A guide to fellow fangirls for small concerts


it’s Alli and Jenny here! This is the first ever cooperative blog post any of us did, so yey! 😀 The reason why we’re writing it together is because we just went to a concert together. If you’re now wondering which concert that was, we gonna tell you now: State Champs. With As It Is and Northbound as supporting acts.

Why are we writing this then? I mean it’s not the first time we went to a concert together but this time it was a smaller punk rock concert. Therefore we want to share our experience and tips with you guys.

Very important is to get into the grove beforehand. This means listening to the act days before on repeat. You could make a playlist on Spotify or make a CD for your car and name it ‘Y/N concert adventure’, well at least that’s what we did.

Then you should chose your outfit and make-up. It should be appropriate for the act. At our concert most people wore dark colours and alternative clothes. You can wear merch if you want, although wearing merch of bands or artists who are friends with the artist is always a good choice as well. Another important aspect is that the clothes should be comfortable and not too warm so you can jump around and enjoy yourself. Still you should consider to bring a warm jacket for waiting outside in the winter. Talking about waiting outside, depending on where you want to stand during the concert, you should come early. This means if you want to be front row you definitely should be at the venue at least 3 hours beforehand because fangirls are crazy and they will be waiting there all day. At this concert we met some girls who had been at the venue for six hours before we were let in. Funny story, Jenny’s mum suggested we should be there even earlier that we’ve planned, so bless her. And she was right, of course. 😉

Some people might still be rude, come late and try to push in front of you. It’s important you stand up for yourself and talk to them. And if that doesn’t help bring out the good old elbow!

Always think about where you want to stand though. If you get anxiety or claustrophobia very easily stand away from the first few rows, because there will be a lot of pushing and squeezing. Try and get rid of most of your stuff and put it somewhere safe. Because otherwise it will get tread on, something will get stolen or it might be in your way whilst jumping up and down. Ask Alli. 😉 Don’t wear many layers, so you don’t have to get undressed during the concert because that’s hella annoying.

Make sure to have something to drink even though it might be expensive at the venue, but you definitely will be needing it! Trust us!

Always be nice and clap and have a good time with the supporting act(s), even though you don’t know them, because anything else would be plain rude!!! You always have to think about every single artist had to start somewhere small.

Don’t get scared with people pushing you around just try and stand your ground. Don’t be one of the annoying people who stand their ground too much and don’t move around with the crowd. Because that’s normal at a concert.

When the act has finished try and ask politely for maybe a guitar pick or the setlist, do anything but don’t scream hysterically.

If any of the artist try to stage dive don’t drop them on the floor! You might think what a stupid advice but that actually happened at our concert. Poor Ryan!!! ❤

After the show you can hang around and buy merch and if you’re lucky you might meet some of the band members. The members are like deer. they get irritated easily, so approach them friendly and careful! No, but just talk to them nicely just like to every normal person because in the end they are normal people like you and me! Don’t just jump at them and take a picture, ask for one first!

Always be nice to the tech guys, security and merch guys because this might help you to get closer to the band, we talk from experience! 🙂

So if you have any more questions don’t hesitate and contact us on out social media!

We’re out! Drop the mic not the guitarist!


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