one but also the ‘proper’ one, through the open doors of the venue which got all of us really buzzing for the concert.
Inside the venue, we stood really close to the stage (always good for Jenny ‘cause she is small) and we got to take part in the sweat fest. While the venue had a great character it was absolutely boiling, however Josh’s makeup was on fleek throughout the ENTIRE gig.


Josh Ramsay in Cologne 2017

As for the concert itself. We were speechless once again. This time it was the same setlist as when we saw them for the first time back in September in Glasgow (and the same one to the one in Edinburgh two weeks ago), but we honestly couldn’t have cared less about this fact because the amazing vocals, harmonies, songs, musical performance, and everything else were simply on point. Seriously, we have heard it before but still there were a lot of goosebumps and nearly crying and holding onto each other for emotional support.

They opened with the opening song of their latest album, Astoria (both song and album), which perfectly set the mood for the entire gig. As this song starts of slowly and then picks up it is the perfect opening song as it builds the crowd up slowly and by the end of it people are simply ready to enjoy the night and to be an amazing participating crowd.
Katie’s highlight of the concert is still the fifth song, ‘All To Myself’, because when we saw them for the first time they seemed so amazed that people knew this song and still they let the crowd sing the first verse by themselves and watch the crowd smiling seemingly overwhelmed by the crowd knowing it so well. It has always been one of my favourite songs.

Jenny’s highlight is always the song ‘Who Do You Love’, because of the incredible harmonies that make that song. The song has a beautiful vibe and message and you can feel that everyone in the crowd feels exactly the same way about it. It connects the crowd to the band and therefore creates a special moment.

Overall, throughout the entire concert the harmonies were absolutely killing all of us. That was the thing we always worried about before seeing them live for the first time that it would never be as incredible as it is on the albums. But every FUCKING time they destroy every single, tiny bit of doubt you could have for them ever, within the first song.
Josh’s vocal range throughout the night never seizes to amaze us as well.
We also loved that, as all of them are great singers, for the song ‘This Means War’, Mike and Matt got to sing lead vocals for the majority of the song.
As they started concert with the opening song of Astoria, they closed it with the final song of the album, ‘End of an Era’. ‘End of an Era’ has the opposite effect of ‘Astoria’, as it slows things down again while emotionally completely fucking you over one last time. Everyone around us was crying and the perfect combination of lyrics, music and harmonies. It is such a well-rounded song that afterwards you need a break to collect yourself, while it still leaves you wanting more for next time (AND THERE WILL 100% BE A NEXT TIME FOR US!!!!!)


Josh Ramsay in Edinburgh 2017

In addition to the band, we would like to point out that their crew helped to make this show this great. They interacted with the band (yay to dancing and snapping along to the songs), messing about with the band, being on stage with the band for some songs and most importantly for whispering funny/ apparently dirty things into the earpieces of the other crew members and the band.

The perfect end to the night was that the band came out after the gig and chatted to people, took pictures and signed things. They were lovely towards the fans and actually took time chatting to them as well. They seemed to genuinely care about everyone which was nice to see.


Our pictures with the band 🙂 

Overall it was an incredible night, we met lovely people and would 10000000000000% recommend the music of the band and seeing them live to everyone in this world!
We can vouch for their incredibleness and also for people who don’t know them as much, because the first time we went to see them, we went with a girl who had no idea who they were and even she had an amazing time!

We have one recommendation to Marianas Trench though: Please make a tour where you stay in every city for a night per album (currently 4) each and perform all songs consecutively. Alternatively, we would also accept just ever after in a concert hall with a full orchestra and choir. Thank you so much for taking this into consideration!

Lots of Love,

Jenny and Katie

Cover photo: Instagram @joshramsayofficial




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